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Cute and Functional Travel Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Frequent Travellers

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Do you have a friend or family member who seems to spend more time traveling than they do at home? If yes, these are the gifts for them! Take a look at the range of gift ideas than we’ve listed below.

Traveler’s Notebook Cover

This product was recommended by Zeynep Prens from Galen Leather

Most avid travelers would agree that a big part of traveling is recording memories in some form, whether through photos or a travel journal. If you’re looking for a special and unique travel gift, then these handmade leather travel journals are the perfect option for nurturing that creative travel spirit. As time goes on, the leather will soften with time and age beautifully.

Defense Titan Portable Power Station

This product was recommended by Katy May from DefenseBrand

Defense Titan is a portable, rechargeable battery that provides long lasting power while camping, working, powering your adventures, and even during emergencies. Titan can power your needs for days, or even weeks! Titan is equipped with 224 watt-hours of capacity and easily powers mobile devices, CPAP, computers, and small appliances. Use Titan to power connection with those you love while you’re in the great outdoors. Because it doesn’t require any gas or fuel to run, it’s eco-friendly, silent and safe to use anywhere you might need power, even indoors!

Crush-Proof Travel Fedora Hat

This product was recommended by Leanne Thongthip from Blue Bungalow

No one should travel without sun protection in the form of a hat as there’s nothing worse than getting a red, sunburnt nose and having that permanently etched into your memories in every photograph. This crush-proof fedora hat is both stylish and practical, as you can roll it up in your bag and it will still maintain its shape when you unpack it.

Desert Dwellers Flash Cards

This product was recommended by Julie Bonner from Julie Originals

Southwest Animals from A-Z’, are desert inspired flashcards created by Julie Originals. She wanted to teach her son the alphabet by using the unique animals they see in the Sonoran Desert. Colorful, educational, and fun – they are compact and fit in a purse or glove box. Just give kids the pack of cards, and when it is time to clean up, they conveniently slide right back in the box. From Anna’s Hummingbird through to the Zebra-Tailed Lizard, children can learn about the colorful and diverse wildlife of Arizona. An “Activity Card and additional questions are included in the set.


This product was recommended by Becca Davison from UnbuckleMe

UnbuckleMe makes it EASY for parents & grandparents to unbuckle kids’ car seats when they’re on the go! Tons of families struggle with this, either from weakness/arthritis or long fingernails! It’s also great to pass back to a 4 or 5 yr old to give them the independence to unbuckle, under adult supervision.


This product was recommended by Jiten Thakkar from DreamFoodie

Gifting a phone stabilizer can be a unique and interest gift for any travel enthusiast as it will help the traveller to capture most beautiful & professional quality videos that would stay as a memory forever! Being a travel blogger this is one thing that I always carry on every trip. This 3-axis gimbal is sleek, comes with a protective case & is future rich including features like face or object tracking, motion timelapse & a lot more!

Scratch Travel Map

This product was recommended by Dan Steeden from Hōrō Travel Memories

As a travel blogger and someone whose main passion in life is exploring as much of the world as possible, I naturally receive a lot of travel-related gifts from friends and family. To put it bluntly, most of them are terrible. They never really leave the box or they sit on a shelf to be eternally caked in dust. One travel gift I received that did make its way into regular usage was a scratch travel map. The idea is that you put this map up on your wall and scratch off all the countries you’ve visited, adding to it every time you go away. It was a brilliant gift and one I never knew I needed. Now it serves as motivation to cross off as many countries as possible.

Bose QuietComfort 35 ii

This product was recommended by Rupert Pople from Your Smart Home Guide

The Bose QuietComfort 35 ii is the ultimate travel companion for both entertainment and relaxation. This wireless set of headphones are easy to pack and use when on the road. As well as have a very high level of sound quality, the QC 35 ii are also especially comfortable. In combination with their noise canceling ability they are perfect for sleeping with.

Waterproof Kindle by Amazon

This product was recommended by Mira Rakicevic from ComfyLiving

Ever since I first got my Kindle, it’s been an irreplaceable companion to all of my travels. When you travel for longer than a week, taking hard copy books with you can become a problem. Especially when you want to have as much free space in your luggage as possible, saved for gifts and souvenirs. Or even essential stuff you’re carrying. The new waterproof Kindle offers the comfort of bringing to your journey as many books as you want, without worrying about beach sites or getting your backpack wet in a rainstorm. I think this is the best travelling gift you can give to someone who loves to read!

Aqua Lung Express Full Foot Fins

This product was recommended by Torben Lonne from DIVEIN

Additionally, the bottom of the foot pocket features anti-slip rubber, to increase traction when walking around on boats and other slippery surfaces. They are available in sizes ranging from x-small to x-large, which should accommodate snorkelers of all ages. Overall, Aqua Lung Fins are ideal for those who value safety and prevention first while in the water. They make a great gift for family members and friends of all ages for safely enjoying snorkeling and water sports on their next beach vacation.

Lavender Essential Oil

This product was recommended by Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

Being on an airplane can feel overwhelming at times. Having a bottle of lavender oil on hand can make a big difference and help make flying that bit more pleasant. Just a few whiffs right before you take off or in-flight can help you to feel calmer and more relaxed, and even help you to fall asleep. You might wonder how sniffing an oil can do all that, but that’s the magic of aromatherapy! The best part is you can also use it for a variety of other things once you get off the airplane.

