Inexpensive Office Gift Ideas For Christmas – Best Office Gifts For Christmas

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Office Gifts For Christmas. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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CHILLOUT LIFE 12 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler

This product was recommended by Willie Greer from The Product Analyst

Who wouldn’t want to have a sip of wine for celebrations or a hot coffee early in the morning, right? Perfect gift for your colleagues. You can add their names in it to make it more personalized and special too.

Kind Lab Serenity Cbd Roll-on Wand

This product was recommended by Kaulana Dilliner from Rebellious PR & Consulting

Peace of mind and body is the goal of the Serenity Wand, targeted to support stress and sleep issues, as well as physical pain that may come from internalizing stressors of modern life.

Vitality Lip Balm

This product was recommended by Kaulana Dilliner from Rebellious PR & Consulting

A troubled mind can make for an unproductive day. Enter: Vitality Lip Balm. Say “goodbye” to mental churn and negative stress-induced habits, and enjoy brighter, energetic, and productive days with support from Vitality.

Kind Lab Relief Cbd Roll-on Wand

This product was recommended by Kaulana Dilliner from Rebellious PR & Consulting

Physical pain takes a toll on the mind & mood, and can greatly decrease the quality of life. The Relief Wand products are specifically formulated to ease what ails with potent, natural solutions.

Flippy with New Storage Cubby Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand

This product was recommended by Dani Mackey from The Original Flippy

This is the original tablet pillow made by Happy Products, Inc., a certified women owned business. The Original Flippy is simply the best tablet/iPad stand – perfect for comfortable use of tablets and reading at home, on the road, for work or school. It comes in a number of styles (colors, patterns), and is super functional and adjustable. For example, one version comes with storage for cords and glasses and ties to luggage. It also comes in full and mini tablet/book sizes. This is ideal for sitting or reclining positions – and puts your comfort first, no tech neck. Flippy weighs mere ounces and has no moving parts to break – great for kids and families. Sales proceeds also help support the literacy non profit First It has three different sides for different sitting positions.

DIY Laptop/Tablet Sleeve (12 and 13)

This product was recommended by John Knauss from Schooled by Paper

A great and unique gift especially in creative work environments! Not only are these device sleeves washable, durable, and eco-friendly, they are easily customized with permanent inks or paints.

wavveUziz Incense Waterfall Burner Backflow Incense Holder

This product was recommended by Nikki Webster from Brit on the Move

I bought this as a gift for everyone in the office for Christmas and it was a hit! I got tons of videos back saying it was so cool. For context, this wave Incense Waterfall Burner Backflow was heavily advertised on Facebook and gained popularity. However, I found it on Amazon. It really does cascade the smoke – I can send you a video of it if you need it. It’s a unisex gift that anyone will enjoy and it’s fun and trendy!

YANSHON 2 Sets Leather Key Organizer Compact Key Holder

This product was recommended by Vans Pat from Gifting Area

Everybody carries keys, whether it’s for the office locker or for their front doors. This pair of key organizers from Yanshon is a fantastic inexpensive gift idea for office mates. It is a ridiculously simple tool designed to get rid of annoying key jingles and jangles. Made from high-quality and durable leather, these key organizers transform a bunch of keys into a Swiss Army Knife-like tool. A set of these key organizers come in both black and brown.

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