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4 Cute Thank You Christmas Gifts For Your Piano Teacher

These gifts are all great tokens of appreciations, and are bound to adorn the top of the piano during classes!

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It takes a lot of patience and skill to be a piano teacher. If school teachers deserve a thank you gift, then piano teachers most certainly require a little something.

And that’s key with this list – little items that will actually be used and serve as a memorable thank you to all the hours laboring over those pieces. Get choosing, and wrapping!

#1 Scentsy Mini Warmers

Scentsy Mini Warmers
These cute and stylish warmers plug directly into your wall enabling you to warm your favourite Scentsy bar while giving your home and uplifting glow. … Warm one or 2 cubes of your favourite Scentsy bar, switch on and enjoy! All of our mini Scentsy warmers are a great gift idea for your music teacher.

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#2 Personalized Musician Boy Playing Piano Christmas Ornament

Personalized Musician Boy Playing Piano Christmas Ornament
It is personalized, It’s cute, affordable and original. Why not have an ornament ohs with the one thing that piano teachers love? Highly recommended.

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Wildcrafted Cleanser, Rose Hydrosol, Illuminate Face Serum. Cleanses, hydrates, moisturizes and nourishes.

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#4 Travel Mini

Travel Mini
3 products above, Vitamini Box for Supplements and disposable biodegradeable towelettes. Lightweight and convenient to travel with. Perfect for purse or piano bag espeically for teachers who travel to student’s homes.

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