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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Gift Ideas For an Office Admin. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Melt in your mouth milk chocolate rum truffles

This product was recommended by Mrs DDuffin from Icanshowyoutheworld5

These glorious truffles are the perfect gift to show the office admin how much they are appreciated. They come in individual gift bags with a handmade sticker.

Cruelty-Free Diaries A6 note books

This product was recommended by Vinita Turakhia from GnL Accessories

These practical and vibrant teak-leaf notebooks are cruelty-free and vegan. Made with dried teak leaves these diaries were made with your busy lifestyle in mind. Small enough to fit into any handbag but big enough to hold your creative ideas thanks to their re-fillable design. Available in 7 colours.

Victor Jurgen Neck Massage Pillow

This product was recommended by Randy VanderVaate from Funeral Funds of America

This neck massage pillow is the perfect gift for office admin. It will help them relax overused and tight muscles from a whole day of work. This massage pillow fits perfectly behind the neck, shoulder, lower and upper back, calf, and thigh areas. It can be used whether you’re in a chair or sitting at your desk while working.

“Knock Knock Tell It Like It Is” Sticky Notes Pack

This product was recommended by Stefan Chekanov from Brosix

This is both a practical and an amusing present you can get for office admins. The “Knock knock, tell it like it is” sticky notes come in 7 different combinations, based on the messages you want to include. The job of the office admin is often all about coordinating people which can be overwhelming sometimes. This way, however, they will get a chance to release some of the pressure in a funny way. The stickers come in different colors and each has a unique message. This is a gift that will surely have its practical use, aside from being quite entertaining.

Boxer Gifts ‘Fixer Of Everything’ Novelty Wooden Desk Warning Sign

This product was recommended by Nick Chernets from DataforSEO

It’s known that office admins are usually people who fix everything and find solutions in impossible situations. Therefore, they absolutely deserve a sign that will emphasize this. The wooden ‘’Fixer of everything’’ sign is a very classy and interesting way of recognizing the work office admins do. The size is perfect for a desk and comes in a nice package that makes it ideal for a present.

Solid Cherry Recognition Plaque

This product was recommended by Robin Brown from Vivipins

A solid wooden plaque that gives an executive look and is very decent to place in an office. It offers you to get text or image on it of your choice so you can get it printed with wishes or anything you want for the person you’re gifting it to. The plaque is available in different sizes, which come with varying prices. However, I used a 7” x 9,” which costs $44, and it is the perfect size that is suitable for placing on your desk and even hanging on the wall.

PEN KIT MALL Executive Kneeling Knight Pen Holder

This product was recommended by Robin Brown from Vivipins

Pen kit Mall’s pen holder gives an executive look and feels very classy on your office desk. The product has a Knight bent on one knee, handing you over a pen, just like a king is handed their sword. It gives you a feeling of royalty. The holder is made out of quality resin material, and it comes with a stylish black ink pen, which is very smooth when it comes to writing. It has dimensions of 4 x 5.5 x 5.75 .and makes a perfect gift for workplace admins. You can get this piece of art for $21.99

Katie Loxton Always Shine Bright Perfect Pouch

This product was recommended by Denise Buzy-Pucheu from Persnickety Promotions

If an office administrator is a woman I would highly suggest listing the beautiful pouch below. We carry a number of different message pouches but find that this is a terrific one for a ladies that just wants to keep a small cache bag inside perhaps her briefcase or pocketbook. Comes in handy for makeup, or keys, credit cards etc.

Charcoal Manicure Set

This product was recommended by Denise Buzy-Pucheu from Persnickety Promotions

In the category of men’s items this is an awesome little gift that can be left right in their desk draw. Since so many people are working from home these days, it’s sometimes nice to spend a little time on self care. My husband just LOVES this little set and I am sure it will be a welcomed gift for sure!

Rocketbook Panda Planner

This product was recommended by Vans Pat from Gifting Area

The Rocketbook Panda planner is a nifty notebook which can be reused infinitely many times. With the included Pilot Frixion pen, anything written on this planner can be wiped off clean using a microfiber cloth. Plus, this planner comes with a complementary mobile app which saves physical pages digitally.

Arte & Farina | Traditional Italian Panettone

This product was recommended by Luigi and Phil from The Panettone

Made in the authentic handmade Italian manner, this Panettone takes 3 days to make and is made with the finest fresh ingredients imported from Italy. Flavours include: traditional, chocolate chip and maple. Also, here is a little fun fact about the panettone. It is so unique that it was used on the show How It’s Made during the episode called Laptops, Panettone and Saxophones to demonstrate the whole 3 day process of how traditional Italian panettone is made.

