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This article showcases our top picks for the best Gift Ideas For Office Desk. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Toasty Toes(tm) by Cozy Products

This product was recommended by Annie Gavin from Bird-X

Toasty Toes(tm) ergonomic foot warmer combines a space heater and foot rest into one space-saving design. The foot warmer is energy efficient using only 105 watts of electricity (93% less than a standard 1500 watt space heater). Toasty Toes has three adjustable positions and may be used as an ergonomic foot stool, upright flat panel heater, or heated mat.

Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Gaming Mouse

This product was recommended by Jeff Ward from Coder Kids

No more replacing batteries for worrying about bluetooth connectivity – wired mice are back in. This Logitech G502 mouse is affordable, ergonomic, responsive, and colorful! Highly recommended for both gaming and productivity.

Eggtronic Wireless Charging Stone

This product was recommended by Abigail Denny from Einova by Eggtronic

Office desks tend to be a mess of papers, sticky notes and wires that seem to constantly tangle. This type of cluttered work environment is known, through research, to significantly affect our cognition, emotions, behavior and decision-making abilities. With Einova by Eggtronic’s Wireless Charging Stone, you can transform your desk into a neat, elegant space. It is a Qi compatible device for charging Apple and Samsung smartphones and wireless earbuds with 10W of charge. There are 5 different stone/marble finishes that are sure to match anyone’s aesthetic. The device is designed to help keep workspaces tidy while also increasing functionality.

Handmade Leather Desk Pad

This product was recommended by Yusuf from Galen Leather

No office desk is complete without a clean and practical working surface. This handmade leather desk pad from Galen Leather will add a touch of sophistication and style to your workspace. It provides a smooth working surface to write on and can be personalized with your initials. Handmade from 100% vegetable tanned cow leather, its high quality will guarantee years of use.

Foot Hammock Under Desk Footrest

This product was recommended by Jim Ken from OnePotDishRecipe

I spend a lot of time at my desk and if I am not careful my feet get tired. Sounds silly – but it is true. Just like in the picture I can be a lot more comfortable. Also, I am able to put one leg through and rest one foot on the hammock – it is great. It lets e keep my feet and legs moving as I can swing them a little bit also. Highly recommended.

Felt and Cork Desk Mat

This product was recommended by Allan Borch from Dotcom Dollar

A new accessory that is attractive, soft, and fits with a work desk can be a cool gift. This mat can make desks much more pleasant to work at.

Phone Soap Smartphone Sanitizer

This product was recommended by Allan Borch from Dotcom Dollar

Mostly, workers often use their phones while at work and they may not have the time to do some sanitation due to their busy schedules. A Smartphone Sanitizer can help clean their device with no effort. This uses UV light to destroy 99.99% of germs and bacteria, and also doubles as a charger and speakers, too.

5-in-1 Tool Pen

This product was recommended by Allan Borch from Dotcom Dollar

To help you become more efficient in working, this 5-in-1 Tool Pen comes with a screwdriver, bubble level, ruler, and stylus is a perfect gift as it has some tools needed. It also comes with a clip to safely attach to their pockets.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mouse Pad

This product was recommended by Allan Borch from Dotcom Dollar

For people that are both a workaholic and foodie, a dessert style mouse pad is a perfect sweet gift to give.

Modern Circle Desk Lamp

This product was recommended by Allan Borch from Dotcom Dollar

Bring a modern touch of light to office desks. This unique circular lamp has multiple color features with 6 lighting modes and 7 colors.

Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest Under Desk

This product was recommended by Eugene Romberg from We Buy Houses in Bay Area

When you spend a lot of time in your chair, your legs begin losing circulation which can lead to some serious problems if left unchecked. Fortunately, the everlasting office foot rest will provide support for your legs and feet throughout the day. For older workers – having a footrest that’s made of memory foam will offer them pain relief and comfortability while working on your office desk. This footrest is designed to help with your posture and will conform to your feet and is the perfect gift for anyone in the office. I’ve been using it for a couple months now – and my legs are feeling better than ever.

Single Monitor Stand

This product was recommended by Jeff Brady from Set Ready Game

These days, everyone is using a second monitor to multitask and increase productivity. The only problem is that they take up space on your desk. A monitor mount frees up space on your desk to allow you to keep a nice, well kept area to work in. I bought one in early 2020 for myself and cannot imagine working without it. Not only that, I bought one for a friend of mine for Christmas and he loved it and was surprised he had never even heard of the idea.

moody paperweight

This product was recommended by Elyssa Dorf from Cheery Designs

This fun paperweight is almost like looking through a kaleidoscope; the swirls and coloring are different from each angle and catch the light and reflections at different times of day. The benefits of introducing color into our home office spaces are more far-reaching than ever, and this is a great little burst of color to bring into your day.

magical mug

This product was recommended by Elyssa Dorf from Cheery Designs

Just a friendly reminder to seek magic everyday. Sometimes you have to look a little harder but it’s always there, even during the work day!

Pen Pencil Holder with Phone Stand

This product was recommended by Muhammad Mateen Khan from PureVPN

High-Quality Material-Made from high-quality resin, luxurious design. Multipurpose Storage-Elephant nose for phone holder, body perfect for storing office essentials like pens, pencils, scissors, paint brushes, etc. Stylish Decoration-Can is set on any desktop, end table, or coffee table to organize your office or living room. Perfect gift-Creative decoration for living room, kids’ room, study, bedroom, office, dorm, party, etc. Creative gift for friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

Acrylic 2 drawers storage box

This product was recommended by Joanne Ly from Minima Basics

Both aesthetically pleasing and functional, our versatile stackable storage box helps you find precisely what you need without having to endlessly sift through a cluttered drawer.

Orbitkey Nest | Portable and Customizable Desk Organizer Case

This product was recommended by Vans Pat from Gifting Area

The OrbitKey Nest is an awesome tabletop caddy with a built-in wireless charging pad. It is an all-in-one tech organizer kit which is perfect for any office desk. With its simplistic design and built-in modular compartment dividers, the Nest can carry everyday tech items from pens to power banks. It is crafted with the best quality material making it feel and look extremely premium!

Written by James Jackson


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