Gift Ideas for Bikers

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Finding gear for motorcycles or customization tips is easy with websites like Youngchoppers. However, if you are not a motorcyclist yourself and you need to buy a present for someone who is, things might get complicated. Don’t fret though, we are here to help you out. We have compiled a shortlist of gift ideas that are suitable for motorcyclists. Read on and get inspired.

Leather biker jacket

This item is a must-have for bikers who take their hobby seriously and want to make a statement by wearing a leather jacket during their 2-wheel ventures. There are numerous leather jackets for bikers you can choose from and, as you can easily imagine, the prices vary according to the material, quality, and brand.

This is not the regular leather jacket you wear at work or for a casual walk. Biker jackets are thicker, and they sometimes have inserted plates and pads in order to ensure protection in case of accidents. Most of them also have a lot of zippers and pockets where you can put stuff. All these can naturally lead to one outcome – they are pricier than regular leather jackets.

But your friend deserves a sacrifice, right? Moreover, this is not the type of apparel you want to change every year. Most bikers love their leather jackets and try to maintain them in good shape for as long as they can. Also, many customize them with patches, which takes us to the next section.

Jacket and vest patches

If you can’t invest in a jacket or your friend already has one they are absolutely in love with, why not help them personalize it with patches? These are quite popular among bikers who often choose to ‘decorate’ their leather jacket or vest this way.

Patches are quite affordable and they come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and materials. You can choose anything from the classical skull or bike to something more specific, such as a phrase. You can also contact a shop that sells and produces these items and see if they offer customized patches. This way, you can give your friend something unique that represents them.

Hand warmer

This is literally what it sounds like – something you keep in your hand to keep you warm during a cold day. There are different hand warmers you can choose from, but one that most bikers appreciate is the Harley Davidson Zippo hand warmer that’s not only cool and useful but also reinforces the user’s passion for anything that’s related to bikes.

Customized biker jewels

The word jewel sounds a little bit too pretentious and you might not see it fit in the same sentence with bike. Yet, bikers like necklaces, too, don’t they?

If you want to buy something your special one can always take with them on the road, you can get a customized necklace that comes with a small motorbike-like ornament or the name or initials of the club your friend is in. A nice silver piece can be the heart-melting gift your friend will never forget.

Cell holder

Riding is all about freedom and adventure. Yet, there’s no such thing today as riding without your cell phone. No matter how much bikers love the road, most of them still like and need to keep connected with their close ones, especially when they’re out for long hours or days.

That’s why now, there are special cell holders that can help them keep their phones safely next to them at each ride. Moreover, these holders are usually sturdy and offer a better and more comfortable alternative to keeping the phone in a pocket.

There are many gift ideas for bikers. Here you’ve only seen some of the most popular items you could buy for a motorcycle maniac. Have fun shopping!

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