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Top 5 Holiday Gifts For Cruise Loving Families

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Looking for the perfect gift to give can be tricky. If you’re planning to give gifts to a family who loves cruising, choose something they will treasure forever, such as cruise packages. Cruises might come with hefty price tags, but the long-lasting memories they provide are truly worth it. So, here are the top five holiday gifts for cruise-loving families.

1. A Music Theme Cruise

A music themed cruise would be the perfect gift for families who love music as much as they love cruising. It’s a cruise centred around music, with musicians, bands, and musical line-up performances. Music cruises also allow cruisegoers to interact with their favourite singers while on the ship.

Aside from music performances, other activities include trivia quizzes, pub crawls, backstage meet-and-greet, and more. Depending on the genre, you can book a rock-themed cruise, jazz-themed cruise, or blues-themed cruise.

2. A River Cruise through France

France is an ideal destination for river cruising, home to some of Europe’s most scenic waterways. A river cruise through France is a gift cruise-loving families cannot resist. The journey will take cruisers through the famous rivers of France on board a luxury barge.

The Seine River is the most popular spot for luxury cruising in France, especially if you’re also seeking to explore Paris. It’s about 776 km, running northwest to southeast through northern France. The Seine’s tranquil waters offer the perfect setting for exploring France’s most iconic sites, such as the Notre Dame, Louvre, and Eiffel Tower.

3. A Cruise to see the Galapagos Isles

If the families you plan on giving the gift love wildlife, a cruise to see the Galapagos Islands would be the best gift you can ever give. A Galapagos Islands cruise offers a cruising experience you won’t find anywhere else. The islands are home to some of the world’s most incredible wildlife, such as giant tortoises, marine iguanas, penguins, sea lions, and more. While on the cruise, participants will enjoy a close encounter with these animals, which makes for an exciting experience.

4. A Cruise around the Croatian Isles

Croatia is a fascinating country that’s best explored on a cruise, as it’s home to thousands of different islands. Thus, a small cruise around the Croatian Isles would be an ideal gift for cruise-loving families. For families with less than ten members, a small ship cruise would be perfect.

The cruise will travel to various Croatian islands, such as Korcula, Hvar, Brac, and Dubrovnik. If you want to splurge, opt for luxury cruises with professional crews, including a chef who will spoil cruisers with delectable Croatian cuisines.

5. A Cruise along UK Canals

A narrowboat cruise along UK canals is another perfect gift for cruise-loving families. The activity requires riding a long, thin boat that fits perfectly in the UK’s narrow canals, taking cruisers to the country’s scenic countryside. Cruisers will be treated to beautiful views as it glides away from the city and into the countryside, passing through dramatic rolling green hills and quaint English villages.


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