Tech 21 Macbook Air Case Review

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Easy installation, non-slip feet and ultra-thin protection with super strength. Just a few things that make Tech21’s MacBook cases really hard to beat.

Tech 21 Macbook Air Case Review

I’ve been using a Tech21 Macbook Air case for the past few weeks and it’s really not bad at all. I’ve never been that interested in screen protection or cases for my Macbooks until now. The Macbook Air in particular can be prone to scratches, dings and dents. I use my laptop at home and even though I don’t take it out anywhere, scratches do appear. My Macbook Air travels with me sometimes, so I’m quite interested in a light weight case that will protect it from bumps and scratches.

With the Tech21, you get a case that is protective without sacrificing the original look of the Macbook Air. I love the thin space grey color of my Macbook air, but this case compliments the color nicely. The first thing I noticed when I removed the case from the package is that it is quite light weight. It’s basically a case made out of two pieces of thin plastic. One is placed on the top and acts as a screen protector. The color of this part of the case is a pretty light grey. The plastic is hard, but not fierce enough to scratch your screen. It is lightly textured which helps prevent the case from sliding around once it’s placed on the flat surface.

The second layer is a dark grey color. It’s thick enough to provide some cushion for the Macbook Air. The case is easy to put on and once on, it’s not going to move or come off unless you want it to.

The lip at the front of the Apple logo is raised a bit so that when it’s propped up, it won’t lay flat and potentially scratch your screen.

The lip around the outside is raised as well. It folds over the case when you close your laptop. That means if you are transporting your Macbook Air in a bag, it will help protect it from being scratched without a bag cover.

If you are leery of putting a laptop in a bag and not using a cover, free yourself from that headache and get a Tech21 case for your Macbook Air. It’s relatively inexpensive and you won’t have to deal with the annoying “why do I need an expensive laptop cover” question.

Tech21 is an American company founded in 2009, that specializes in design and manufacture of shock-absorbent protective cases for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Samsung Galaxy Series.

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