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Cutest Cocker Spaniel Themed Gifts

Channel your love for the fluff with these adorable gifts

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These gifts capture the essence of cocker spaniels. They’re fun, playful and cute above all else. So why not remind an owner for their love of their pooch with these quality gifts?

We’ve picked only the high quality mementos that fit into anyone’s house and are great for symbolizing love for a furry someone that brings so much meaning to life. Nothing to wait around for then!

Kissing Cocker Spaniel Salt and Pepper Shakers

Gift recommended by Melanie Musson from MobileHomeInsuranceQuotes.

These adorable salt and pepper pups will certainly be a conversation piece when set out with dinner. The noses of these adorable cocker spaniels are magnets that make them “kiss” when placed together.

The Princess – Custom Pet Canvas

Gift recommended by Vivian Wolf from Crown and Paw.

Cocker Spaniel owners adore their pets! Why not turn a favorite picture of your dog into a one of a kind renaissance masterpiece with Crown and Paw pet portraits! These portraits are a unique way for pet owners to express their love, adoration, and even their obsessiveness, with their beloved pets.

Crown and Paw curates authentic 19th century portraits and rare Renaissance era oil paintings and digitally combines them with your pet photo, creating an incredibly life like work of art. Simply choose a costume, upload a photo and a talented team of artists will do the rest to capture your pet’s individual characteristics and facial features to express their unique personality.

I Love My Cocker Spaniel 16 oz Beer Pint Glass

Gift recommended by Li-ran Bukovza from PuppyTip.

If you love your dog just as much as you love your beer, this is sure to become one of your go-to glasses. Made in Pittsburgh, USA, it’s dishwasher-safe, and the beautiful Cocker Spaniel design won’t fade or wash off over time. While you’re at it, be sure to check out these matching Cocker Spaniel coasters to go with your drink.

Maisie by Alix Gardiner

Gift recommended by Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers.

Maisie is a curious, happy-go-lucky and adventurous little puppy. We see the world through her eyes – one of sights, smells and knowing what humans are feeling. One day, after chasing another dog, she loses her owner and goes off on her own adventure, seeing what happens outside in the night-time. After some sad news, she is placed with a new home and a new family.

Does this mean an end to her life of adventure? Absolutely not! ‘Maisie’ shows us love, loyalty and the dog’s eye view of the world. She grows up with her ‘girl’ Chloe, who has Down’s syndrome, and shares laughter and cuddles. Maisie sees the dramatic, confusing and often difficult world of humans and tries to understand it the best she can, reminding us that dogs truly are life companions who are always there for us when we need them.

Just an Ordinary Day by Angela Scholes

Gift recommended by Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers.

What was it about the word ‘no’ that dogs didn’t understand when they were told ‘no, don’t chase the cat’? Maybe it was some sort of doggy-selective hearing. Sarah had gotten Ruby, a young, lovely Cockapoo, from the local dogs’ home after the breakup with her boyfriend, Matt.

Feeling down and needing someone special in her life, it seemed they were waiting for each other, men now firmly off the menu, replaced with muddy paws, fresh air and true affection. Life once again felt good. That was until that morning in the park when Ruby spotted a cat and the crazy, unstoppable chase began, putting Sam, the passing BMW driver, now also on the menu as an unexpected extra. For what started off as just an ordinary day, would this make the day better or worse?

Cookery For Dogs by Paul Eastaugh

Gift recommended by Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers.

If dogs could cook, what delicacies might they prepare? It certainly wouldn’t be anything healthy or spoiled by obsessive hygiene. All dog owners will have a pretty good idea about what their own animals might achieve if left alone in the kitchen for a while. Yet this book is not intended as a horror story but is aimed at those thoughtful, literate dogs who want to improve their lives through a mastery of culinary skills.

Yet nothing in this book is recommended for their well-being. If they choose to follow the recipes, then it’s up to them and we are just showing them how to get the best from their time in the kitchen. Because literacy is sadly a neglected part of the canine educational curriculum, this book is also intended as the foundation of a dog’s own library that may grow into a treasure trove of pleasure and knowledge.

Memoirs of a Dog Walker by April Jean Leite

Gift recommended by Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers.

Broke, facing divorce and bankruptcy, April, aged 35, is facing a dilemma. Her new job at a corporate childcare center, leaves her feeling unfulfilled and empty. Even the pay rise can’t stop her from feeling miserable, especially since she had given up her photography career to support her musician ex-husband.

It’s time for a career change, but what can she do? Sitting in Central Park one day with her dog, Frances, April watches dog walkers go by and her new career choice is made. In spite of discouragement from friends and family with her decision to start a dog walking business, she persists with the idea. April Jean Leite’s Memoirs of a Dog Walker follows her story as her business expands, presenting her with a world of opportunities, including finding love!

Pet portrait

Gift recommended by R.J. Michaelson from West & Willow.

West & Willow portraits are a great gift for anyone who owns a cocker spaniel. The company takes a picture from your phone, and turns it into a masterpiece! The portraits are high quality, and come with a framing option for those who want to hang their dog portraits.

Written by James Jackson


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