Best Post-Lockdown Gift Vouchers

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Post-Lockdown Gift Vouchers. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Apple Gift Card

This product was recommended by Tracy Anderson from Top Reveal

Apple gift card is one of the best gifts that you can gift to someone in this lockdown period. It is a customizable gift voucher so that you can select an amount between $25-$200 and one of the 5 designs that you like. You can use this card to purchase all the Apple products that include iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, Apple TV, Apple Earphones, apps, music, movie, TV shows, and more.

Airbnb Gift Card

This product was recommended by Tracy Anderson from Top Reveal

After this lockdown period, everyone wants to go on a trip and vacation once things get back to normal. And, a gift voucher that will help someone to book unique places and local hosts on a trip would be a great gift for him/her. The Airbnb gift card is one of the best gift vouchers that you can virtually gift to someone. This card can be valid to book any Airbnb hosts anywhere around the globe. You can directly email this gift card to anyone you want and send your best wishes for them in that email. Gift Cards

This product was recommended by Shabbir Noor from Recycle studio Gift Card is a great lockdown gift voucher. It is the best gift to give to special someone in the time of the pandemic because it can be used to purchase eligible goods and services. It never expires and has no hidden charges. It can be delivered via email or text message and has multiple gift card designs to choose from that depend on special occasions. It can be redeemed store-wide at or certain affiliated websites.

Gift Card in a Premium Gift Box

This product was recommended by Kryz Uy from KryzUy

I am one who believes that when you give a gift, make sure it leaves an impact. So, if I am to give someone a voucher, I’ll go for this Gift Card in an elegant premium box. It has no fees and no expiration date. You’ll love that you could also add a customized message for the recipient. And it is redeemable towards millions of items store-wide at Amazon.

Dominos Pizza Email Gift Card

This product was recommended by Andrew Priobrazhenskyi from DiscountReactor

I gifted a $50 Domino’s gift card to a friend via email during the lockdown. The card is easy to order and use as it can all be done online. It helps you avoid physical contact and use the card safely by just giving the four-digit PIN code and 19 gift card numbers over the phone or online. The gift card is available for a range of prices to choose from.

Amazon eGift Card

This product was recommended by Andrew Priobrazhenskyi from DiscountReactor

Amazon eGift cards can be the best vouchers you can give to anyone. I have sent these cards to my family members to redeem and utilize them on the e-commerce website. They are available on Amazon at different prices and can be sent via email or SMS. I got these vouchers emailed to everyone and they bought whatever they wanted from Amazon for the price of the voucher. I suggest you send these vouchers to anyone during the lockdown period when not everyone can step out of their homes. Gift Card in a Reveal

This product was recommended by Elizabeth Hicks from Parenting Nerd

The Amazon gift card in a reveal is a great gift idea. I gave it to one of my friends for her birthday, and the revealing of the card was the most fun bit of it. It was presented as a gift, and she didn’t know what’s inside. The best part about this gift card is that it has no expiration date so she had free-will to spend it whenever she desired to. I chose the capacity of a spend of $100; so my friend was able to get whatever she wanted within the $100 bracket. Moreover, since the card could simply be scanned and redeemed through the Amazon app, it provided the convenience of shopping at the comfort of your home as well.

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