Neat Gifts That Begin with The Letter N

Top gifts starting with the 14th letter of the alphabet.

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Right around the same time as “M,” “N” was emerging in Egypt with a small ripple on top and a larger one below. The word translated to “snake” or “cobra.” Ancient Semites gave it the sound “n,” meaning fish. By around 1,000 BC, the sign contained just one wave and was named “nu” by the Greeks.

Despite its noxious association towards treacherous reptiles, the neat gifts starting with “N” will have looking nice and noble in the eyes of their recipients, quite the opposite of a snake I’d say. Nourish any relationship by gifting any of these.

#1 Natural Jute Basket

Natural Jute Basket
Natural Jute Basket, handmade by women artisans in Bangladesh and with a grant for healthy homes embedded in the purchase price – these are the greatest gifts that give back to those who give so much to us. Other great options are the Natural Dyed Journals for teachers and tutors, handmade in India, and our collection of wonderful Natural Bone Inlay Tray, handmade in India and perfect for brightening anyone’s day.

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#2 Neck Hammock Portable Cervical Traction Device

Neck Hammock Portable Cervical Traction Device
The Neck Hammock is a simple device that attaches to any door for neck pain relief in just ten minutes or less. Simply wrap it around any doorway, lie down, stretch out your neck muscles, and say goodbye to neck pain. Our head sling for neck pain uses cervical traction to relax and stretch the muscles throughout your neck and spine. Through this process, problem areas will gain increased mobility and pain relief right in the comfort of your very own home.

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#3 Naked Body Butter

Naked Body Butter
Indulge your skins’ desire for moisture and protection with this decadent body butter. Let this creation of luxe ingredients from across the globe melt in your palms and glide over your skin to deliver barrier protection and to help soothe, nourish, and heal.

Free of essential oils, for those who are sensitive to scents and/or allergic to fruit and flower extracts. The only thing to focus on is the awesome feel.

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#4 North of Hope: A Daughter’s Arctic Journey by Shannon Polson

North of Hope: A Daughter's Arctic Journey by Shannon Polson
The book North of Hope: A Daughter’s Arctic Journey. A memoir of adventure, family, tragedy and hope will appeal to all readers.

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#5 Nuts To Martha By Cynthia MacGregor

Nuts To Martha By Cynthia MacGregor
“Nuts to Martha!” That sums up the typical response the author got when she sent out several batches of email inquiries asking, “Are you nuts for Martha Stewart…or does Martha Stewart drive you nuts?”

Martha’s books sell…she’s amassed hordes of TV fans…scads of people read her newspaper and magazine columns and articles…obviously there is much interest in the subjects she covers…and yet…and yet…she draws so much negativity. MacGregor elicited answers as to why…then set out a write a book that answers people’s prime objections to Martha while still giving them info that’s obviously wanted.

Here’s the result…Nuts to Martha! It taps into both the large amount of interest in better living, better homes, better hostessing, and yet also the negative feelings that prevail among “real people” who don’t have the time, the talent, the funds, or the staff of assistants that Martha has. With MacGregor’s help, these people can now improve their cooking, hostessing, home decorating, and more, and do it realistically.

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#6 Noktillu Chevrons

Noktillu Chevrons
Noktillu’s reflective iron-on designs will bring your favourite workout gear alive in a way you have never seen before. We know all too well that being seen can change your life in seconds. This is why we believe in empowering all outdoor lovers to be more visible sharing the road and look good at the same time. Noktillu’s reflective iron-on designs are made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material. Applying these reflective iron-on designs is super easy, all you need is a creative mindset, your favourite workout gear, an iron and 60 seconds. Start to customize your favourite clothing
and reflect your personality. Be seen walking your dog, running, playing outside, or commuting to work, …you get the idea.

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#7 Nourish Your Soles

Nourish Your Soles
“Nourish Your Soles is a BuddhiBox bundle filled with sweet smelling items to polish, cleanse, and soften your feet. Then choose from one of the two pairs of stylish no-slip socks – mary janes or low cut cuffs with the message Namaste – to adorn your renewed toes and soles. It’s a beautiful ritual to pause and care for your feet. Nourish and reNew – two great gifts you’ll receive that begin with N. Your feet will thank you.

Included in the Bundle is:

– Hemp Nation Exfoliating Scrub with Natural Sugar, Blackberry and
– Passion-fruit seeds
– Scentuals Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil
– Soft Soles Softener for Overworked Feet
– Barre Girl Mary Jane Non-Slip Ankle Socks (not pictured)
– Toe Talk Low-Cut Cuff Non-Slip Socks with “Namaste” Reminder Message ”

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#8 Night light Umiwe Waterdrop

Night light Umiwe Waterdrop
There are plenty of people – children and adults alike – who are not quite comfortable sleeping in the dark. The light from this night light is unobtrusive while giving a person just a bit of that glow they need to ward off the monsters in the shadows. And if they need to get up for one reason or another during the night? The glow shall guide their way. It’s even cute enough that they can use it as a paperweight on their desk – great gift all around regardless of what their age is!

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