This Year Give Out These Office Holiday Gifts Under $20

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Many companies have solved this problem for you with gift exchange rules. Either the office limits the cash value of the gift, organizes Dirty Santa or White Elephant, or maybe prohibited gift-giving altogether. Ask your supervisor and co-workers about the office protocols. Human resources is also a great place to start. Ask whether you’re allowed to give gifts and if there are any rules to abide by.

What Is A Office Holiday Gifts Under $20?

Wondering what you should get your coworkers? The goal is to avoid the status quo, while still being thoughtful. Here are some ideas, but remember you do not have to spend a lot. There are many solutions that are budget-friendly, and will still get a positive response.


Consider giving something to add to the office decor. This doesn’t mean going out and spending a lot. Think about something that accents the décor, and matches the organization’s style. If you have an office mate who loves to garden, a small planter would be perfect. Maybe your office is all about the arts, and you have an artistically talented coworker. Consider donating a small piece of original art work or a small clay sculpture. Everyone loves a ‘fridge magnet, especially if it’s pin-up based on the recipient’s hobby. A stylish pen can brighten anyone’s day. Wrapped in a box, these little number crunchers make a thoughtful gift that can be used everyday.


A little more costly, but a delicious treat can be bought and enjoyed by all. Think about people’s allergies, feel free to buy something vegetarian, or gluten-free. Everyone loves a candy treat. This doesn’t just mean Hershey’s, there are all kinds of ideas. Your office is full of co-workers who love books, if one in your circle of friends is an avid reader you can give a Kindle gift card. Chances are the gift card can be used for books (even a used book) and other accessories for the Kindle. Instead of going to the store, if you know someone’s favorite coffee shop, you’re giving them the gift of free coffee.

Gift Cards

Everyone appreciates a gift card. It’s a win-win situation, whether you give cash, or a card. If you can’t think of what to get someone, why not ask? If you’re unable to do that, you can read their name tag, and notice if there is a bookshop, art store, or coffee shop mentioned. If a card is purchased and your friend admits they would like the item, feel free to exchange it. Although giving cash can be risky, if you become friends with your boss, you can ask for a personal loan to cover the value. The extra money can be returned at the end of the year.

In the end, if you know the person, it should be easy to buy an Office Holiday Gifts Under $20. The recipient will appreciate it, as you took the time to see something their or add personal attention. Just make sure the gift is a little pricey, but not too much. The goal is everyone goes out or even asks friends for a gift.

Guidelines for Giving Holiday Gifts at Work

There is nothing wrong with getting a holiday gift at the office, even for your boss. It’s a friendly gesture, and if they bought you a gift, it’s meeting them halfway. However, here are some rules to follow:

Be Respectful – Don’t buy a gift for someone, even your boss, if you wouldn’t give them one in person. If they gave you an office holiday gift, don’t feel obligated to respond.

  • Don’t buy a gift for someone, even your boss, if you wouldn’t give them one in person. If they gave you an office holiday gift, don’t feel obligated to respond. Compliment – If your gift is an employee, don’t offer that information. If they open your gift and don’t like what you gave them, it will only be embarrassing.
  • If your gift is an employee, don’t offer that information. If they open your gift and don’t like what you gave them, it will only be embarrassing. Do Not Give Personal Items – Just because you went over to your boss’s house to watch football, doesn’t mean you can give them a gift.
  • Just because you went over to your boss’s house to watch football, doesn’t mean you can give them a gift. Don’t Buy Alcohol – Offices are usually dry areas. Although it would be nice if your boss didn’t drink, it’s presumptuous to give a boxed bottle of wine. Also, avoid any beverages that contain alcohol.

Many employees who read this use corporate gifts as an outlet for their choice to eliminate office politics. I chose to write about this from the perspective of someone who works in a non-profit environment. Gift giving can lead to strange scenarios and even strange conversations. Will you be sharing the secret of your choice of the perfect card with the staff of the organization at the holiday?

As an Administration and Development Director at a local non-profit organization, I have never been given an office gift. I know from dealing with upper management in the past that they have registered set gifts for their employees. The cards are set in advance and I’m not one of them. Even though I manage a budget to the tune of 1.5 million dollars, I have no idea if I have anything coming to me when the holidays roll around.

Giving and receiving gifts is an important part of office life. When I was single and living in an apartment in Manhattan, an office holiday gift was a gift of convenience. I did not have access to my own kitchen, so receiving a gift was a relief when company came over. When I moved into a house, the gift of convenience was no longer an option. As I shopped for an ergonomic kitchen island, I remembered the conversations I had with the real estate agent and the items I needed to purchase. I needed a gift for my boyfriend to give to his sister’s family for Christmas. Though I wasn’t married, I knew I needed some savvy Christmas presents for my boyfriend, and I wanted to find some tech gadgets for me and my boyfriend’s family.

The idea of an office holiday gift can determine how long a couple lasts. Initially, the gift might end up being a memorable dining experience in an outdoor cafe. After explaining this to my boyfriend, he told me that he had been in a similar relationship with another girl. When she discovered that there were many other girls in his life, she gave him gifts of big ticket items from the local supermarket. The girl who dislikes Christmas spirit gave him a plunger for Christmas. Needless to say, this gift didn’t do much for his ego or relationship. How could she tell someone that she didn’t like their apartment, so a plunger seemed like a good gift!

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