PowerAdd Solar Charger

This product was recommended by Mike Scarpignato from RVBlogger

We all use our smartphones, cameras, and other portable electronics more than ever. Especially while traveling. For outdoor enthusiasts like us nothing is worse than running out of power with no place to plug in and recharge our equipment. The PowerAdd Solar Charger can fully charge your smartphone up to 4 times! And it charges itself up incredibly fast with solar or electric power. It’s water proof, dust proof, has a built in flashlight and it has two USB ports so it can charge 2 devices at one time. We have hiked all over Central and North America and always bring our PowerAdd with us.

DJANGO Dog Carrier Bag

This product was recommended by Steph from DJANGO

DJANGO’s Dog Carrier Bag is a beautifully constructed waxed canvas and leather pet travel tote designed for weekday commutes and weekend getaways. Dogs love cozying up against the silky nylon lining (water- and stain-resistant) and being carried around on a plush Sherpa-lined footpad (removable and machine washable). Customers love the sleek and modern style of the bag and rave about the tote’s functional design. Four exterior and interior zip pockets secure your essentials, while a bag-to-harness tether ensures your dog’s comfort and security. Available in two sizes in colors Olive Green, Navy Blue, and Black.

TPCK ToppCock All-In-One Shower Gel

This product was recommended by Shaun Olmstead from ToppCock USA

This is perfect for men looking for a product that is multi-purpose and is especially travel friendly. ToppCock’s All-in-One Shower Gel Simplifies your Daily Routine. Improved with thicker formula, All-in-One is specially designed to perfectly clean your Hair and Body (Head to Toe). Enhanced fragrance will make you smell fresh all day long. All-In-One contains Silver Nanoparticles and Tea Tree Oil, both known for their natural anti-bacterial properties. It also has Aloe, a natural moisturizer. TSA friendly size makes All-In-One the perfect grooming companion when you are on the go.

DIME Perfume for Men

This product was recommended by Shaun Olmstead from ToppCock USA

Dime is a 10! A Unique Scent that Emboldens Confidence and Announces Your Arrival. The High Notes bring sweet jasmine and pineapple to lift your spirits. Middle Notes of basil and oakmoss deliver a bold statement. The energetic Base Notes of papaya, leather and sandalwood remain aromatic throughout the day (or night). A True Masculine Scent.

ToppCock Black Sand Facial Scrub

This product was recommended by Shaun Olmstead from ToppCock USA

ToppCock Black Sand Facial Scrub is a multi-action facial cleanser that deeply cleanses while exfoliating to remove excess dirt and oil for a refreshed, younger-looking complexion. Natural bamboo charcoal draws out dirt and impurities that can clog pores as well as eliminate bacteria. Cooling menthol brightens dull skin and helps to control excess oil production while retaining moisture and leaving skin feeling healthy and refreshed. The pleasantly gritty texture provides mild exfoliation that clears away dead skin cells while salicylic acid treats existing pimples and prevents future breakouts.

ToppCock Silver Leave-On Hygiene for Man Parts with Odor Neutralizer

This product was recommended by Shaun Olmstead from ToppCock USA

ToppCock Silver is an Old World product with a Revolutionary New Science that keeps your Man Parts clean and fresh. It uses a special formulation containing Silver Nanoparticles and other natural odor neutralizing ingredients which leave you with clean man parts. ToppCock Silver also contains Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic, and anti-fungal. Aloe Vera, a natural healer that also helps with itch and rash. ToppCock Silver is a leave-on gel which is easily absorbed by the skin. It neutralizes penis odor and amplifies your manliness while leaving no sticky residue. To use, Shower, Dry then Apply ToppCock gel liberally on your man parts. Reapply after “physical” activity, as needed or as often as desired.

Portable Charger

This product was recommended by Danijela Mazic from What to Get My

Portable chargers became must-have items on any travel. You need to prevent running low on battery not because you’ll need your gadgets for fun, but because you will need them for safe travels. There’s nothing worse than getting lost in a foreign city without the possibility to use the map on your phone. Help a traveler stay safe (and also entertained) by giving him the option of charging gadgets anytime and anywhere.

Leather Passport Holder

This product was recommended by Danijela Mazic from What to Get My

Travelers need a convenient place to hold their important documents, so this passport holder can be the perfect gift. It’s made of genuine leather and it’s very sturdy. You can take it everywhere without worrying about tears and rips. An option to quickly access your currency bills, cards, and documents results in a more convenient travel.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

This product was recommended by Danijela Mazic from What to Get My

Most travelers prefer to have light luggage but they need a pillow for more comfortable flights. That’s why inflatable travel pillows are the best solution to this problem. It doesn’t take much space in the bag and it greatly improves travel experience.

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel & Gym Towel

This product was recommended by Rick Wallace from Tackle Village

A space-saving lightweight microfibre travel towel is just about the first thing that goes into our backpack or suitcase when we go traveling and this Wise Owl Outfitters model is great quality for the price. It comes in a range of colours and has a useful zip-up carry bag. This type of towel is so handy for quick beach trips or post shower when you camping or are staying somewhere where towels aren’t provided.

JMFONE Power Adapter

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from QuoteCarInsurance

This little electrical adapter is one of the most useful tools possible for an international traveler. Without an adapter, you’ll scramble to figure out a way to charge your phone or blow-dry your hair. Safety features have been built into the adapter so you can rest assured that the recipient of this gift won’t get a shock from a short circuit or other malfunction.

Written by James Jackson


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