Quaint Gifts That Begin with The Letter Q

Top gifts starting with the 17th letter of the alphabet.

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Around 1000 BC, “Q,” which sounded like “qoph,” either meant “monkey” or a “ball of wool”. Academics are still split on that one. “Q” was then a circle with a vertical line running through it. In the Roman inscriptions around 520 BC, the letter appeared as we know it today.

Regardless if your goal is to provide your prospective recipients more fun than a barrel of monkeys, or provide them a way towards relaxation and woolly thinking, these quaint gifts that start with the letter “Q” provide quite a way towards winning the heart of those they are gifted to.

#1 Qwirkle Board Game

Qwirkle Board Game
It’s a great, easy to learn game that could also teach young kids new skills quickly! For girls, it’s a very good idea to give them fashionable Quilted.

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#2 Quilted Fashion Boot by UGG

Quilted Fashion Boot by UGG
Highly fashionable, and made from sheepskin so the texture may impress or depress! For the outstandingly hungry, get them a good Quesadilla! Found in many places, its a tortilla with cheese, commonly found with a protein inside like eggs for breakfast, or chicken/steak for lunch!

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#3 Quantum Shift What If Cards

Quantum Shift What If Cards
Give a deck of 29 cards that improve wellness and increase overall joy in daily life! “Quantum Shift What If Cards help open your brain to feeling better immediately while also triggering your brain to filter information differently so you start getting new inputs — letting you find new solutions you could not see-hear-believe before. By asking new questions, the cards help the brain’s neuroplasticity capacity to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, engaging your “wonder brain” to shift into positive curiosity. Created by Jennifer Sutton to be used as a simple tool for daily life, as a guide for tapping sessions, as a journal prompt, and much more!

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#4 Q-bitz by Mindware

Q-bitz by Mindware
A fun game for the whole family to enjoy, Q-bitz is a game that challenges your spatial intelligence and ability to think fast. Comes with 80 puzzle cards that you can play in over 200 ways. Rated an impressive 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon by 566 customers, and winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award, National Parenting Publications Awards’ Nappa Gold, Tillywig Toy Award’s Bain Child Award Winner, and the Major Fun Award.

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