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26 Unique Gifts Older Men Will Appreciate

Guaranteed to bring a lot of entertainment, style and comfort into your lucky man’s life!

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If you’re always hearing his complaints about pain, why not get the older man in your life something that will ease it? It’s a win-win: no more complaints, and no more pain for him.

Alternatively, get him busy with a war history book and let him reminisce about those apparently ‘good’ old days.The options are endless, and because older men are usually retired, he’ll probably have the time to appreciate and use your gift, too!

#1 Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System

Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System
Xpand is the original no-tie elastic shoelace system that allows you to turn any shoe, sneaker or boot into slip-ons. Xpand ensures that you never have to tie your shoelaces ever again!

The Xpand Lacing System works on all kids and adults shoes including sneakers, running shoes, boots, high-tops. There are over 40 colors to choose from, including reflective laces and glow-in-the-dark.

Here are a some facts about Xpand:

  • Loved by athletes, parents, kids whose laces keep coming undone, pregnant moms, seniors with limited mobility and everyone in between
  • Over 1 million pairs sold worldwide since 2015
  • Featured product on QVC
  • Available in retail stores in over 30 countries
  • Official Shoelace of Tough Mudder Toronto
  • Received invitation to appear on Shark Tank
  • Awarded Amazon’s Choice for Best Lacing System

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#2 1986 Retro Trucker Hat by Hank Darby Co.

1986 Retro Trucker Hat by Hank Darby Co.
Where your favorite hat is now every hat. While you can buy a hat just about anywhere, you are only ever buying just one hat. With our signature patches, every Hank Darby hat you own can be as many different hats as your collection of patches allows.

Our low profile trucker hats fit more true and give you the flexibility for breath during the summer months. That’s where the story began: 1986. Hank made his first mark on the world in 1986. Kicking and screaming, this isn’t a tale from a galaxy far, far away. It’s one that has its roots in something more than fiction.

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#3 The Grate Grill Scraper

The Grate Grill Scraper
When traveling, you never know when you might need to clean a grill, especially if you are stopping at parks or other public places.

A dirty grill is not only unhealthy, but it also ruins the taste of any food you grill on it. The Grate Grill Scraper is pocket-sized and easily portable so you can take it anywhere. Weighing less than 2 oz, it won’t weigh you down. It was primarily created to eliminate the danger of swallowing a wire bristle from a standard BBQ cleaning brush.

They are available in Standard and Universal models, and in either Stainless Steel (for those very crusty grills) or Brass (for porcelain and Teflon-coated grills). We recommend the Universal Brass model for most travelers, as you never know when you might need to clean a grill for a surprise meal.

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#4 Black Tea Cologne

Black Tea Cologne
Throughout all of Murdock’s fine products, the brand aims to leave men, regardless of age, feeling dapper and groomed to perfection. Amongst them all, one of the many favorites is the Black Tea Cologne.

With notes of fresh spices, leather, and birchtar, this exotic scent exudes debonair. Though rich in scent, the cologne is never overpowering to the nose and is bound to be a favorite for years to come.

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#5 Medical Grade Hydrating Compression Sock

Medical Grade Hydrating Compression Sock
Skineez Compression socks make a great gift for older men because they not only help with ailments such as diabetes and circulation issues, they also moisturize skin while you’re wearing them and help with odor control too!

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#6 monCarbone Carbon Fiber Cigar Travel Case with Genuine Leather Sleeve

monCarbone Carbon Fiber Cigar Travel Case with Genuine Leather Sleeve
For cigar lover, now you can carry your cigar in style. This elegant case comes in Carbon Fiber and leather sleeve for a touch of elegance. Perfect for those who enjoy all the finest things in life!

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#7 Score At Hand Tennis Racket Score Keeper

Score At Hand Tennis Racket Score Keeper
Score At Hand is the new tennis racket scorekeeper that goes right on your tennis racket, making sure you’ll know the score at every point.

Inventor Christine recalls, “Often when I was really ‘in the point,’ I struggled to remember the score by the end of the rally. Now, with the touch of a finger, I can adjust Score At Hand to the correct score without interrupting the game. The top portion is used for the game score, and the bottom is used for the set score and tiebreaks. I can’t believe the confidence it has given me to always know the score.”

