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Gifts To Give A Husband On His Birthday

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The husband birthday is nothing to take lightly, it is your chance to show just how much it means to you to have him in your life, providing for you, your family and being the bedrock of your house.

The husband’s labor is often taken for granted, their sacrifice is usually forgotten its due reverence, and his inputs often ignored and that’s just isn’t right. Make sure to show one of the most important people in your life that you don’t take them lightly and thoroughly appreciate what they give to you every day, and make sure you do so with the right gift.

#1 Activbody Activ5 Handheld Isometric Fitness Device

Activbody Activ5 Handheld Isometric Fitness Device

Activ5 is a Tiny Gym in Your Pocket that effectively tones and strengthens muscles, so your husband will be able to exercise whenever he wants and wherever he is! The Activ5 Companion App, available on iOS and Android operating systems, features more than 100 seated and standing workouts and games! Which means, your husband can exercise while playing a videogame! But hey, don’t get fooled by the fun part, it’s actually all science based! Activ5’s free companion strength training app coaches users through low impact isomeric workouts which strengthen muscles without risk of injury.

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SPOT introduced the SPOT X, a two-messaging and SOS device. The device operates through satellite networks outside of cellular range. This means that travelers can use it while exploring remote places or in foreign countries if they don’t want to pay for international cell service. In addition to two-way texting, it has tracking capabilities so travelers can share a link so loved ones back home can follow their adventures.

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#3 Lakeview Signature Egyptian Cotton Resort Waffle Spa Robe

Lakeview Signature Egyptian Cotton Resort Waffle Spa Robe

Luxury bedding and bath supplies are the perfect gift for your husband! Check out some of our favorite robes and bed sheets below! They are luxurious and you can add a personal touch of custom monogramming!

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#4 LoveBook Personalized Gift Book

LoveBook Personalized Gift Book

LoveBook is a unique, one-of-a-kind gift that was designed created to help people express why they love each other. Our online tools assist users in becoming the author of their own love story. LoveBooks are the perfect gift of love for any occasion.

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#5 Topology Eyewear glasses

Topology Eyewear glasses

Give the gift of perfect-fitting glasses with Topology Eyewear. Create his own custom-tailored frames and fit simply by downloading the app and completing the steps. Topology creates a prototype and within 4-6 weeks, you’ll receive your new frames delivered straight to your door! Comfortable yet stylish glasses are the perfect, long-lasting gift for your husband.

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#6 Scholar Skinny Navy Blue Pin Striped Suspenders

Scholar Skinny Navy Blue Pin Striped Suspenders

JJSuspenders is a company specializing in high quality, handmade suspenders, and we have some great products for men. We have handmade suspenders in leather, skinny, classic and formal styles.

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#7 The ‘john’ Suede Chelsea Boot In Chestnut

The 'john' Suede Chelsea Boot In Chestnut

Every guy needs a pair of boots to wear and not those ones he shovels snow or works in the garden in. You know, the ones that are appropriate for work and going out. Get these. They’re backed by a Lifetime Sole Guarantee, so he’s guaranteed to love them for life.

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#8 All He Loves Box

All He Loves Box

All He Loves is box filled with awesome products that all guys love – like handyman tools, premium electronics, survival gears, unique gadgets and much more! This box is a great way for guys to discover their new favorite products and upgrade their lifestyle… one month at a time.

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#9 Leatherman Tread LT Bracelet

Leatherman Tread LT Bracelet

Stylish, functional and lightweight, Leatherman Tread is a travel-friendly wearable multi-tool made of enduring 17-4 stainless steel, featuring 29 fully customizable tools. Comes with 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. Perfect gift for every man!

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#10 Assuage Beard Oil

Assuage Beard Oil

This natural product is a must-have for the important man in your life. It comes at an incredibly affordable price, and it will benefit both you and your husband. The beard oil is packed with jojoba, Vitamin E and other therapeutic oils. It will help your husband have better beard hair health by cleaning and conditioning his facial hair. It will thus make his beard soft and shiny, so everyone wins.

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#11 Suede Microfiber Beach Towel

Suede Microfiber Beach Towel

This unique, vibrant cabana stripes and luxurious silky soft towel would be the gift he never thought he needed. There are countless places he can use it; whether it’s at the beach, gym, camping, caravan, backpacking, surfing, kayaking, to the pool or at a picnic blanket, the options are limitless. Men don’t like to carry tons of baggage and this towel’s light-weight and ability to pack up to compact makes it a perfect choice for his birthday. It occupies less space yet it’s extra-large to lay on and wrap around. Coupled with its durability and easy care, he will probably not leave it behind anytime he’s going for the next outdoor activity. Suede Microfiber high tech fabric is sand-proof and hang dries 5 x faster. Available in a range of colors there is plenty to choose from for your husband’s birthday.

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#12 Men’s 14k Yellow Gold Football Stitch Ring

Men's 14k Yellow Gold Football Stitch Ring

Your husband is the special man in your life and he deserves a one-of-a-kind gift. Does he love watching or playing football? Why not buy him a ring with an exclusive design that matches his hobby and will show his love for the game? This gorgeous ring is made from solid gold and looks fantastic due to a unique football inspired design that will keep your husband in style. If your husband is a football fan, he will be excited to wear this stylish ring with football stitches carefully made with a high-precision laser. The ring is designed to be worn every day and is the perfect gift to show your husband how much you love and care for him.

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