Clone Yourself by Jeff Hilderman

This product was recommended by Mark Stephenson from How to Shoe

I’m not going to exaggerate. CLONE YOURSELF is one of the most well written, extremely impressive, and influential books to read. If you’re an office admin and need ideas to motivate the staff at your workplace (or remotely), this book will give you excellent insights.

Sheep Push Pin Holder

This product was recommended by Sheep Push Pin Holder from PureVPN

At first glance, this is just a sheep with a lovely wool coat. In reality, this sheep is covered in white push pins that can be easily removed and replaced. The clever pin holder is great for any animal lover with a constant need for thumbtacks.

Ergonomic Office Chair

This product was recommended by Priyanshu Bandyopadhyay from P&S – A Perspective

The most important thing in which you should invest if you have a desk job, is a good ergonomic chair. This not only helps you to maintain a good posture, but also keeps away neck and back pain which is truly beneficial in the long run.

Nulaxy Laptop Stand

This product was recommended by Priyanshu Bandyopadhyay from P&S – A Perspective

Even if we have a good chair, we often don’t realise that our laptop is kept at a very low table. Sometimes it is too much down from our normal eye level and this makes our neck bend. Repetition of this can be severe and may cause spondylitis. So, getting a good laptop stand can sometimes save from much bigger problems.

Magnetic Levitating Floating Wireless LED Light Bulb Desk Lamp

This product was recommended by Priyanshu Bandyopadhyay from P&S – A Perspective

Often, we love to decorate our desks and this one is pretty dope in that category. This floating LED bulb looks pretty amazing and will catch the attention of many. Its wooden finish looks classy and it can be a great gift to your office admin.

Premium Desk Pad Office Kit

This product was recommended by Priyanshu Bandyopadhyay from P&S – A Perspective

While setting up their desks, people often ignore minor stuff like pads for your mouse or monitor. A good set of desktop pad, can not only elevate the looks of your desk, but also inspire one to be more productive. This desk pad set is of leather finish and is a very choice of gift for your office admin.

Lumbar Pillow Back Pain Support

This product was recommended by Priyanshu Bandyopadhyay from P&S – A Perspective

Long hours of sitting upright can cause serious back problems. So, getting a good chair is very necessary. Even a good chair can sometimes fail because the lumbar portion of the spine might not have been getting enough support. So, this pillow comes with memory foam and can be very comfortable during those long boardroom meetings.

Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest

This product was recommended by Priyanshu Bandyopadhyay from P&S – A Perspective

Now footrest can be a very underrated concept, but it’s equally important to place your feet in the right position. This will increase the blood circulation in the body and will help one to remain fresh for a longer period of time. It will also help the person to maintain a good posture and keep away several aches and pain related problems.

Business Card Holder-Keychain-Pen set

This product was recommended by Priyanshu Bandyopadhyay from P&S – A Perspective

If you want to give something that is a bit generic then this business card hold-keychain and pet set can be good options. The products are made up of high quality materials and feel premium in hand.

Aromatherapy Soy Candle

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

The first recommendation would be Aromatherapy Soy Candle. It includes 4 tins of scented candle: Lavender, Lemon, Mediterranean Fig, Fresh Spring. Create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Fun Office Worker Mug

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Fun Office Worker Mug is custom printed using the highest quality printing techniques so that the ninja design will not fade – guaranteed.

SEIRAA Administrative Assistant Bracelet

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

SEIRAA Administrative Assistant would make a wonderful retirement gift for someone who has worked as an administrative assistant and remembers when. The stainless-steel charm bangle includes the computer, envelope, telephone alloy charm.

boAt Airdopes 121v2 TWS Earbuds

This product was recommended by Anupama Singh from Fabulously

The office administration is the backbone of every organization. Office administration is entrusted with responsibilities to oversee the smooth working of any organization. So, the gift presented to them should be the one which helps make their life easy. What better to make their life easy and help them stay connected while on the go? A wireless bluetooth earphone set can be the perfect gift for them. With everyone stuck and working from home, use of earphones has become very convenient. Wireless earphones come in very handy. As an official gift they are official and still personal. They are a gift which can be presented to any gender and are useful to all.

Admin Life by Papeterie Bleu

This product was recommended by Mark Perlman from TheDealExperts

Office employees are probably sick of getting coffee mugs and pens by now. Why not give them something a little different? Filled with 51 ‘adult’ coloring designs, the book depicts the highs and lows of office life. Pair it with a set of colored pencils to complete the set and give them a relaxing gift they can use to unwind. If you are on a budget, it’s affordable at $7.99. Grab this item on Amazon to give your office admin a unique gift they’ll be sure to enjoy.

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