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7 Ideal Gifts A Pastors Wife Will Appreciate

Show your appreciation to the pastor family for all the hard work they do for your community!

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It can be super difficult to find something that matches the level of commitment that pastors and their wives bring to serving their community. We’ve picked out the best gifts that will impress a pastor’s wife and act as a perfect thank you for all her hard work.

#1 Monk Manual

Monk Manual
The Monk Manual is a 90-day planner inspired by monks and designed to help you live a fuller life. By combining best practices in psychology, productivity and spiritual growth the Monk Manual provides a daily system upon which you can build an intentional daily life.

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#2 Unicorn Jazz by Lisa Caprelli

Unicorn Jazz by Lisa Caprelli
Unicorn Jazz is a children’s brand created by Lisa Caprelli. Kid loved fairy-tale, and timeless classic, Unicorn Jazz™ illustrated children’s unicorn book series with characters like Woof the Crow, Bee Happy and more is filled with imagination and wonderful social emotional lessons and hand-drawn art (the kind that Dr. Seuss did)!

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#3 Sleep Mask Headphones

Sleep Mask Headphones
The mask allows you to control two of the most important factors in creating quality rest: light and sound. Our high quality sleek speakers, 3D eye contours, and ergonomic nose cover allow you to relax into sleep no matter where you are. They are also great for napping, airplane travel, meditation, listening to ASMR, audiobooks, music, podcasts – whatever your heart desires!

We live in a world of non-stop, over-stimulation. People are constantly on high-alert, bombarded with text messages, emails, work updates, social media posts – you name it. When you’re constantly on edge, it can be a challenge to slow yourself down, to relax and, more importantly, to sleep. Our Sleep Mask Headphones help you disconnect, recenter, relax and recharge. Whether you need to catch some Z’s in a loud airport or plane, take short break from a difficult day, grab a quick nap between meetings, or guarantee a terrific night’s sleep in a hotel room– our Sleep Mask Headphones are the perfect solution.

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#4 You Are the Girl for the Job by Jess Connolly

You Are the Girl for the Job by Jess Connolly
Daring to Believe the God Who Calls You by Jess Connolly With strong pressure to be a perfect wife, mother, and figure in the church, many pastor’s wives struggle with feeling equipped for this calling. This book will remind her of Who she is and who He says she is and equip her for the journey she will take in her role as a Pastor’s wife.

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#5 One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
This book is incredibly inspirational as it challenges the reader to look at specific aspects of life and find the things to be thankful for. It’s very pointed and includes daily gratitude assignments to lead the reader to live a life of thanksgiving.

This is perfect for a pastor’s wife because it has exercises that keep their minds focused on gratitude instead of trials, setbacks, and discouragements that are common in the ministry.

Also, this book will provide many illustrations and ideas for leading others in Bible studies.

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#6 More Beautiful Than Before by Steve Leder

More Beautiful Than Before by Steve Leder
I recommend this inspirational book by Leder. This book has helped me cope with those times I’ve had to go through personal pain. The darkest days and hours force all of us to fully examine ourselves, alone. And usually, it takes an enormous amount of strength and will to carry the burden without ever compromising sanity, which is probably the hardest thing a person has to face.

We all go through the cycle of rebirth and transformation. Make this book a part of your life, it will serve as a reminder for when you feel like you’re about to fall in a bottomless pit. Life is beautiful and good. Why waste it by not doing anything at all?

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#7 Illuminate Wax Warmer

Illuminate Wax Warmer
A pastors wife loves a statement piece as much as anyone, and this warmer knows how to attract some serious attention. The secret to Illuminate’s center-stage-worthy look is in the glittery sequin overlay that catches and reflects light in a dazzling fashion. Add the lit-from-within glow, and you have a bold design that delivers the glitz in a big way and makes the perfect gift.

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