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#8 LAGUTE Groucho Cigar Case Gift Set

LAGUTE Groucho Cigar Case Gift Set
LAGUTE’s cigar case gift set is perfect for cigar lovers! At an affordable price, you’ll receive a beautifully crafted cedar wood and leather case that also serves as a humidifier, which can be easily adjusted to give cigars their optimal taste.

Not only is the case portable, but it can protect against tobacco worms while holding up to 6 cigars. We’ll also deliver the case in an exquisite black carton box and fabric bag, making it the perfect gift choice for the cigar enthusiast in your life.

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#9 RAF 100 Group by Janine Harrington

RAF 100 Group by Janine Harrington
This remarkable book brings together for the first time writings of RAF 100 Group who, during WWII, flew secret operations deep into the heart of Germany – identifying and jamming enemy radar, working with Bletchley Park and the Y-Service, supporting SOE and the Resistance. Over 55,000 men died in Bomber Command, the highest casualty rate of any Unit. On VE Day, Churchill praised those who contributed to victory, with one glaring omission – Bomber Command, of which this Group was a valued part.

What happened to his stirring words: ‘The fighters are our salvation, but the bombers alone provide the means of victory’? Seventy years on, RAF 100 Group remains shrouded in mystery, their families unaware as veterans take their secrets to the grave. This book represents a tribute, a Memorial, proof of their existence, finally giving them recognition so richly deserved.

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#10 First World War Diary of Rifleman Frederick Joseph Stanbridge by Frederick Joseph Stanbridge

First World War Diary of Rifleman Frederick Joseph Stanbridge by Frederick Joseph Stanbridge
Somewhere in Palestine March 10th, 1918 My Very Dear Brother Ern, ….since receiving your last letter, I have been over the top. I was expecting to have to go, but I assure you Ern, I never dreamed it would be so terrible!… I want to try to forget those certain 16 hours, but I cannot, and I am afraid I never shall. I really think the night of February 19-20th was (for me anyhow) a night in hell. We had to attack Johnny with the bayonet in the dark about 1:30 (and it was dark too). He was stronger than expected. If our machine guns had not come up just in time, I think we would all have been wiped out.

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#11 Advance and be Recognised: The Autobiography of A. W. Stapleton 1896 – 1978

Advance and be Recognised: The Autobiography of A. W. Stapleton 1896 - 1978
Advance and Be Recognised: The Autobiography of A. W. Stapleton 1896 -1978 is an absorbing life story. Arthur was a young man from working class roots, who was thrown into the horrors of war. He was a machine gunner in WW1 and an Air Raid Warden in WW2.

Arthur Stapleton founded Advance Electronics before retiring a wealthy man. ‘Reading his words was like seeing a blood-filled horror film play out in my mind. My eyes saw the scene evolve, my mind absorbing the vision of mangled corpses hanging on wire. Bodies unrecognisable as individuals, surrounded by severed limbs, half submerged in mud. Death without dignity. ‘It was not a story about a faceless soldier facing death on a daily basis – it was about my dad. I learned more about him after his death than when he was alive. I would like you to know him as well.’ These words are by Marion, the author’s daughter, adopted from within the family.

This autobiography is an absorbing read, both for those interested in WW1 and in what it takes to succeed in business.

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#12 Memories of a National Service Doctor by Dr John A Lunn

Memories of a National Service Doctor by Dr John A Lunn
Dr John Lunn, at the outset of his National Service, could not have imagined the events which lay ahead. He writes of his first year in the Suez Canal Zone–the last year of the British Army occupation. He describes his experience acting as medical officer on the tank-landing craft sailing the length of the Suez Canal to Aqaba, taking military equipment to Jordan. During his second year in the army, he was on active service in Cyprus during the EOKA campaign. Two life-threatening events are recalled.

The book emphasises Dr Lunn’s deep admiration for the bravery of the young National Servicemen in Cyprus when severely wounded and, also, how they coped with the loss of their comrades. He concludes the book by saying how much his life’s experience was enriched by his National Service and how it gave him a lasting affection for the British Army.

