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The Perfect Birthday Gifts For Expectant Mothers

The Best Birthday Gifts for Expectant Mothers

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Buying gifts for the expecting mother in your life just got a lot easier now you are armed with this list! An expecting mother is bound to be happy to receive any of the gifts below, so take a look.

CradleLight premium portable baby bed

This product was recommended by Kevin Schurch from CradleLight

This product is a must-have for any new moms out there! The premium light-weight baby bed which allows for easy portability and will ensure your baby gets a good night’s sleep no matter where you are. The design of the product will naturally put your baby in a position that supports their neck and head and keeps them snugly in place. The safety of your baby is our top priority, we designed the Portable Baby Bed to prevent the spiting up of milk and rolling over of the baby. The Portable Baby Bed is adjustable, allowing parents to accommodate for the rapid development of their baby as one size will fit all. This product is manufactured with quality in mind making it durable, stylish, and most importantly comfortable.

Dreams of Zugunruhe by Michael Kinsey

This product was recommended by M.Wakefield from Mindsplain

The children’s book ‘Dreams of Zugunruhe’ would make a perfect gift for expectant mothers. It is written by parent-child attachment specialist Dr. Michael Kinsey to help mothers gently teach their children to overcome their fears.

Pregnancy Jounral – Journey to you

This product was recommended by Amanda Gleason from Ang by Aangi Shah

This stylish journal is not only the perfect keepsake for the mom to be, but also for the future baby. They’ll love going back to read about everything learned and experienced in the months leading up to the birth.

Natural Wool Filled Nursing Pillow & Positioner

This product was recommended by Laimute Lipinskaite from Organic Comfort Market LLC

100% Natural adjustable fill wool nursing pillow will provide lower back support during pregnancy and will become an everyday companion after the baby arrives. Use it nursing, bottle feeding, tummy time and beyond.

Safely Delicious (4 Pack) Allergen-Free Minty Bites

This product was recommended by Aaron Hughes from Safely Delicious

I represent Safely Delicious, an allergen-free snack for kids or adults. Our snack bites come in 7 flavors and are free of the top 11 allergens so anyone can enjoy our tasty vegan & gluten free snacks without worrying about what is inside! They make a great Mother’s day gift as they are chocolate and taste great! Show them you care by gifting them a bag of our delicious cereal bites!

Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

This product was recommended by Carina Tannenberg from Bed of Nails

The Bed of Nails is a therapeutic acupressure mat designed to restore freedom and mobility to your body by providing relief from everyday pain and stress. From around the globe, moms have used their BON mats to alleviate a whole host of pain, including chronic neck and back pain, sore muscles, headaches, stress, and insomnia. Based on a thousand-year-old ancient healing treatment used by gurus in the practice of meditation and healing, BON offers a modern, ergonomic design with nearly 9,000 hypo-allergenic plastic nails that have been proven to provide all the healing benefits of its legendary ancestor.

Mozzie Jacket

This product was recommended by Heather from Mozzie Style

Whatever your summer plans, you definitely don’t want insect bites to be on the agenda, especially when you’re expecting. Moms-to-be need something easy, all natural, and comfortable that blocks mosquitoes! Made of no-see-um grade mesh, Mozzie jackets create a barrier against the tiniest of bugs including mosquitoes, black flies, biting gnats and ticks. Featuring a drawstring hood, a zip up front, built in front pockets, and colorful trim patterns, these jackets make the ultimate gift for expecting moms. Mozzie Jackets are made with a sheer and super lightweight material that are comfortable even when it’s hot and sticky outside. The machine washable material gets even softer after the first wash. Give the gift of peace-of-mind, comfort and style!

Soul Insole Shoe Bubble

This product was recommended by Laina Gossman from Soul Insole

Our unique insoles fit into dress shoes, sandals and athletic shoes! They’re great for expecting mothers as it is common for the arches of the feet to collapse under the added weight of pregnancy. At Soul Insole, we design unique, high quality, affordable solutions for foot health. Foot pain can be debilitating & can impede our ability to work & to do the things that we love. The feet support the entire body & at Soul Insole we help to provide the most innovative, effective solutions to support the feet and help people get back their quality of life. Soul Insoles is a women owned small business that cares about giving back to a variety of charitable organizations. We are a fair trade, vegan, cruelty free, conscious company and we make our packaging out of recycled material. Also, we reuse boxes to create our displays and reduce waste.

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

This product was recommended by Katie Dames from Feely Feelings

For the expectant momma’s next birthday, get her something which will help her pamper herself. The TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller will make aches and stress disappear. The reflexology will start relaxing from the toes and radiate up the body. This massager is good for feet of any size, and it is light enough to transport it anywhere.

A Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller, Grayson

This product was recommended by Marin Mjeshtri from eFor-Real

This product would be perfect for an expecting mother since this would be a surprise indicating the care a love to a newborn child. Nothing could beat a fresh new stroller for a lovely newborn!

Maternity First Time Mommy Pregnancy T Shirt

This product was recommended by Marin Mjeshtri from eFor-Real

This product would be perfect for a first time mother. Having this shirt be borught too you while you are pregnant would not only be a surprise, but a fantasitc way to show your love to them.

Swaddle Blanket Adjustable Infant Baby Wrap Set

This product was recommended by Melissa Jakes from RESCUE Event Planning, LLC

One of the best gifts for expectant mother is the Swaddle Blanket Adjustable Infant baby wrap set! This black and white set helps with baby vision of them only able to see black and white and also helps mom who might struggle with a traditional swaddle being able to do it perfectly every time.

Isabelle Grace Jewelry Mom Open Circle Necklace

This product was recommended by Claudia Montez from Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Mom, you are so loved! Do you know that? A beautiful hand cast open circle charm is personalized with MOM (a heart for the O) and makes a super sweet gift for any mother. We make it extra special with a genuine freshwater pearl. To the world you are a mother but to your family you are the world and we never want you to forget it. Gold necklace comes with a bronze charm as shown.

Written by James Jackson


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