Yeasty Gifts That Begin with The Letter Y

Top gifts starting with the 25th letter of the alphabet.

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The original “Y” entered the alphabet as “upsilon” or our “U.” Around 100 AD Romans added “Y” to their alphabet, usually to denote something of Greek origins.

Being another spin-off of the letter U, you can only expect the same caliber of positivity emanating from these offerings. Don’t believe? Take a look for yourself at these yeasty (“yeasty” as in meaning “marked by spirited enjoyment”, look it up) gifts that begin with the letter “Y”.

#1 You Can’t Ruin My Day by Allen Klein

You Can’t Ruin My Day by Allen Klein
There are so many things that can ruin someone’s day, i.e., traffic getting to work, rude co-workers or overbearing bosses, to say the least. You Can’t Ruin My Day makes a great stress-relieving gift because it has suggestions for all of that, and more. It contains 52 themes to help readers take back their power and not let other people, or other situations, ruin your day. This book is not only filled with wise words but also inspiring stories and anecdotes, insightful and motivational quotations, and lighthearted and laugh-producing material.

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#2 Yoga Rug

Yoga Rug
This Yoga rug not only looks aesthetically dreamy but has been ethically handmade in the South of India without the use of power. Woven on the traditional Indian handloom popularised by Mahatma Ghandi, it is has been dyed with medicinal Ayurvedic herbs claimed to heal all manner of health ailments. A gift of good health bundled up in a beautiful, tangible gift.

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#3 You Can’t Learn to Write Just by Reading by Cynthia MacGregor

You Can’t Learn to Write Just by Reading by Cynthia MacGregor
No matter how many books you study on the craft of writing, you can’t learn just by reading books and other materials. You have to practice your craft. This book contains exercises that will help you hone your skills and become a better writer.

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#4 YourCover Personalized Magazine Covers

YourCover Personalized Magazine Covers
A YourCover personalised magazine cover is a unique gift for celebrating all types of special occasions, milestone events and holidays. It is made in 3 easy steps using the YourCover online editor – choose a template (80+ choices), upload a photo then customise the headline text to be all about the person/people in the photo. YourCover is a memorable keepsake for birthdays, weddings, retirement, coach gifts, Mother’s or Father’s Day and more. Download instantly to print yourself (only $9.95) or let YourCover print and frame your gift for you (from $19.95).

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#5 Yoga Mat by NewMe Fitness

Yoga Mat by NewMe Fitness
This Yoga mat is printed with base Yoga positions for anyone wanting to do stretching exercises. Who knows, it may even start them on the path of becoming a Yogi – that is, a Yoga practitioner.

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