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This article showcases our top picks for Great Gift Ideas For Office Staff. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Mevo Start Wireless Webcam

This product was recommended by Dan Wang from Mevo Camera

For colleagues that are connecting virtually more and more, Mevo Start makes an excellent webcam with the advantage of app-controlled live editing. Whether it’s to add a dynamic effect to Zoom calls or to quickly recompose and hide distractions in the background, Mevo’s wired or wireless connectivity and six-hour battery life are a perfect addition to the professional’s communication toolset.

MitoQ 5mg

This product was recommended by Shaun Price from MitoQ

You want to be your best self at work, but it can be hard to stay focused and energetic while keeping up with the demands of the 40-hour work week, hobbies, a healthy workout regimen, and the other demands of a work-life balance. Our CoQ10 supplements keep free radicals under control on a cellular level, supporting mental focus, healthy again, and sustained energy levels—it’s a practical gift that your coworkers will love.

Paper-Leather DIY Laptop/iPad Sleeve

This product was recommended by John Knauss from Schooled by Paper

These kraft paper-leather device sleeves are incredibly unique and make a great gift! They are sustainably sourced as well as washable and durable. And if you’d like to customize them for the recipient, their paper surface is receptive to a variety of inks and paints. eGift Card

This product was recommended by Julie from Adaptable Mama

This is possibly the best and most practical gift any office worker can ever have. (Well for me anyway). It eliminates all the stress from the bosses – mentally choosing and buying a suitable gift for everyone plus it cuts off the clutter from the office staff’s rooms, as they don’t need to keep unwanted gifts anymore. One doesn’t also need to pretend to say wow, they like the gift and thank you and all that bullshit. Gimme money, I need that more than I need a stupid candle or mug.

Neck Shoulder Back Massager with Heat

This product was recommended by Phil Watson from Barbecue Grill Review

I purchased this as a gift for a friend and absolutely loved it. It was recommended by another friend who has had chronic neck pain and said it is great! It will make a great gift for an office staff, it’s a shoulder and neck massager offers a relaxed state. 8 kneading massage nodes provide deep massage to the tissues and muscles which give a soothing and relaxing experience to the strained muscles whether it is due to physical strain or mental stress.

Awakening the Soul of Power by Christian de la Huerta

This product was recommended by Christian de la Huerta from Soulful Power

“It is a rare occurrence indeed when a book not only delivers on its message but also gives you practical, straightforward and incredibly wise ways in which to apply the teachings put forth in /Awakening the Soul of Power/. I found it to be an introspective work that is a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions, and truly look forward to the rest of Christian de la Huerta’s amazing Calling All Heroes series. It inspired me to purchase his previous book, /Coming Out Spiritually: The Next Step/. The book’s message about authentic self-expression and personal empowerment will resonate with your reders, who may have struggled with issues around relationships, self-doubt, or a sense of purpose, among others. It explores how we step into power in a different way that’s not about hierarchy, control, fear, force and domination. On a personal level, the book’s message will help your readers transform their relationship to power so that they can stop selling out on their personal power and free themselves from self-sabotaging behaviors. It will help them heal toxic relationship patterns and negotiate power struggles more effectively. On a macro scale, issues of power and the abuse of power have been integral to this election cycle. Globally, power is up for all of us to look at—and choose: What kind of leadership do we want? The conversation about power—who has it, who’s been denied it, and who dares to defy established power structures—is critically important for our turbulent, chaotic and uncertain times. While the book has a particular focus on women’s empowerment, it includes a chapter on what it means to be a man in the 21st century, which I think your audience will also find of interest. Its unique presentation of the ego mind, how it works, and how we break free from its self-imposed prison of limitation will also be illuminating and supportive to your audience.

Bryan & Candy New York Strawberry Bath Tub Kit

This product was recommended by Anupama Singh from Fabulously

Employees are like a second family. We need to give them gifts which make them feel loved and pampered. Nothing can make for a better gift than a good body care kit. After a long day of work, they can feel relaxed using the gift. The kit will also protect the employees from getting burned out. The gift speaks volumes about the caring nature of the employer. The kit is a good gift for both the genders. Such kits are easily available in multiple brands and in different price ranges too.

SafeKEY Door Opener Tool

This product was recommended by Tracy Anderson from Top Reveal

The pandemic has changed this world. We are avoiding direct contact with an unknown person. We can maintain social distance and avoid direct contact with people. But, we can’t avoid touching public surfaces like door handles, ATMs, elevators, credit card terminals, and much more that comes in contact with many people throughout the day. A gift that helps your office staff avoid touching public surfaces and help them to stay safe would be the best gift for them. The SafeKEY Door Opener Tool is one of those tools that is designed for a variety of uses to avoid direct contact. You can open doors and bottles with this metal tool. This tool has a stylus tip that will help you to use public devices with ease.

LNEKEI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This product was recommended by Tracy Anderson from Top Reveal

If your office staff spend a lot of their time in front of the screen, blue light blocking glasses would be the perfect gift for them. LNEKEI Blue Light Blocking Glasses are one of the top-selling blue light blocking glasses on Amazon. This is a pack of 3 computer glasses that will help your office staff to take care of their eyes and keep them safe from harmful fluorescent lights.

Orbitkey Nest | Portable and Customizable Desk Organizer Case

This product was recommended by Vans Pat from Gifting Area

The Orbitkey Nest is the perfect gift for a modern office staff who carries a lot of gadgets. Essentially, the Nest is a portable tabletop caddy which features a built-in wireless charging pad alongside an integrated accessory organizer. This small trinket is great for holding keys, memory cards, charging cables, earbuds, and wallets. It also makes transporting one’s everyday carry extremely easy. The Nest allows workers to pack in their essential tools in a compact form factor which they can carry around easily from one workplace to another.

Funny Novelty Memo Pads

This product was recommended by Shelly Peel from SocialMum

For someone who works in an office, it’s ideal giving some nice and useful items. That’s why I am recommending Funny Notepads that have little artwork and saying on them. It will help put a smile on someone’s face – someone who feels a little stressed on some days. Having a handy notepad would be helpful to them when they need to write something quickly.

Bomber Jacket Circa® Jotlet

This product was recommended by Britt Bradford from Levenger

Inspired by the jackets worn by WWII fighter pilots, the Levenger intrepid Bomber Jacket Collection in pebbled leather promises stalwart service in your own daily adventure. This hand-sized leather jotter is great for on the go note-writing. Add a monogram for a personal touch.

Art Deco Rollerball Pens

This product was recommended by Britt Bradford from Levenger

His and hers, these pens stand alone as an art piece, but also a fine writing instrument. Its brass barrel and lacquer-coated cap are weighted so it glides on paper as you write. Available in Gold/Black, Rose Gold/Black, Rose Gold/White or Gunmetal/Grey.

Prestige Circa® Foldover Notebook

This product was recommended by Britt Bradford from Levenger

Work from home in style with the only notebook you may ever need to own. The cover of this genuine leather discbound notebook folds back and out of the way when you’re writing and adds long-lasting durability and elegance to everyday notes.

Quilted Travel Jewelry Case

This product was recommended by Britt Bradford from Levenger

Inspire future (hopefully!) travels with the slim design that easily fits into your suitcase. Quilted full-grain leather case helps you store and organize your jewelry safely. Carry on or put into a travel bag. Luxurious microsuede interior keeps jewelry protected from scratches. A perfect gift for the traveler in your life.

Written by James Jackson


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