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#13 I’ll Call You Pod by Kenneth B. Senar

I'll Call You Pod by Kenneth B. Senar
Having discovered that there is no official RAF history of the 1950s covering a particularly fraught period of the Cold War in Germany, the author decided to write down everything he could remember from that time when he served as part of the RAF’s 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force.

This book is based on his memories, supported by the information recorded in his log books, in the hope that it will give future generations a wider as well as deeper view of this era. In addition to recounting the minutiae of RAF life, ‘Pod’ recalls his career from National Serviceman to Flight Lieutenant, and the drama of flying the first jet fighters close to the border with East Germany. Part history, part memoir, I’ll Call You Pod will appeal to anyone with an interest in aircraft, the Cold War as seen from the air and on radar, and life in Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force in the mid-twentieth century.

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#14 A History of London through Beer Goggles by Cyril O’Brien

A History of London through Beer Goggles by Cyril O'Brien
Discover stories and parts of London that you may not have known. All of this done whilst visiting some of London’s oldest pubs. From the Great Fire of London to the Church-run prostitutes of Southwark. From cock fighting to the famous Cock Lane Ghost. From Shakespeare to Shrek. From St Paul’s Cathedral to the inspiration for wedding cakes.

Take a journey through the streets of London and discover things you never knew. A must for all who live and work in London, as well as visitors to our great city. What better way could there be than to have a drink and a walk around the parts of the city you have probably never visited. Hidden gems abound.

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#15 The History of Skipton by Ian Lockwood

The History of Skipton by Ian Lockwood
The History of Skipton is the most comprehensive history of the town for almost 150 years. The book focuses on the life of ordinary Skipton townsfolk and their health, hygiene, work and recreation. Covering the period from the Norman Conquest to the 21st century, The History of Skipton uses long-forgotten reports and archives to reveal many details which have never been published before.

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#16 Robin Hood – The New Evidence by Geoff Wilson

Robin Hood - The New Evidence by Geoff Wilson
The story of Robin Hood is very well known. Writers and historians have been reading and rewriting it, analysing and altering it since Ritson published his version in 1795, more than 200 years ago. The story has been published in many forms, including books, films, TV and radio programs, articles held in the World Wide Web and probably many others. As far as can be ascertained, they all have two things in common: they all contain many errors and they all fail to explain a number of mysteries.

In his book, Geoff Wilson has corrected many of the errors and has explained many of the mysteries. This he has done by accessing many surprising sources of evidence, including, for example, the British Geological Survey, aerial photography and by following on foot several of Robin Hood’s journeys described in the ballads. Practical tests were also carried out. The author’s sons (both quite young at the time) were encouraged to shout at the top of their voices in one particular location to test if sounds do in fact echo in the valleys. They do.

Among the mysteries solved are the identities of Sir Richard at the Lee and the location of Verysdale and the Village of Lee. The ‘fayre castell’ described in the Gest is also identified, as is the chapel in Barnsdale dedicated to Mary Magdalene and described in stanza 440 of the Gest. One mystery which remains unresolved, however, is the identity of Robin himself. Perhaps he is, after all, just a yeoman named Robin Hood, although the claims of an alternative candidate are seriously considered.

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#17 Sled Dog Gun: Aviemore Dreaming by Jim Bryde

Sled Dog Gun: Aviemore Dreaming by Jim Bryde
Jim Bryde, sled dog racer, always had the ambition to place first in the pinnacle of Britain’s sled dog racing, the competition ‘Aviemore’. This is the story of his life shared with Siberian Huskies; the trouble, love and tragedy that can come with a passion for racing and indeed for the dogs themselves. Jim’s beloved dogs include the loveable Joker, stubborn Dansa, the placid and friendly Bandit, but could it be Gun, son of Fly and Maji, and Gun’s subsequent bloodline, who can finally lead Jim’s team to victory, after many years of placing second? While Jim’s personal life sometimes overlaps into the world of racing, the passion for his hobby can be felt in every word of this endearing account of sled dog racing.

To those interested in owning Siberian Huskies and racing sled dogs, his own individual accounts of his experiences are full of valuable tips.

