5 Coolest Gifts Math Lovers Obsess Over

Occupy mathematicians’ minds for hours and they might solve the universe for you!

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Mathematicians love to keep their logical minds busy. That’s why we’ve picked out gifts that suit their particular thinking style. These gifts require deep thought and provide an opportunity for your math lover to learn even more. We know that there’s nothing more appealing to a math lover than learning how to solve new problems.

We’ve also got items that express their mathsy personality perfectly – that tiny abacus is a particular favorite of ours (and we don’t even like maths)!

#1 How to Solve It by George Polya

How to Solve It by George Polya
Since its first edition in 1945, this book has never been out of the market. George Polya, who is the author of this book, tries to explain how to become a better ‘problem solver’. This is particularly great if you encounter a problem that you have not seen before. He lays out multiple approaches, most notably Euclidean geometry, you can take to solve any problem. The core content of the book is terrific, and gets you thinking about ‘how to think best’.

Polya goes through the problem-solving process in detail, starting with the detailed analysis of the problem/question and then the systematic synthesis of the answer.

I recently finished reading this book, and I think it is one of the most useful books I have read in my life. It is a must-read for people in STEM fields or people who need more profound understanding of abstract math.

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#2 Pi Day Chocolate Pizza

Pi Day Chocolate Pizza
The most unique gift you will find for mathematicians is a Pi Chocolate Pizza that we make by hand. We start with gourmet Swiss-style chocolate blended with homemade English toffee and in the center we create the Pi symbol in white chocolate. Then around the edge we script the value of Pi out to about 50 decimal places. It comes in a custom pizza box (16 oz) and is the coolest gift idea you can imagine for a mathematician. It is a must-have for your article.

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#3 Lucky Key Chain (Gold Abacus)

Lucky Key Chain (Gold Abacus)
I think this gold Abacus Keychain is a perfect gift. This keychain not only will hold you keys but will provide a nice reminder that how much he loves math.

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#4 The Joy of x by Steven Strogatz

The Joy of x by Steven Strogatz
If you are looking for a good book to gift a mathematician then The Joy of x is a must-have for any mathematician. The book will help you learn math with easy to follow illustrations. The book is also sprinkled with humor and the chapters are manageably sized. The book is great for the bright and curious, including even kids at grade school level up to college and beyond.

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#5 Election Night! Board Game

Election Night! Board Game
Semper Smart Games is on a mission to create uniquely fun and educational games that teach invaluable skills and knowledge. Their award-winning game, Election Night! is available online for $39.95. It is a fun strategy board game that teaches kids to master addition and multiplication facts, U.S. state geography, and the mechanics of the Electoral College.

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