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21 Best Post-Lockdown Gifts For Girlfriend

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Post-Lockdown Gifts For Girlfriend. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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The Grinch Cloth Face Mask

This product was recommended by Todd Ramlin from Cable Compare

Don’t be a Grinch, send your girlfriend this set of 3 funny face masks that feature The Grinch with different pictures and messages on each one. They’ll make her and anyone who sees her wearing them laugh, which is great right now.

Hlýja Wool Blanket

This product was recommended by Harpa Gretarsdóttir from Icewear

Stylish and snug; the knitted slipper socks are perfect for the special lady in your life. ‘Hlýja’ itself means ‘warmth’ in Icelandic, so giving these warming gifts as a promise of an Icelandic holiday and your enduring love after lockdown is a great idea. Alternatively, for now, these are perfect for those regular cosy movie nights and cold socially distanced evenings. It’s a way of bringing home a bit of the outside world, when we can’t travel, from an authentic Icelandic clothing brand.

Isa Lazo Body Scrub

This product was recommended by Keara Moon from 3d Public Relations & Marketing

If your girlfriend loves the finer things in life, Isa Lazo’s body scrub is the perfect gift. This all-natural body scrub is filled with over 100 different active components and anti-microbial properties leading to improvement in skin texture, resilience and appearance. This exfoliating scrub revitalizes dull skin and invigorates the senses with notes of freshly crushed cranberry and tea tree oil.

Masktini Twilight Zone

This product was recommended by Keara Moon from 3d Public Relations & Marketing

Masktini’s Twilight Zone Tahitian Detox Mask will detoxify and resurface the skin. By harnessing bamboo charcoal and Tahitian black pearl powder, this at-home face mask will leave your skin purified and ready to face another day. The bamboo charcoal binds itself to impurities in the skin to gently unclogs pores, while the Tahitian black pearl powder is known for increasing cell turnover, clarifying pores, and its gentle resurfacing will leave a smooth complexion. Perfect for self-pampering!

amplify Hi-Fi Wireless Headphone Amplifier

This product was recommended by Jay Shah from Auris, Inc.

It transforms wireless headphones into Bluetooth headphones, and the audio is amazing. Wired headphones become hi-res Bluetooth headphones. Customers also love the compact design.

The Original Creative Thinking Journal

This product was recommended by Shawn Gold from Pilgrim Soul

This guided journal is filled with over 50 creative thinking exercises that will provide hours of fun, increase your creativity, and build more productive habits. The Original Creative Thinking Journal is filled with fun and sharable, creative challenges meant to spark the imagination. Each challenge pushes you to rethink the way you see yourself and the world around you to uncover new possibilities and ideas. Conceived to be used while high, you don’t have to be high on cannabis to use this journal. It’s all about getting into your flow state. You can also try meditation, exercise, music, nature, math, poetry, love, religion, sleep, yoga, mysticism, aromatherapy, baths, and dancing.

Mother’s Day Gift Basket

This product was recommended by Melody Cohn from ROAM Homegrown

Gift your girlfriend a personalized gift box from ROAM Homegrown. Our self-care sets are filled with artisan essentials curated to create the ultimate home spa day experience. Luxurious products made with natural ingredients and pure essentials oils make this thoughtful gift perfect for lifting spirits during lockdown.

Popilicious Gourmet Popcorn Cake Chocolate Birthday Cake

This product was recommended by Maria Bailey from BSM Media

I suggest Popilicious Popcorn Gourmet Popcorn Cakes. What’s a popcorn cake? It’s popcorn that slices like a cake with the yummy sensation of a marshmallow treat.. Popilicious Popcorn customizes their popcorn cakes with your girlfriend’s favorite candy, nuts or dried fruits. Nothing sends comfort like popcorn and nothing is as delicious as a popcorn cake filled with M&Ms, Oreos or Gummy Bears topped with Ghiradelli chocolate. And they come beautifully wrapped with a handmade bow. It’s Instagram Worthy!

YEDAM YUN BIT Prime Luxury Gold Women Skin Care Set

This product was recommended by Laura Chawke from Makeup Scholar

Why This Set?: I love the Yedam Yun Bit Korean Beauty set. It’s the perfect way to introduce your girlfriend to Korean skincare! The kit includes an intensive skin moisturizer (with 2 extra travel sizes), an anti-wrinkle lifting cream, a softening emollient cream (with 2 extra travel sizes), a toner, and a BB Cream! Plus, it comes packaged in a gorgeous, luxurious gold box and each product is packaged beautifully – what a treat!

Earthly Body Massage Oil Gift Set

This product was recommended by Dave Pedley from YourCub

Every girl loves aromatherapy – and most guys too! So why not try some wonderfully scented essential massage oils – with an added bit of spice? Edible…. EARTHLY BODY produces a range of deliciously smelling and tasty oils. For those long lockdown evenings…..

