Gifts To Help Insomniacs Get Some Sleep

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Imagine having an important presentation at work on Friday, spending Thursday afternoon going over it and practicing it, really nailing every point to get ready for tomorrow. Great. Done. You finally come home ready to get some shut-eye to recharge for your big day. Now something strange happens, you hit the pillows and… nothing, sleep doesn’t come, you are just there, laying, awake. Hours pass by, 12 am, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 am! The sun rises and… nothing.

What happens to your big presentation then? Bar some really amazing coffee or other less than advisable stimulants your energy levels are most likely zero and you look like hell, no way you’ll come out of this on top. And that’s what happens to most Insomniacs, their lack of sleep in the night ruins their whole day, if you’ll ever need to gift an Insomniac something, please, make sure is something to help them get over this life ruining ailment.

#1 BedJet V2 Climate Control for Beds

BedJet V2 Climate Control for Beds

This gadget is a must for the couple who can’t agree on the temperature for their bedroom. It’s also a must for insomniacs. The temperature of our room greatly affects how well and how easily we fall asleep. It sends a stream of air directly under your blanket and into your bed for powerful warming or cooling comfort. It’s whatever you prefer. It’s a great solution for sleepers who get hot flashes or have night sweats.

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#2 Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets

Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets

Getting into bed at night should be a treat. Slipping into incredibly soft fresh sheets gets you in the right head space for sleeping. Bamboo Sheets are great because not only are they soft and silky, they are also temperature regulating so you don’t overheat in the middle of the night. This helps you get to sleep and stay asleep.

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#3 Adrenaline Dominance: A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness

Adrenaline Dominance: A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness

“Perhaps the ideal gift for an insomniac would be an over the counter cream that will help them sleep.

The number one cause of insomnia – either trouble falling asleep or staying asleep – is excess adrenaline.

Excess adrenaline causes the mind to race, or tossing and turning, or teeth grinding, or TMJ, or RLS, or the need to get up and urinate.

There is a 5% strength progesterone cream, which is the exact strength needed to block adrenaline, called Platt PRO5%

Ideal bedtime reading for this person is the book called Adrenaline Dominance which will explain why the body is over-producing adrenaline, the conditions associated with it, and how to treat it.”

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#4 Som Sleep™ Zero Sugar 12 Pack

Som Sleep™ Zero Sugar 12 Pack

The ingredients in the Som Stack were selected to act on the highest-leverage points in the sleep regulation system process to help consumers get to sleep faster and sleep better more consistently. There are three tiers of the Som Stack: nutritional support for your body’s own sleep-regulating system, relaxing the mind and preparing the brain for a smooth transition from wake to sleep, and providing the signal for the brain to begin the process of preparing for sleep and generating properly structured sleep. The stack includes Magnesium and Vitamin B6 (which help aid the natural production of melatonin and help regulate sleep patterns). It also includes L-Theanine which is found in green tea, and has been shown to effectively promote relaxation.

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#5 CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

Gummies – Discover your new favorite sweet snack with CBD-infused gummies from Veritas Farms. These chewy CBD edibles are made with CBD isolate and organic ingredients, including a naturally delicious mixed-berry flavor. The CBD gummies are also available with added Melatonin to support a healthy sleep cycle.

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#6 Cannabeds Hemp Mattresses

Cannabeds Hemp Mattresses

CANNABEDS Hemp mattresses are designed and built in Toronto, Canada and available North America wide. There can be a lot of reasons that people have trouble sleeping – help mattresses and hemp pillows help to address them all! Hemp is a natural temperature regulator, hypoallergenic, stronger and softer than cotton and actually kills bacteria for a healthier nights sleep. The more you use the mattress – the more comfy it gets. When you sink down into one of these it’s a true where have you been all my life moment, and a healthy rest for the first time in forever.

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#7 Rescue Plus™ Sleep Gummy

Rescue Plus™ Sleep Gummy

Each dose of RESCUE PLUS Sleep Gummies contain 5mg of the sleep aid melatonin in an enjoyable natural strawberry flavor. Adults chew 2 gummies 30 minutes before bedtime. Not to exceed 4 per day. Chew completely before swallowing.

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#8 Rescue Sleep® Spray

Rescue Sleep® Spray

Natural sleep aid in a convenient spray bottle provides relief from occasional sleeplessness caused by stress and repetitive thoughts. The same formula trusted worldwide for generations. Before going to bed, apply 2 sprays directly onto your tongue. Apply additional sprays during the night as needed.

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#9 Signature Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Signature Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These Blue Light Blocking Glasses block 99% of high-energy blue wavelengths that are coming from all your digital devices. Blue light has been proven to delay the release of melatonin, which can mess up your circadian rhythm and keep you awake at night.

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