Excellent Quality – Tech21 Evo Mesh Sport iPhone Review

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The Evo Mesh Sport is precisely colour matched to Apple Watch Sport bands and it’s ultra-thin and super-lightweight.

Tech21 Evo Mesh Sport Review

With all the new technology and protective cases I pay special attention to those that emphasize and bring out the best of the phone. When I saw the Tech21 Evo Mesh Sport, I was immediately intrigued by the seemingly futuristic mesh look.

My phone and I have been through a lot of abuse. I’ve dropped it multiple times, watched it fall out of my pocket and been even had it stolen. So I expect my case to have a thick enough shell to protect it in these situations and still have it be functional.

This case met and exceeded my expectations on all the previous points. The textured sides prevent the phone from falling out of your hands and sliding off car dashboards. The raised lip protects the screen when your phone is up against a flat surface (table, desk, etc). Having a case with this structure means that the Evo Mesh Sport is able to better withstand abuse while also proving it’s not a burden to handle.

The back of the phone is made from soft silicone that forms perfectly to the phone and gives it a better grip. This case is very lightweight and by no means bulky. It looks premium but won’t break the bank.

While the case is very accessible and easy to get in and out of your pocket, I do not like the way the volume and power buttons (and mute switch for iPhone 6) are covered. It’s not covered well enough and I fear that accidental presses will come more frequently because of it. I also feel like the buttons will not wear or even change from their look for quite a while since they are covered.

The case won’t protect your screen if you happen to drop your phone while it’s face down. If you’ve ever dropped your phone and it landed on the screen then you know how stressful/painful it can be. The case is not designed to protect your screen in that situation so you have to make due with the inner shell of the case.

I wasn’t willing to let that take away from the good because I haven’t dropped my phone face down. Also I like the fact that the Evo Mesh Sport doesn’t bulk up the entire case, it focuses on the things that matter most. Looks and protection.

I have been using this case every day for the last 1 week and I’m in love with it. Just like the Apple Watch it’s growing on me more and more everyday and I’m sure it will be a part of my everyday routine for a long time.

I’ll update this post if my opinion changes about the case.

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