Permabaffle Box Goose Down Comforter

This product was recommended by April Maccario from AskApril

As we are locked down in the comfort of our home, giving your girlfriend the most comfortable comforter to make cold nights cozy is the best way to go. This comforter provides the fluffiness which people love about it which will surely enjoy your girlfriend.

Drunk Elephant The Littles

This product was recommended by April Maccario from AskApril

Skincare products are one of the things that any girl would want to receive so why not give her some. This skincare gift set contains 8 products that include all the products that your girl needs.

Taibah Bisht – Kalila London

This product was recommended by Kate from Kalila London

This glamorous robe is an elegant way to stay warm and comfortable at home. Much more fun to wear than a track suit! Based on traditional Middle Eastern designs and made individually in Kuwait, its a little way to bring a hint of faraway adventure to lockdown

The Examined Life Workbook by Brittany Salsman

This product was recommended by Brittany Salsman from The Examined Life Workbook

In a time of social distancing, there’s no better opportunity to get to know yourself on a deeply intimate level. In The Examined Life Workbook, you will embark on a bold journey toward knowing yourself – identifying where you are now, discovering who you want to become, and developing a path to connect the two. You’ll find over 70 tools, strategies, and exercises that help you exponentially increase your self-awareness and step more fully into your true self. 10% of all profits from the sales of this book are donated to the American Brain Tumor Association.

Travertine Spa Steam Shower Spray

This product was recommended by Justin Williamson from Travertine Spa, Inc.

Our Eucalyptus Steam Shower Sprays are an innovative line of aromatherapy products that transform your shower into a quality spa experience. Simply spray downwards into a warm, steaming shower and enjoy the inhalation benefits of 100% pure eucalyptus oil. We use eucalyptus as a key ingredient as it is well-known to help decrease stress, promote deeper breaths, fight the morning cold, and relieve congestion. Our Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray comes in various fragrances such as Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus + Lavender, and Eucalyptus + Citrus, and Eucalyptus + Cedar giving you the ability to tailor your shower to your favorite scent. As one of our best-selling products, we recently launched our Eucalyptus + Mint Steam Shower Spray for the holiday season.

Queen of Empire by HR Moore

This product was recommended by Harriet from HR Moore

Who doesn’t need a little escapism at a time like this, and with a good helping of romance thrown in, you can’t go wrong with a fantasy romance, like Queen of Empire by HR Moore. If your girlfriend loves Divergent, Outlander, or A Discovery of Witches, then look no further! She’ll love jumping into this.

Kai Nightlight Candle

This product was recommended by Lisa from EditorsPick

Lockdowns can be stressful. Here’s something to wave away all stress and lift the mood. This handcrafted Kai candle has a scent of sweet gardenia and exotic white floral and is sure to put anyone in a great mood.

AI server by Alexander Mesfin

This product was recommended by Alexander Mesfin Mengistu from N/A

Many people dream of robots during the lockdown. People also wonder about AI systems and whether they will have total control over citizens. If you’re one of those who wonder how they can be made, these books are for you.

Chestnut Plush Throw

This product was recommended by Eris Sharon from KeikiCo

KeikiCo was founded by Renee Lipp, who as a new mother was on a quest for a functionally luxurious fabric that was delicate enough for her daughter’s sensitive skin. After many sleepless nights Renee, a teacher at the time, ventured to downtown Los Angeles to find fabrics both beautiful to the eye and delicious to the touch. KeikiCo now produces a variety of functional, luxurious, and cozy lifestyle goods including throws, pillows, lounge pants, kid and baby items, spa robes, eye masks, and scarves. Our products aim to bring the feeling of comfort of luxury to people whether they are at home or on the go.

CraveBox Care Package Snacks

This product was recommended by Mariyam Abid from The Beautyholic

Ideal for a girlfriend who loves snacking, this care package full of a variety of snacks and treats is sure to make her smile.

Ably’s Clara Women’s Knit Top

This product was recommended by Matt Weidle from Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are looking for comfy work-from-home clothes for your girl, or you are stacking up some handy clothes for your future travels together, Ably’s Clara Top is definitely a must-grab. This functional yet stylish tee is cozy and very convenient to wear anytime and anywhere. Ably’s Clara Top is created with Filium, a unique substance that makes any fabric, water and stain-resistant, and odor-free. Its material is also tailored to quick-drying, that it dries up 40% faster than any regular cloth. With this hassle-free clothing, she can enjoy wearing this top at home or during travels. Give her the best of both worlds with this perfect lockdown gift.

Written by James Jackson


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