Top 3 Gifts Perfect For A Pediatrician’s Office

Add a little sizzle of fun into every kid’s visit with these cool gifts!

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A pediatrician loves to get youngsters back on the mend. Why not show your appreciation for doing such an important job for our society?
We’ve got a mix of fun things a kid can enjoy at their doctor appointment, as well as some fascinating books on children’s health. They’re bound to end up nose deep in these!

#1 Syringe Pens

Syringe Pens
This gift is useful. Who doesn’t need a pen, especially doctors who are writing all day long. But it also looks just like a syringe so it’s perfect for his profession. When he uses it during appointments, it’s sure to become a fun topic of conversation. Plus, seeing this fun pen and help make shots look less scary for kids.

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#2 A Miracle in the Making by Patricia Batoba Jones LCSW

A Miracle in the Making by Patricia Batoba Jones LCSW
This book is a story about how the author witnesses a miracle through her baby who was fighting for life but with her faith, hope and love she was able to surpass it. I suggest this book because it will inspire us that in times of difficulty in life, pain and suffering God is just with us. As Pediatricians, who give medical care to infants up to adolescence serves as an instrument of God to save a life too.

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#3 The One-Minute Gratitude Journal

The One-Minute Gratitude Journal
I gave this gratitude journal to my son’s pediatrician and she loved that she could record all the precious moments she is grateful for as a mom and a doctor!

Doctors work so hard and are often stressed and even sleep deprived. They will love that gratitude has more than 26 scientific benefits (listed inside the journal) and that these include stress reduction, enhanced relationships and even better sleep!

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