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#18 Tales of a Grandfather by Brian Kitson

Tales of a Grandfather by Brian Kitson
I was born into a time you now study at school as history…’ First conceived as a personal memoir to give his grandchildren – all born in the 1990s – some sense of what life was like two generations earlier, Brian Kitson’s Tales of a Grandfather has a resonance beyond its familial origins. Readers can follow Brian’s colourful progress from his earliest years to his mid-twenties, through a wartime childhood, disturbed family relationships, postwar Cambridge undergraduate life and National Service in Counter-Intelligence. Brian also discusses his great love of different kinds of music, including his unusual experiences as the pianist in a jazz ensemble.

Written with the same detail, intelligence and wit as his previous book, Burberry Days (also published by Austin Macauley), Brian Kitson’s Tales of a Grandfather is a fascinating portrait of a time, a family and a man.

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#19 I Was a London Firefighter – Fire Brigade Stories by David C. Pike

I Was a London Firefighter - Fire Brigade Stories by David C. Pike
What is a firefighter? They are the person next door… They are like you and me with warts and worries and unfulfilled dreams. Yet they stand taller than most of us. The latest book from author and retired fireman David Pike, I Was a London Firefighter is an anthology of factual narratives and fictional tales loosely based around the personal experiences of individual members of the London Fire Brigade. Ranging from the mid-19th century to the present day, the book includes direct reminiscences by former firefighters alongside descriptions of key historical figures like Massey Shaw, Sidney Gamble and Joe Milner. It takes in such subjects as the IRA’s 20-year bombing campaign in London and the changing status of female firefighters.

Running through the book is a series of gripping historical narratives subtitled ‘Yesteryear’s Fires’, depicting the heroic professionalism of firefighters confronted by truly harrowing disasters. Some of these remain all-too-familiar, such as the King’s Cross fire of 1987 which claimed the lives of 31 people; others, no less terrible, have faded into distant memory. The book ends with a fresh and compelling description of a horrifying tragedy that no one can have forgotten: 2017’s Grenfell Tower fire. I Was a London Firefighter shares with David’s previous works – Beyond the Flames, London Firefighters and Fire-Floats and Fireboats – a careful and comprehensive approach to historical research, an eye for striking and unusual narrative details and an understated humour. Above all, it shows an unwavering appreciation of and empathy for the concerns and drives of the ordinary firefighter, born of David’s own experiences as a fireman.

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#20 All at Sea in Arctic Waters by Dennis Macdonald

All at Sea in Arctic Waters by Dennis Macdonald
This book is experiences of the author aboard a destroyer on the Murmansk Arctic convoys of WWII. In spite of it being related to war, the content of the book is really to show what life was like for the ordinary ratings and their tasks, not the fighting. Many of the happenings are strangely amusing, depending on how they are read.

Most of the occurrences were just everyday duties or chores that somehow went wrong or were the result of naivety of the crew, most of whom had never reached the age of 20 years and were thrown into doing things they had never contemplated before. So this book is really short yarns, mostly of amusing instances of life aboard a ship at war. These yarns are short, but the book as a whole is unique in as much as it is history as far as life was concerned on small RN ships in WWII, much of which few people have ever looked into or even heard about.

The author’s work dealt with intercepting messages from and locating German submarines by shortwave radio direction finding. This was specialised, little of which has ever been reported, although closely related to the work at Bletchley Park. Here it is dealt with extensively.

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#21 My Friend the Horse by Alex Atock

My Friend the Horse by Alex Atock
Alex Atock was born in Dublin in 1932 and graduated from the Veterinary College of Ireland in 1958. His love for all things equine commenced as a small child and continued throughout his life. This book will take the reader through his veterinary life, from his initial years in general practice, to veterinary officer of the Irish Turf Club, head of the Veterinary Department of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), consultant to the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation, and, finally, consultant to World Horse Welfare.

The latter took him from the elite world of thoroughbred horse racing and international equestrian sport to assisting underprivileged working equines and their owners in developing countries. Throughout his time with the FEI, Alex worked closely with the European Union and was actively involved with the conception of FEI relations with World Horse Welfare, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), and the International Federation of Racing Authorities.

