Rapid Lux Shampoo Review

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Product Details

Our luxurious RAPID LUX Shampoo and Conditioner is specifically formulated for Rapid hair growth. We use only the finest botanically-derived cleansing agents, rich natural moisturizers, precious organic Essential Oils and other natural ingredients. These combine to create a shampoo and conditioner that stimulates and supports rapid hair growth while it leaves your hair soft, silky and manageable with intense shine. In addition, RAPID LUX is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

It restores balance while it soothes scalp irritation and calms itching. Our Shampoo cleanses thoroughly without stripping your scalps natural oils… resulting in beautiful and healthy hair and scalp… while our conditioner compacts the cuticle layer of the hair, which results in shiny, bouncy hair that is not weighed down.

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Rapid Lux Shampoo Review

I absolutely love this new product! Rapid Lux is an odorless shampoo that nourishes the hair, scalp and skin with vital nutrients. This shampoo gently and expertly cleanses the hair. The natural ingredients in this nourishing shampoo gently cleanses away impurities. Penetrates deep into the hair, scalp and skin cells, regenerates cuticles and repairs them for healthy, youthful looking hair.

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Rapid Lux Conditioner

This is a deeply conditioning hair and scalp treatment. The botanical extracts in this treatment stimulate hair growth. It is great for hair loss, dry scalp, scalp irritation and dry hair. Provides instant nourishment and hydration for hair, scalp and skin. Assists in restoring and maintaining healthy hair and scalp. This has a fresh aroma. It regenerates and softens hair and scalp. This product is excellent for color treated hair. I have noticed increased growth and shine in my hair. My hair is easier to manage and no longer tangles.

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Rapid Lux Scalp Stimulation

This is a garlic based formula that has a clean slight garlic fragrance. It has a gel-like texture. It does not lather, but penetrates into the skin before you can see it. This product is a proven natural stimulation of hair and scalp growth. It is a natural alternative to chemical growth factors without side effects to prevent hair loss and hair thinning.” Arpège leaves ther scalp feeling refreshed and slightly tingling with the natural stimulation of hair follicles and blood circulation.

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Rapid Lux Nourishing Moisturizer

This highly moisturizing conditioning cream is an organic infused product. It is enriched with botanical oils and extracts for hair and scalp nourishment. This product has an exotic smell and is made to retain the hair’s natural moisture while replumping and restoring elasticity.

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Rapid Lux Hair Grow Stimulating/Contouring Treatment

This is my favorite product! It is wonderful. The size of a stick of deodorant, this conditioner contains powerful botanical ingredients to help hydrate and nourish the hair and scalp. This is a natural growth stimulant that helps increase hair growth. This product has an exotic odor. It is smooth with no lather, but deeply penetrates the hair, scalp and skin. It reduces the appearance of thinning hair. This is a must have product. I am very disappointed that it is on back order. This increased my hair growth. My hair appears thicker, grows faster and feels stronger.

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