Getting a Gift for the Gadget Fan in Your Office? This is the Gift Ideas List for You

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If you are shopping for a gadget fan then these gifts make great useful additions to you office. Your colleague will definitely appreciate a gift that they use everyday at work, so take a look below to find the right gift for them.

Portable UV Sterilizer Wand

This product was recommended by Paige Dawson from Mpdventures

With the advent of COVID-19, I’ve been disinfecting daily but was hesitant to use wipes on my computer and recording equipment. As those items are high touch, I found a solution with a portable UV sterilizer wand. Now, I do a sweep daily on my computer, phone, camera and other items where I’m concerned about moisture from cleaning. The wand is lightweight, USB charge and with a great battery life. As people start returning to offices, high touch electronics are going to be a concern; this wand is a great gift idea as it’s timely, relevant and most likely something the person doesn’t own yet.

Calm Strips

This product was recommended by Christina Towle from BuzzBright PR

Calm Strips are textured sensory adhesives. They are made from a thin but extremely hardy and durable vinyl. Crafted to help soothe anxiety and fidgeting by grounding you in a calming scene and giving you a rough, but soft, surface as a stimulus. Every Calm Strip embodies a calming scene in nature. Calm Strips were designed with adults and children in mind. They are being used by professionals all across the country to help with focus and anxiety. Stick a strip on your computer or cell phone and have a place to receive calm whenever/wherever you are.

Good Vibes Gray

This product was recommended by Kelly Dwyer from Comforband

I believe that our product will be a perfect feature on this gift guide since wearing a face mask has become the new normal and is required when going out in public for a majority of states. Whether people are already in an office setting or are slowly returning to one, masks are still required in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. One of the most common complaints about wearing a face mask is that the mask causes ear pain and discomfort. Comforband takes the stress off of your ears and makes the mask-wearing experience more enjoyable. Comforband headbands are sweat and slip resistant, and perfect for work, exercise or just being out and about. We are also adding kid-friendly sizes to our collection in early July. Plus, for every Comforband sold, we donate one to an essential worker or not-for-profit as a small thank you for giving so much during these difficult times.

SecureData 16GB SecureUSB BT Encrypted Flash Drive

This product was recommended by Mike Vanoverbeke from SecureData, Inc.

No matter what type of industry you work in, your office needs a reliable way to store and protect company data. The SecureUSB BT is the ideal data storage solution with hardware encryption and FIPS validation for total security. A user can only unlock the device using a secure app on a mobile device. The USB will even allow for a user to authenticate using fingerprints or facial recognition on their device. With security features like step-away auto lock, the SecureUSB BT will lock when a user steps 10 ft. away to protect files even if the device is left plugged into a computer in the conference room. The USB itself is dust and water resistant and small enough to fit in a purse or pocket, making it the ideal travel companion for the businessman travelling to meet with new clients. Sharing information between cities, states, or countries is easier than ever with the remote management capability on the SecureUSB. Users can remotely wipe the device from anywhere in the world in the event it becomes lost or stolen. Admins on the device can also see a user access log and set geo- and time-fencing to restrict drive access to predetermined times and places. Stay in control of your data and protect corporate information with the latest in data security: SecureUSB BT.

Anker PowerPort Cube USB Power Strip

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

A very useful gadget for office that enables to connect 3 USB devices simultaneously and 3 AC outlets. It helps to use multiple laptops, charging mobile, power banks and table lamps, etc. A good gift for new employee.

KARECEL Rechargeable Hand Warmers

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from AutoInsuranceCompanies

Whether your office is chilly because it’s the middle of winter or because the AC is running especially cool, these rechargeable hand warmers make the perfect gift for your coworker who’s always cold. They’re easy to charge with a USB port, and once charged, they can be cord-free and kept in a pocket.

ErgoActive Mat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Balance Board

This product was recommended by Lilia Manibo from Anthrodesk

With an elegant yet durable design, the ErgoActive Mat can change the way you work. It helps you stay active while focusing on your day-to-day tasks. The natural movements that your body makes while balancing helps activate both small and large muscle groups. The ErgoActive Mat also aids in putting a stop to any injuries associated with a motionless, sedentary lifestyle.

Cable Management Spine – Wire Organizer

This product was recommended by Lilia Manibo from Anthrodesk

This cable-management spine neatly routes cables from the floor to the bottom surface of your desk or table, with separate channels for computer or electrical cords. It’s an easy and practical way to protect your workstation cables, while creating an attractive, clutter-free work area.

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

This product was recommended by Aleksandar Hrubenja from ModernGentlemen

This gadget is perfect for any pet-friendly office, especially if they have cats. Essentially, it’s an interactive smart pet robot that uses AI that responds according to your pet’s actions. The VARRAM robot also functions as a treat dispenser, rewarding your furry friend for behaving in the office or hi-fiving your co-workers. There is also a feather wand attached to it, which helps bring this gadget to life, at least as far as the cats are concerned. The AI has several pre-set activities and combinations that should be enough to keep even the laziest of cats entertained. It’s also equipped with Gyro sensors and infrared lasers, so it never collides with other objects or gets stuck in a corner. It can be entirely controlled via smartphone with an app, so you can keep your pet entertained while your work at the office.

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

This product was recommended by Adrienne Carrie Hubbard from Hubbard Family Travels

It’s very easy to use and it’s very safe. It has various colors that you can pick from that goes with every office decor, you won’t find any troubles cleaning it and you would love the beautiful aroma it added to your office with just the right amount of mist.

Zum Clean Wool Dryer Balls Kit

This product was recommended by Megan Brown Bennett from Light Years Ahead

Zum Clean Wool Dryer Balls Kit elevate your laundry game! Pronounced “Zum” like “ Gum”, they are 100% wool balls that feature three different natural Zum scent options – Sea Salt, Patchouli and Frankincense & Myrrh. Just spray them with the aroma blend and toss them in the dryer and it will help get rid of wrinkles and prune down the dry time in the dryer. No dyes, phthalates, or perfumes.

Guru Nanda’s Aromatherapy Starter Kit

This product was recommended by Megan Brown Bennett from Light Years Ahead

Guru Nanda’s Aromatherapy Starter Kit offers you the opportunity to experience nature at home. It is compact, easy to use, and one of the easiest ways to get started with aromatherapy. Honeycomb cycles through 7 different colors, providing a soothing, ambient light. It is also equipped with an automatic shut-off feature as well as overheating protection. Enjoy the essence of essential oils in this extremely popular diffuser.

Written by James Jackson


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