Best Gift Ideas For Female Office Staff

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Gift Ideas For Female Office Staff. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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MelodySusie Aromatherapy Scented Candles

This product was recommended by Toby Dash from Five Star Skincare

Scented candles are one gift we find ourselves giving friends and our office colleagues easily. It comes with rich fragrances and an advanced customized gift box makes it a wonderful gift and will definitely delight your co-worker in the office. These scented candles are made of eco-friendly pure soy wax that extracted directly from soybean, mixed with highly-refined fragrance oils into a perfect blend.

Laptop Bed Desk Table Tray

This product was recommended by Mark Perlman from The Deal Experts

This year many offices have started working remotely, and will probably continue to do so into the new year. So, what better gift to give your staff than a laptop tray? Priced at $25, it’s a reasonable office staff gift. This gift will be perfect for those chilly winter days when working from under blankets is best. There’s got to be some perks to working from home, and this tray is a versatile gift that any office staff working from home can use.

Bath Salt Soak | Lavender + Honey

This product was recommended by Frankie Croker from xo Brown Girl

Lavender + Honey Salt Soak is a relaxing botanical blend of lavender buds, calendula flowers, chamomile flowers and an intoxicating aroma of lavender, and bergamot essential oils.

AMIGO None of a Kind Brainteaser

This product was recommended by Ashley Ross from AMIGO Games

Can this game actually make you SMARTER?!?!?! Well, legally, we can’t make that claim, but…it can help you improve your brain’s processing speed. Ever heard of the “Stroop Test”? None of a Kind is based on this famous psychology experiment that has been proven to help the brain work faster–it helps with skills like multi-tasking and executive functioning. And, who couldn’t use a little help multi-tasking these days?

Garden Tools Drawing & Coloring Book

This product was recommended by John Zander from Sleep Well Tips

Perfect drawing & coloring book for gardening lovers! Eleven pages very simple different kinds of garden tool patterns for coloring and drawing. You can first draw, around the draft figure, a page full of other garden illustrations and then color the page. Various types of gardening tools. Practical to use for a young and adult artist.

Wildflower Coloring Book for Beginners

This product was recommended by John Zander from Sleep Well Tips

Excellent coloring book for flower lovers! Different kinds of patterns to coloring. Different types of flowers you will see in nature and yard. Practical to use for an adult and young artist. A perfect gift for all flower, garden, and nature lovers!

Radiant Transformation Card Set

This product was recommended by Christina Acosta from artifactandsage

These make great gifts for female office workers because we are all looking to improve ourselves this time of year. Not only do the cards offer a curated list of modalities such as essential oils, stones, herbs, music, affirmations and quotes, but they are straightforward and easy to use. Everyone around the office can join in the fun by sharing their card of the day. The cards are a reminder to be kind, appreciate others, have tolerance and to give someone greater insight into their personality.

Rantanto BG0003 Lucky Elephant

This product was recommended by Sarah Jimmens from planetShoes

I think this lucky elephant pouch is one of the best gifts you can give to a female office staff member. It can serve so many purposes, such as being used as a stationary bag, storing office keys, make-up bag, or just to keep money in. When working at an office, you usually have to walk around the place, and attend multiple meetings. At times like these, such a pleasant-looking bag can come in handy to carry one’s essentials such as a notepad, pen, office and car keys, visiting card, and other such material. So, if you’re planning to give a female colleague something, this bag would be perfect for it. I highly recommend it.

Java Sok Reusable Iced Coffee Cup Insulator Sleeve

This product was recommended by Kevin Kuo from Sok-It

Whether you enjoy iced or hot beverages, puddles, water ring marks, and brews that are either too cold or too hot are daily friction points for most people. If you’re looking for this year’s must-have gift for someone you work with who could use a better to-go beverage experience, then reusable iced and hot coffee sleeves from Sok-It™ belong on your list. JavaSok™ and HotSok™ eco-friendly cup sleeves keep iced drinks colder longer and protect your hands from hot drinks better than single-use cardboard sleeves. JavaSok™ cold sleeves fit most major brands like Dunkin®, Starbucks® and McCafé® Cups, and not only retain ice so your beverage stays cold longer, but leaves you happy with dry hands, no mess, puddles or watermarks to worry about. HotSok™ sleeves shield your hands from extreme heat and fit most major brand disposable cup sizes. Made from thick, insulating, 4MM coated neoprene fabric on its inner and outer sides to provide natural barriers to various elements, JavaSok™ and HotSok™ are also washable. With 24 new styles to fit your every mood – all under $16, JavaSok™ and HotSok™ are the ideal gifts for everyone in your office.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa

This product was recommended by Anupama Singh from Fabulously

In my view, women employees are just great when it comes to accomplishing goals or building a solid workplace relationship. Their emotional intelligence, passion and helpful nature help us create a healthy work environment. My heartiest salute to them. Since they are always working hard, I would suggest to gift them a nice set of bluetooth speakers so that they can enjoy their favourite music, relax their minds and have a chill time. Also, you can add a personal touch by attaching a thankyou note to the gift. They will really appreciate the gesture.

Pillow Case Gift Set (Dream Big or Love and Appreciation)

This product was recommended by Pamela Fleischer from TwirlConnect

These Pillow Case Gift Sets were domestically manufactured by Peacock Alley of Dallas specifically for Twirlconnect, LLC. Please click on link below to see how beautiful the “Love & Appreciation” set is in a wedgwood blue and how vibrant the “dream BIG” set looks in dreamsicle orange. Retail per set is $125. The “Love and Appreciation” set includes 2 standard pillowcases with “Love and Appreciation“ embroidered on the hem, an Eyepillow and a Twirl bookmark. The “dream BIG” set includes 2 standard pillowcases “dream BIG” embroidered on the hem, an eyemask with “dream BIG“ monogrammed on it and a pair of earplugs.

Premium Handmade Leather Journal by Scriveiner London

This product was recommended by Nikki Webster from Brit on the Move

I’ve yet to meet a professional that does not appreciate a good journal. This leather-bound one is not only stylish but durable. And it is a classic style that both males and females can appreciate.

The Little Calm and Happy Company Calm and Mindfulness Positive quotes Jar

This product was recommended by Nikki Webster from Brit on the Move

30 days of motivational quotes! This is great for a pick me up for the boss and it can be used as a great tool for meetings. We have used this to kick of an early morning meeting. We have also used this when someone is having a bad day – hey pick a quote.

Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug

This product was recommended by Nikki Webster from Brit on the Move

Now this is only for a boss that has a great sense of humor. Assuming they do, this is a hysterical ice breaker for anyone’s desk.

Written by James Jackson


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