7 Great Gifts That Give Cosplayers Joy

Cosplayers will love these gifts to complement their favorite hobby!

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Cosplayers take their hobby seriously. For many it is a way to express their personality and interests, as well as their passion. These gifts range from books to useful items that will help the cosplayer you know to show their skills better than ever before!

These gifts are bound to impress and it’s always a nice feeling when someone appreciates and remembers your hobbies.

#1 Hollywood by Jill Tietjen

Hollywood by Jill Tietjen
The perfect gift idea for any film buff or anyone who enjoys the movies is my book, Hollywood: Her Story, An Illustrated History of Women and the Movies. More than 1200 women are featured in the book which begins at the dawn of the film industry and continues through 2018. We feature actresses, directors, producers, editors, screenwriters, stuntwomen, animators, gossip columnists, makeup artists, costumer designers and more.

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#2 Antique Bronze and Silver Steampunk Earrings

Antique Bronze and Silver Steampunk Earrings
I will sell these unique steampunk earrings. A link to the item and description you can use if you wish. I am also attaching a couple of pictures to use if needed on your website, please let me know if you need any more.

These unique steampunk-inspired earrings are lightweight making them perfect for daily wear with a pair of jeans or to use to complete your perfect steampunk look for your upcoming event. Hate jewelry you can only wear with your cosplay outfit? These earrings will allow you to take a little adventure with you even when you are not dressing up. The silver cogs catch the light and provide a subtle but stunning look to your outfit. These earrings are perfect for that someone who loves the unique and different or maybe just to add to your own wardrobe for that individual flair.

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#3 Assembled Back Brace

Assembled Back Brace
A myriad of fantastical characters from gaming, RP, fiction, and movies have wings (can you say Good Omens?) and it is an incredibly difficult project to construct them yourself, particularly wings of this caliber and level of realism.

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#4 Acrylic Paint Set by Apple Barrel

Acrylic Paint Set by Apple Barrel
Every cosplay kit starts with an adequate set of colors to customize designs and outfits. This set by Apple Barrel comes with 18 2oz bottles of the most commonly used colors in various shades. It works on most surfaces and materials used for cosplay including styrofoam, plaster, terra cotta, and tin. Overall a simple yet effective gift for both experient cosplayers and those wishing to get their feet wet in custom cosplay outfit design.

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#5 Bear Mask GoFunFace! Animal Masks

Bear Mask GoFunFace! Animal Masks
From lions, tigers and T-Rexes to elephants and dragons, these colorful, one-of-a-kind masks by GoFunFace! are perfect for Cosplayers. Each of these creative masks is made from quality washable foam materials and are durable, beautiful works of art. The easily adjustable sizing makes the mask a perfect fit for children or adults. Eye openings cut large for safety – mask will not interfere with vision in low light settings. Currently, Go Fun Face! has seventeen animals and mythical creature to choose from. Many of which come in different color combinations.

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#6 Make It, Wear It by Sahrye Cohen

Make It, Wear It by Sahrye Cohen
This book contains many unique and interesting projects that will help the reader learn new skills to take their cosplays to the next level using LEDs and other electronic components.

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#7 The Cosplay Handbook by Grace Herbert

The Cosplay Handbook by Grace Herbert
The Cosplay Handbook delivers exactly what it says it will — it talks about cosplay and prop making techniques in 2019 in simple, easy to understand writing, and includes easy to follow tutorials. It’s a great gift for those new to cosplay and for cosplay masters wanting more affordable or economical options — be warned though, there are cat pictures within its pages, so be careful of that cuteness overload!

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