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Surprise your Friends and Family with these Funny Gifts in 2020

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Everyone likes to have a laugh, so why not make your special someone smile by gifting them with one of these items. Take a look at our list of recommended items below!

Sushi Socks Box by Rainbow Socks

Gift recommended by Stacie May from Lucky Watcher.

This is the ideal funny gift for the sushi lover in your life! These socks are made from 80% cotton and are packed to look like a real sushi box. Choose from a range of sushi types including tamago, nigiri, maki and more! You’ll get a laugh out of these super comfortable socks for sure!

Keeping It Real, Like BigFoot Color-Changing (heat sensitive) Funny Coffee Mug

Gift recommended by Brittney Dovenberg from Brittney Joy Books.

Fun, high-quality Keeping It Real, Like BigFoot Coffee Mug makes a funny gift for husbands, boyfriends, friends, and coworkers. Mug is black when cold, but funny BigFoot illustration and Keeping It Real, Like BigFoot text appear when hot liquid is added to the mug (heat sensitive). Printed, packaged, and shipped from the USA. Printed on both sides of the mug. Hand-washing and Microwave safe. Shipped in a custom made styrofoam package to ensure it arrives perfect. Guaranteed.

FlaskTie with Hidden 8 Oz Bladder by BAXBO

Gift recommended by Philip Weiss from PhilipWeiss.

For about $25 you can get a flask tie on Amazon with the color of your choice. It comes with an 8-ounce bladder that is cleverly shaped to hide behind the tie. You can fill it up with the drink or liquor of your choice and discreetly sip away in style. It makes a perfect gift for anyone at the office and can be used in many scenarios, from professional to family dinners with the in-laws. What makes it unique is the brilliant design, which makes it impossible to tell that you are concealing liquid behind your tie. Also, the collapsible rubber funnel makes it very easy to pour and sip on your drink in complete secrecy. It is quite wide, so make sure to take small sips to avoid overdrinking!

BigMouth Inc. The Original Toilet Mug

Gift recommended by Vickie Pierre from FloridaCarInsurance.

Common sense would normally tell you that drinking coffee out of a toilet bowl isn’t a good idea. But thanks to Big Mouth Inc., a cup of joe and the commode make for a winning and funny combination. The Original Toilet Coffee Mug is the perfect gag gift for friends, family members, and even coworkers. It’s also an especially fitting gift for those who are known for having a “potty mouth.” Whether this mug is actually being used for coffee, or it’s simply on display, you can always count on it to open the door to plenty of laughs and good conversation.


Gift recommended by Marco from CaricatureMaster.

We are CaricatureMaster, Team of 12 Top-notch Artists who draw digital caricatures online and we’d love to draw a caricature for You so you can test our quality :]

Happy Nuts Comfort Cream for Men

Gift recommended by Matthew Greene from Suit Up Brands LLC.

Happy Nuts applies as a lotion and dries as a silky-smooth powder layer to combat common problems in the groin area that men experience, such as sweat/moisture, chafing, and unwanted smells, all while soothing and repairing the area.

Too Many Tabs Enamel Pin

Gift recommended by Rubeena Ianigro from The Gray Muse.

overwhelmed? got too much going on? feeling stretched out in every direction and need a moment to yourself? wear this pin. it has healing powers and will make you and others around you smile. fun flair for any outfit of the day.

Accoutrements Public Toilet Survival Kit

Gift recommended by Katie Holmes from OutwitTrade.

Check out the Public Toilet Survival Kit – absolutely hilarious. Includes a toilet seat cover, antiseptic wipe, and disposable gloves. Funny to give to someone obsessed with hygeine, or who works in a gritty job with filthy toilets. And actually can come in useful too!

Mini Air Dancer by LookOurWay

Gift recommended by Leia Kalani from Tropical Topics.

This 29” desktop inflatable mini tube man is the perfect hilarious gift for a friend! Not only does it keep them entertained while they’re at work, but it makes sure they’ll think of you throughout their day. There are numerous funny designs to choose from.

Shocktato Party Game

Gift recommended by Melanie Musson from BuyAutoInsurance.

Hot potato is a classic children’s party game, but this hot potato game takes it up a notch. When the music stops, the player handling this potato will get a shock – a literal shock. It has three settings, so you can play with just music and no shocks, or with just the shock and no music, as well. It’s a hilarious gift that’s also a fun game to play.

Written by James Jackson


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