12 Gifts to Ease Him into His New Job

These gift ideas will help with any new job anxiety he has

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Starting a new job is as much a time of celebration as it is of nervousness. Learning the ins and outs of a new workplace can take some time which is why it’s useful to come prepared. It’s the little and thoughtful things that will allow the man in your life to glide smoothly into his fresh beginning. Here are some useful gifts that will help you to say congratulations.

#1 Men’s Silk Striped Ties

Men’s Silk Striped Ties
Silk striped ties are the popular choice that is good for any occasion and can also be included as daily office formals. Usually, ties look perfect on every occasion like business meetings, weddings, university events, job interviews, fine dining, and work parties. Stripes get matched well with a huge range of dress shirts and button-down shirts including the striped ones.

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#2 Sands of Time Hourglass

Sands of Time Hourglass
The time hourglass has been used for centuries to keep track of time. It is one of the most antique gift items which definitely looks classy on his desk. It is made of hand blown glass with smoky grey sand inside and crystal base. So, when you just want to gaze at the unique design do not forget to flip it occasionally and be impressed by its remarkable precision. You can personalize it with a two-line message with up to 30 characters or can also go with 1 to 3 letters monogram.

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#3 Color Changing Coffee Mug

Color Changing Coffee Mug
The color changing coffee mug is liked by most of the people. It is a cute gift that he can easily bring with him to the office too.

The color changing coffee mug is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers. This mug changes color completely not partially. This mug is special because when it is cold or empty, it looks like it has a sleeping face on it and when it is hot the whole mug brightens, revealing awake friendly face on the blue background.

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#4 Meal Prep Containers

Meal Prep Containers
To make him ready for new lunch break schedule, give him guaranteed great home-cooked meals. With the help of these meal prep containers, he can pack delicious lunches for every day of the work week in advance. The container can be heated easily in the microwave and he will be ready to go with his lunch!

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#5 Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta
As we all know the Fitbits are very useful. It tracks burned calories and steps, tell time and lots of other things that are beneficial for us. They are so sleek that even the pickiest companies will allow them in their dress codes. Know more about it here and buy one for him!

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#6 Learn To Paint Experience

Acrylic Paint Kit Subscription Service
Art Studio Live provides an All-in-One solution for learning how to paint, that has proven to provide ways to manage and reduce stress through the art of painting. This kit includes all the necessary steps to create your own painting, completely customizable and each panting video is lead by a professional artist. Our customers have shared with us that this kit is also a great gift option because they could give a fun, unique and enjoyable experience to any age group.

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#7 Handmade Leather Desk Pad

Handmade Leather Desk Pad
If he’s started a new office job, you can help jazz up his office with a stylish handmade leather desk pad, personalized with his intitials. It will keep his work space looking professional and organized.

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#8 BizHUB USB-C Multiport Adapter

BizHUB USB-C Multiport Adapter
Our BizHUB USB-C Multiport Adapter is a very versatile travel adapter with three USB 3.0 ports, a gigabit ethernet port, an SD and Micro SD port, and an HDMI 4K port. It’s compact and convenient with so much capacity.

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#9 10 Port USB 3.0 Aluminum Hub

10 Port USB 3.0 Aluminum Hub
The Juiced Systems 10 port USB 3.0 hub is one of the most powerful hubs on the market. The unit is built with an aluminum casing for longevity and durability. The hub comes with a properly powered 12v 4A DC power supply. Making this a crucial USB hub for any desktop or laptop workstation. The 10th port on the hub can charge your phone or tablet providing up to 2.1 Amps of power.

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#10 UltraHUB – Macbook Pro Multiport HDMI Adapter

UltraHUB - Macbook Pro Multiport HDMI Adapter
Versatile and compact – that’s the UltraHUB MacBook Pro USB-C HDMI Multiport adapter. Designed specifically for MacBook Pro models, the HDMI to MacBook Pro adapter gives you multiple setup options in a compact but highly efficient package. Enjoy Plug N Play without worry for maximum connectivity and no-hassle installation. Take the HDMI to MacBook Pro adapter with you to the job, on the road or use it in the game room to get the ultimate in power and connectivity wherever you go.

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#11 Shiny Leaf DHT Blocker Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Shiny Leaf DHT Blocker Shampoo and Conditioner Set
Male pattern baldness is unique for men, and stress at work is a number one trigger for hair loss. According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of American men begin to see initial symptoms of hair loss at 35, and this can even start as early as the 20s for some.

Now that he’s got a new job, help him build confidence with thicker and healthier hair. Gift him a good pair of shampoo and conditioner that prevents and reverses balding in men. The Shiny Leaf DHT Blocker Shampoo and Conditioner Set is no ordinary hair care product. It contains scientifically-proven natural DHT blockers including Green Tea Extract, Rosemary Extract, and Fenugreek Extract. The shampoo effectively nourishes the scalp for better hair growth while the conditioner strengthens the strands for thicker hair.

The shampoo and conditioner do not contain harmful ingredients such as parabens and sulfates, so they are perfect for his daily hair care routine.

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#12 Reverse Karma Meditation Incense Sticks

Reverse Karma Meditation Incense Sticks
This product helps decrease stress, and encourages relaxation and meditation after a stressful day/week.

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