12 Handy Gift Ideas for Aquarius Men

Gifts tailored for the aquarius man in your life

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Aquarius men are known for being natural born adventurers and often having their heads in the clouds. These men are bursting with ideas and renowned for their eccentricities. Below are twelve fantastic gift ideas that will inspire and please your aquarius friend.

#1 The Grate Grill Scraper

A dirty grill is not only unhealthy, but it also ruins the taste of any food you grill on it. The Grate Grill Scraper is pocket-sized and easily portable so you can take it anywhere. Weighing less than 2 oz, it won’t weigh you down.

They are available in Standard and Universal models, and in either Stainless Steel (for those very crusty grills) or Brass (for porcelain and Teflon-coated grills). We recommend the Universal Brass model for most travellers, as you never know when you might need to clean a grill for a surprise meal.

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#2 Mimmo Caddy Organizer

Mimmo Caddy Organizer
The Aquarius man is known to be adventurous but he’ll be all in for his family and children. This caddy is perfect as a portable car seat organizer to bring all the necessities from home when he drives the children out for weekend activities. A perfect gift to spend quality time and gain new memories with the family.

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#3 Handmade Travel Journal

Handmade Travel Journal
This luxury leather travel journal is the perfect gift for the Aquarius man in your life. Searching for life’s meaning, driven by a humanitarian cause, and an independent soul are all things that make up an Aquarius. What better way to record life’s possibilities and treasures than through a travel journal? The best part of this gift is that proceeds go towards supporting the development of the arts and crafts industry in rural India.

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#4 Inflatable Couch Lounger

Inflatable Couch Lounger
THE PERFECT GIFT! Great for camping, the beach, backyards, or living rooms. Portable Pouch: Easy roll up design lets this lounger fit into the small pouch (included) – take it wherever you want to go!

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#5 Camping Hammock

Camping Hammock
Pouch Couch Camping Hammocks are Made From Parachute Nylon Fabric Which is Lightweight, Strong, Breathable, Durable, Fast-Drying, Comfortable and Portable. Perfect for an Aquarius Man who wants to relax and unwind.

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#6 Wooden Watches

Wooden Watches
Wooden watch made with Canadian Maple wood. Stylish, affordable, and eco-friendly.

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#7 Moon Lamp Moon Light 3D Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp Moon Light 3D Moon Lamp
This product makes a good gift for anyone – the light is pleasing, detailed and realistic.

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#8 Afidus ATL-200 Long-Term Time Lapse Camera

Afidus ATL-200 Long-Term Time Lapse Camera
“Aquarius man’s love of technology and adventure make this fun tool the perfect gift. The camera is loaded with features: Wi-fi app control, macro capabilities, IP65 weather resistant, timer & daily scheduling, Sony HDR sensor and motion detection. The app also includes a time lapse calculator as well as optical zoom control and auto or manual focus options.

The camera’s video lapse mode offers very compelling creativity for capturing road trips, cycling excursions and more. You can capture a duration of real time video (3-10 seconds at 15 FPS) at a specific interval. For example, a three second burst every five minutes to create a time lapse out of video clips.

The Afidus ATL-200 recently captured the NAB Show Product of the Year award due to it’s ease of use, stunning video quality and the long-term battery life offering 30 days or more (depending on capture settings) on 4 AA batteries.”

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#9 Zodiac Sign Creative Coffee Mugs

Zodiac Sign Creative Coffee Mugs
These zodiac mugs are one of a kind and are good for gifting someone who loves coffee and have an interest in astrology. Porcelain constellation coffee mug with matching spoon and lid emblemed with the Zodiac sign outlined in golden color. A wonderful gift idea and show of love to yourself, significant other, friend or a family member.

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#10 His Skincare Tinted Physical SPF 50

His Skincare Tinted Physical SPF 50
I am an Aquarius Man so I think I can relate. This is the perfect gift because it not only protects you from the suns harmful rays but it covers imperfections and makes your skin look at its best. The Aquarius man wants to look good and feel good which this will do. Redness, acne scars or uneven skin tone, this will help. Plus it is packed with vitamin C & E, Resveratrol, CoQ10 and green tea. It does this through a mineral physical so only zinc oxide and no harsh chemicals.

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#11 ReadiSpex Eyeglasses and Sunglass Holder

ReadiSpex Eyeglasses and Sunglass Holder
Just about everyone owns a pair of sunglasses. And just about everyone has had their sunglasses lost, scratched, or damaged because they simply didn’t have a proper place to keep them when not in use. Whether its the lenses getting scratched from keeping your glasses in your car’s cup holder or tearing apart your house trying to remember where you last had them, or even putting your life in danger as you futilely reach for your glasses that have slid from your dash and onto the floor of your car while driving – we’ve all been there!

Enter ReadiSpex – a new and unique solution for keeping your sunglasses safe and secure, where you need them, when you need them, and at the ready. Its innovative folding design allows ReadiSpex to be out of the way when you’re not using it. And at only 3mm thick, it is unobtrusive and looks great. But with one simple flip, ReadiSpex is ready to go. Just insert your glasses for a secure and safe hold.

Best of all, ReadiSpex can be used just about anywhere. With its super-strong 3M adhesive, ReadiSpex will adhere to almost any surface. Just peel, stick, and it’s ready to go. Place it in your car, by your bedside, in your truck or RV, in your school locker, at your desk, or on your boat. Basically anywhere you can think of!

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#12 Ticket Stub Diary

Ticket Stub Diary
Never forget those front row seats at a Bruce Springsteen concert, the standing ovation at the premiere of the Lion King or the roar of the crowd when the Red Sox won the World Series. With this Ticket Stub Diary you can preserve your precious memories from concerts, museums, movies, sporting events, Broadway shows and more.

This book comes with clear sleeves that fit a variety of ticket sizes, plus space in the margin to write down your memories from the event. Acid-free pages will preserve your memories; so that one day you can tell your grandkids that you met The Boss. Printed in China.

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