Unique and Fun Gag Gifts – Ideal for the Office

Our Top Picks for Gag Gifts in 2020

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Its always a bit of fun to give gag gifts to your colleagues – so whether its in the name of a holiday or birthday don’t hesitate to spice up your gifts with a something out of the box. For all the ideas you need take a look below!

Granatan Yes, NO, Sorry, Maybe – Sound Buttons

This product was recommended by Vickie Pierre from ExpertInsuranceReviews

For that coworker who always has something to say, you can’t go wrong with this set of four “Yes, No, Sorry, and Maybe” buttons. For one, they’re huge attention getters. These bold, bright colors practically scream “push me” to any passerby in the office. But what really makes these buttons stand apart is that you won’t hear the same sounds each time. Each button is programmed with ten variations of its respective statement, which will be sure to leave everyone in the office guessing (and amused) for a long time.

Oscaurt Anti-theft backpack

This product was recommended by Jane Flanagan from Tacuna Systems

To begin with, this backpack is extremely spacious and deceptively compact. It can comfortably contain a laptop and several files and folders (probably more than you’ll need to carry around). In addition to this, the Oscaurt backpack is anti-theft so you can let go of your theft worries and concentrate on your commute. It also features a USB port with which you can securely connect your phone to your power bank. Finally, this backpack is not only very ergonomic but also waterproof

World’s Okayest Coworker Mug

This product was recommended by Henry O’Loughlin from Buildremote

A colleague got me this as a gift years ago. Every single time I use the mug I get a little chuckle out of it. I’m not a bad coworker, but I’m not good, I’m just OK. Fantastic copywriting!

Animolds Squeeze Me Mini Chicken

This product was recommended by Kevin Frija from Hug-Me Chicken

This is a hilarious gag-gift for anyone, and your co-worker will definitely find it hysterical. It has been a sensation on TikTok as well. We are happy to provide a sample.

Written by James Jackson


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