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#22 We Were Tourists by Jim Toomey

We Were Tourists by Jim Toomey
Jim Toomey was already a successful drummer when he became a part of a new group, The Tourists, in the late seventies. He formed the group with Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart, Peet Coombes and Eddie Chin. From their early beginnings in London, finding their sound and their voice, through their success, their recordings, TV appearances, and their tours across the world, this is the story of The Tourists, told by the man sitting behind the drums.

In a series of anecdotes and tales of the band’s journey, we gain insight into the inner workings of a successful band; the fun and success, but also the work, the creativity, the pressures of seemingly endless tours, the good and the bad sides of the business, and the all too familiar trajectory of a band which sowed the seeds of music which endure 40 years later.

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#23 A Life Worth Living by Simon Ingram

A Life Worth Living by Simon Ingram
Sometimes, looking at your past can give you the strength to move forward. As the classic symptoms of Parkinson’s disease began to take control of Simon’s life, he became a shadow of his former self. After months of fighting to keep the disease in check, Simon finally found the strength to tell his family and even managed to book an appointment with a neurologist.

Sadly, at a time when he needed an experienced health care professional to help him fight his corner, what he got was a cold, uncaring man who clearly had no time for his situation. However, his initial assessment proved to be 100% accurate; at just 36 years of age, Simon was told he had Parkinson’s disease.

The desire to produce a written account of his life for his immediate family and friends led to A Life Worth Living. Ingram looks back at his life, often with humour and pathos, and decides that the way to keep going is to appreciate the life he has led. The only way to fight is to appreciate what battles he has already fought and won. After all, what else makes a life worth living? Ingram’s first-hand account of his life from his early childhood to teen years to his first signs of the debilitating disease give an insider’s look at not just a ‘disease’ but a man.

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#24 The Belt Boy by Kevin Lueshing

The Belt Boy by Kevin Lueshing
Kevin Lueshing’s tears fell freely as he lifted boxing’s coveted Lonsdale Belt. Weeping openly at ringside, Lueshing had just won the fight of the year. But his tears were not tears of joy. They were the stain of a sinister secret he had kept hidden for a lifetime.

The former British champion was living the dream. People called him ‘The Look’. But behind the glory and the glitz, Lueshing’s innocence had already been butchered, his hope crippled and his soul shattered. For the first time, he has rediscovered the strength and courage of a champion to tell his harrowing story. The Belt Boy is a completely true account of a brutal life kept hidden. Shocking, explicit, traumatic, Kevin’s autobiography exposes a hideous crime and its utterly devastating legacy. He writes: I risk being judged, but I never want anyone to suffer what I went through. That is my motivation for writing this book.

Kevin’s account of childhood abuse is truly shocking and disturbing. Like a true champion, he has displayed incredible strength and bravery to reveal the horrific ordeal he suffered. His book needs to be read so we may all stay alert to this evil crime – NIGEL BENN

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#25 Vitamin C Creme

Vitamin C Creme
It’s hard to find a moisturizer that works well with oily and acne-prone skin, but we made it possible! You can use this even if you don’t have acne, since the ingredients are natural and can benefit all skin types! Our Vitamin C Creme is a light plant based hydrating cream concentrated with 20% Vitamin C, which will leave your skin feeling fresh, youthful, clear, and glowing! Absorbs quickly into skin with non greasy feel. This lightweight cream wears well under makeup or sunscreen, and won’t cause any balling up. Apply a small pea sized dab daily on clean skin and massage in. It can take a few seconds for the cream to fully absorb. If you need further hydration, you can apply your favorite oils or heavier moisturizer on top. Plus, Vit C works well in making sure that your skin is protected in and out. Perfect for summer!

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#26 The Gentleman’s Gift Box with Lambswool Scarf

The Gentleman's Gift Box with Lambswool Scarf
Our colsie Gentleman’s Gift Box with Lambswool Scarf is perfect for gifting. Featuring a pocket-size book of 101 Whiskies To Try Before You Die, a Harris Tweed hip flask, and whiskey scented Rob Roy soap, ideal for any whiskey enthusiast. And most importantly, warp up your loved one an irresistibly soft lambswool scarf in either a traditional tartan or lifestyle design. Add an extra special touch with our embroidery service for a gift they will treasure forever. Gifting made easy.

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