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Top 10 Adorable Horse Gifts For Girls

Majestic gifts to accompany your girl’s passion for majestic creatures

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It’s always important to nurture a younger child’s passion for something. One way of doing this is by gifting presents that accompany their interest.

The gifts in this list are all perfectly horse-themed, from caps to emotional novels about horses. She’d bound to be gripped by any of these stories listed below!

#1 The Smokey Star Hat from Art 4 All by Abby

The Smokey Star Hat from Art 4 All by Abby
Inspired by the beauty of the Western landscape, and Abby’s childhood horse, Smokey Star. These beautiful hats feature Abby’s original artwork, using a technique known as Batik, it’s a traditional Indonesian art form, a wax resist dye technique used to create images and patterns on fabrics. The hats feature mesh backs, adjustable straps and a patchwork front!

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#2 Wisdom of The Unicorns by A. K. Hersey-Walker

Wisdom of The Unicorns by A. K. Hersey-Walker
Unicorns: Reality or myth?

History suggests they were once real; Socrates described them; Julius Caesar wrote about them; and they are mentioned in our Holy Bible – AS FACT, NOT FICTION. The author has combined her great love of horses, magic and history in order to bring to life her first compendium of short stories featuring Unicorns.

Her belief in the power of the Universe and her own spirituality depicts the Unicorns as serving a higher power whilst imparting the teachings and wisdom of a compassionate and spiritual nature. It is hoped that the Unicorns can change – very slightly – our perception of this world whilst truly helping readers to become All That You Can Be.

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#3 My Friend The Horse by Alex Atock

My Friend The Horse by Alex Atock
Alex Atock was born in Dublin in 1932 and graduated from the Veterinary College of Ireland in 1958. His love for all things equine commenced as a small child and continued throughout his life.

This book will take the reader through his veterinary life, from his initial years in general practice, to veterinary officer of the Irish Turf Club, head of the Veterinary Department of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), consultant to the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation, and, finally, consultant to World Horse Welfare.

The latter took him from the elite world of thoroughbred horse racing and international equestrian sport to assisting underprivileged working equines and their owners in developing countries. Throughout his time with the FEI, Alex worked closely with the European Union and was actively involved with the conception of FEI relations with World Horse Welfare, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), and the International Federation of Racing Authorities.

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#4 The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle by Marc O’Brien

The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle by Marc O'Brien
Fair Questions for a Feature Story Is a disability something that is subjective or is it objective? Is a diagnosis opinion or fact?

The Final Fence: Sophomores in the Saddle authored by Marc O’Brien takes a creative and honest look into a life filled with support due to well-meaning individuals that think before they speak. When Eddie Patrick meets up with Danielle Lynne on a college campus, a love of horses triggers a classroom discussion. When their professor – a large chestnut pony named The Great Satan – starts the lecture, the relationship skills make the grade, with the ribbon only being a decorative award.

Using a backdrop of the elegant and classy world of the hunter jumper horse shows during the second Ronald Reagan presidential administration, the setting for this novel is a perfect way for the future generations to learn about respect.

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#5 Journeys To The Stars by Thomas H. Magill

Journeys To The Stars by Thomas H. Magill
The initial aim of this book was to discover the ancestors of the two champion racehorses, Fantastic Light and Galileo.

Admittedly, not a narrative to excite the average reader, but the author, in pursuing the main objective, has created a story of intrigue, including descriptions of some colourful characters of the racing game and a sprinkling of genetic principles applicable to the breeding of the racehorse. The journeys referred to in the title, cover a wide geographical spread. In the final stage of his research, the author becomes suspicious, concerning the progenitor of a horse named Spearmint, the winner of 1906 Derby.

The reader will find the facts presented regarding this anomaly intriguing and will, no doubt, give their own judgement in this matter. Finally, to assist the readers in understanding the very basic genetic principle used in the book, some basic Technical Appendices are produced.

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#6 Alira Compliquer:The True Story of Two Women and Their Horse

Alira Compliquer:The True Story of Two Women and Their Horse
Owning a horse was just a dream; or was it?

Lucy and Ingrid made it come true and were immediately swept into a lifestyle that found them living the dream, which sometimes became a nightmare, at other times was incredibly exciting, always gruelling, inspiring, rewarding, worthwhile. Their mare was a winner, but achieving their ambitions for her was fraught with difficulties that they could never have imagined. Mother and daughter laughed and cried together and remained best friends, their very special horse the catalyst. Alira Compliquer changed their lives forever and this is the story of an emotional journey whilst they learnt about both her eccentricity and her brilliance.

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#7 Letters to Phoebe by Jo Murphy

Letters to Phoebe by Jo Murphy
Aunt Katherine understands her young niece’s intense longing to own and ride a pony, and wishes to give some cautionary advice. These letters to Phoebe begin with her Aunt’s experiences as a small child in England, describing the way some household commodities were once delivered by horse-drawn vehicle. She writes about gypsies, ponies, and her secret mission to make life better for animals everywhere – especially ponies. On emigrating to New Zealand, the author shares her delight in discovering a very different life, where the horse world is open to her – even though owning a horse herself is unlikely. Aunt Katherine shares the joys to be had in the New Zealand countryside, and reminds her young reader to exercise caution while enjoying the ponies and horses in her life: caveat emptor. An adult reader will also enjoy these experiences with all things equestrian.

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#8 Travelling by Gillian Wells

Travelling by Gillian Wells
Sam is in her mid-20s, horses are her life but she has a secret and to that end, she goes to Australia, hoping to escape from her emotional baggage. There she travels both physically and emotionally and life looks better. She meets a man who also has emotional problems and they start to heal each other until Sam’s past catches up with her and life looks to her worse than before.

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#9 Dudley The Donkey by K. J. Elvin

Dudley The Donkey by K. J. Elvin
This is a story of an extraordinary donkey and what he gets up to, how he copes with new surroundings and other animals, his adventures, his way of dealing with life.

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#10 Gershwin The Bay Pony by Ron Hicks

Gershwin The Bay Pony by Ron Hicks
Gershwin says that he is a good pony, who would do nothing to hurt his rider. He and his rider love each other and he enjoys being a member of her family, who all love him. He shows his love for them by his especial horsey behaviour.

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