5 Incredibly Helpful Gifts Every New Dog Parent Would Love

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Are there any new dog owners in your life? Are you wanting to celebrate with them about finally getting a new dog?

There are tons of awesome ideas when it comes to gifts for new dog owners. Depending on their experience level with raising dogs and what type of dog they have, there are tons of options available. 

From fun and quirky to super practical and maybe even lifesaving, think hard about these gift ideas for new dog owners before just getting them an extra bag of treats.

Keep reading to discover five great gifts for new dog owners to make them feel loved and supported on their newest adventure. 

1. Dog Subscription Box

Looking for good gifts for new dog owners? Purchasing a subscription to one of the dog boxes, such as Bark Box, is a great idea.

These handy little boxes come loaded with super useful toys, treats, and supplies. And they get shipped right to your friend’s door. It will help them discover new products for their dog. You can purchase them a single box or prepay for a three or six-month subscription on their behalf.

2. Dog Training Books

Training a new puppy is harder than most people think. Give that new dog owner in your life an upper hand by purchasing them a box or two about puppy training. The sooner they get started, the better. 

3. CBD for Dogs

No, CBD isn’t just for people. While it’s rapidly growing in popularity as a natural way to help with all sorts of mental and physical issues, it’s also growing in popularity for use with dogs. This is especially true for those who adopted an older dog that may be struggling in one way or another.

From physical issues to canine anxiety, CBD can help dogs feel happier and less tense, making this one of the best gifts for new dog owners that they may never have thought of. Click for more information on using CBD for dogs and what type to get. 

4. Gifts for New Dog Owners; Pet Store Gift Cards

As boring as it may be, gift cards are always welcome. Get a gift card to one of the local pet stores in your area so they can stock up on essentials or try out new and interesting products as they please. 

5. Gift Basket for New Dog Owner

Why settle for just one gift, get them an entire gift basket instead? That way, you can load it full of dog-owning essentials.

Choose a beautiful basket, but a layer of paper or foam on the bottom. Then add things like dog treats, teething toys, chew toys, a new leash, dog poop bags, grooming supplies, and anything else you can think of that a new dog owner needs but might forget. 

It’s Okay to Splurge on a Dog

There are so many ideas what it comes to gifts for new dog owners. It’s hard to narrow it down and choose one or two things.

Dogs need a lot, as do their owners. It’s such a fun occasion to splurge on, too, so don’t feel bad about dropping quite a bit of money.

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