5 Best Active Gifts For PE Teachers

Show your appreciation for all the physical torture they’ve put you through. It was for your own good!

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It’s a shame that PE teachers often don’t get the credit that they deserve for keeping our younger generations interested in keeping fit and having fun outside.

With more and more evidence showing that sports helps academics, you better get your PE teacher a slice of appreciation. With this list, that’s easy. There’s stylish, sporty and stylish gifts to suit their lifestyle, and they’ll definitely remember your appreciation of their efforts!

#1 OLIKA | Minnie All Natural Hand Sanitizer

OLIKA | Minnie All Natural Hand Sanitizer
Minnie is the perfect better-for-you hand sanitizer that doesn’t look, smell or feel like a hand sanitizer. She’s beautifully packaged and the perfect pal for teachers who need all the germ-fighting power they can get!

Minnie is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand and comes complete with a locking mechanism to avoid spilling in your bag. Our bird contains more than 525+ sprays that quickly cleanse your hands, leaving them feeling soft, refreshed and with improved skin hydration for up to 24 hours.

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#2 Wilds Premium Mens Wooden Watch

Wilds Premium Mens Wooden Watch
Every watch is packed with a well-designed hard paper gift box and comes with an easy to use band adjustment tool. So it can fit to any wrist size. High quality toughened glass protects the exquisite dial and won’t scratch or scrape easily.

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#3 Freezing Point Hemp Cream

Freezing Point Hemp Cream
The Glacier Wellness CBD Muscle Cream is perfect for any PE teacher! The unique, convenient, and effective CBD muscle cream offers superior relief, goes on smooth, and won’t leave an oily mess behind. In addition to its truly remarkable and effective pain relief, the CBD body cream is great for calming the stress of everyday life thanks to its mix of essential oils and soothing scents.

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#4 SoHookd Marketplace Gift Cards

SoHookd Marketplace Gift Cards
PE teachers are all about their students’ health and well-being, so this gift is the perfect way to give a PE teacher a wellness experience so they can focus on their own health and wellness! A SoHookd Marketplace Gift Card offers a ‘well-th’ of wellness experiences like boutique fitness classes, athletic apparel, spa experiences, meditation subscriptions and fresh groceries.

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#5 Fracture Prints

Fracture Prints
A Fracture is a one-of-a-kind way to take your favorite photographs and print them directly onto durable, frameless glass for your favorite Pe teacher to hang in their office. Perhaps they’d love a photo of their favorite class to showcase?

They offer digital as well as physical gift cards and they’re a carbon neutral company that’s about to become climate positive after they break ground in their new facility. So not only will your teacher love this thoughtful gift, you can feel good about helping the planet each time you buy someone a Fracture print.

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