Ravishing Gifts That Begin with The Letter R

Top gifts starting with the 18th letter of the alphabet.

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“R” first appears in ancient Semitic in the form of a profile of a human head. Pronounced “resh” it translated to (unsurprisingly) “head”. The Romans flipped it to face right and added a tail, probably to distinguish it from “P”.

Looking to have someone head over heels for you? Look for no further way to do that than to giving them a ravishing gift that starts with the letter “R”. Leave their heads in the clouds by gifting them one of these.

#1 Relax Skin Care Gift Basket

Relax Skin Care Gift Basket
Give the gift of relaxation with this RELAX skincare gift basket. Nourishing, moisturising products will rejuvenate skin and add a luxurious element to your daily routine. Lavender and chamomile team up to infuse all natural goat milk soap, sugar scrub, whipped cocoa butter, skin salve, and a super convenient skin stick.

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#2 Reasons to Live One More Day, Every Day by Jas Rawlinson

Reasons to Live One More Day, Every Day by Jas Rawlinson
Reasons to Live is an easy to read, inspiring collection of stories from everyday individuals who have faced extreme adversity or mental illness, and have found a way to conquer their challenges in order to live a life of purpose and passion. This book is a must have for anyone who is searching for an inspiring, meaningful gift to give a loved one; a gift that could truly change a life.

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#3 RainSisters Design Coats

RainSisters Design Coats
RainSisters is a brand which creates exceptionally feminine and functional (waterproof, breathable, windproof) design coats.

Designed for women with city lifestyle, RainSisters design coats have especially feminine lines, cuts and patterns that help to express femininity and elegance.

All RainSisters coats are handmade in Europe using the most comfortable and qualitative waterproof and breathable materials to keep you warm and dry. So you can be a lady despite the weather.

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#4 Rustic Chalkboard

Rustic Chalkboard
LARGER WRITING SURFACE – The only chalk board where there is no wastage of Writing space. This chalkboard sign is the perfect size for your home decorations, bbq, birthday, bistro, business, cafe menus and other events with a writing surface of 12.5 x 10.5” larger than any other brand.

ENDLESS USE – Vintage feel blackboard with easel retains its beauty even after regular daily use. Made to work perfectly with liquid chalk markers and regular chalk on our no smear long-lasting, non-fade surface.

EASY-GLIDE WRITING SURFACE – Wood Framed with small front holding tray – Our matte finished mini black board highlights vibrant ink colors and also serves as a magnetic bulletin board.

INSTANT SETUP AND STORAGE – With its standing kickstand easel design, this steel chalkboard with stand sets up anywhere in seconds. Use on Tabletops , countertop and simply lift and fold to relocate or store it after use.

MAGNETIC CHALKBOARD SURFACE – Our chalkboards are made of the highest quality Magnetic Porcelain Steel and are 100% non porous. We guarantee that it will clean up beautifully with a damp cloth every time without any ghosting.

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#5 Rollerball Collection – Crooked Cactus CBD

Rollerball Collection - Crooked Cactus CBD
The Crooked Cactus CBD Rollerball Collection includes a rollerball from each of our collections – Relief, Recover and Relax. This collection is a great gift for anyone who could benefit from pain relief, muscle recovery or more relaxation in their life. Each roller is skilfully formulated with hemp-derived CBD and essential oils chosen for their Relief, Recover or Relax properties. Whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional discomfort, many people are held back from doing more of what they love. These rollers can help!

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#6 Red Rock Ranch: Lucy’s Chance by Brittney Joy

Red Rock Ranch: Lucy's Chance by Brittney Joy
The Red Rock Ranch book series is a sweet young adult book series full of first loves, friendship, and horses. The pages are packed with trail rides, horse shows, rodeo, campfires, and kisses. Recommended for readers 12 years+ and a perfect gift for your daughter or niece’s summer reading list!

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#7 Remote Control Toy Robot for kids

Remote Control Toy Robot for kids
Great gift for kids – prepare them for the likely future of coexisting with robots by having the Cady Wile Robot be their childhood friend! It can play music, dance, record audio, and it even functions as a piggy bank because why not?

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