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Baa-utiful Sheep Themed Gifts

Fans of sheep and farm animals – assemble!

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Okay, we apologize for the title. But if you know someone passionate about farm animals (or animal lovers in general), these cute gifts are the perfect choice. We’ve picked the quirkier gifts here, but with a quirky title – what were you expecting?

Regardless – these are high quality gifts that are sure to last more than the average gift does. We always think that the memorable gifts create a lasting impression for that to happen!

Funny sheep T-Shirt

Gift recommended by Stacy Caprio from Deals Scoop.

This cute sheep shirt is a great gift for anyone looking for a sheep-themed present. It features an adorable, wide-eyed sheep with a funny expression, making it a cute and humorous sheep apparel gift you can give to any sheep lover.

Tartan Sheep by June Annette Anastasi-Kaudeur

Gift recommended by Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers.

Hamish, Hannah and Dougal, their little black Scottie dog, live in the Scottish highlands where they make a living by keeping sheep. Now, as we all know, sheep are usually white or sometimes black. So how do you think these sheep got their tartan coats?

The Sheep Who Was Afraid of Her Own Reflection by Bill Treloar

Gift recommended by Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers.

Drifter the Border terrier is having a miserable day – it is raining hard on the hill in Somerset where he is meant to be rounding up sheep, and an unwanted visitor in the shape of a lurcher has already got him into trouble over some stolen biscuits. Even so, he is prepared to pretend to be a sheepdog to keep his owner Rosie the Vet – known and loved by Drifter as The Two-Legged Giant – happy.

However, when the timid sheep Maisie manages to frighten herself by looking into a pool of water and runs away, Drifter has to step up to the mark – can he become a real sheepdog, find Maisie, bring her back to the shed and save the day? And will it ever stop raining? And will The Two-Legged Giant discover who was really responsible for stealing her biscuits?

Magnetic paperclip holder

Gift recommended by Melanie Musson from USInsuranceAgents.

This handy accessory can keep all your paper clips conveniently accessible in one place. It looks like it belongs in an office but it adds a touch of personality to the space.

Sheep Bobble Head

Gift recommended by Hannah Fisher from HVAC Supreme.

This is great for cars and seems very fun for the sheep lover.

Dancing Solar Powered Sheep

Gift recommended by Hannah Fisher from HVAC Supreme.

I like that this product is solar-powered and it’s simply a fun little toy that can also be gifted to adults.

Written by James Jackson


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