Affordable Valentine Gift For Your Co-Workers

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Workplace etiquette is tricky enough, but on Valentine’s Day it becomes a veritable riddle! Check out these tips to keep your Valentine’s Day office-appropriate.

Women especially enjoy receiving gifts on Valentine’s Day, so give chocolates to your female coworkers. If you’re unsure of a coworker’s gender, give them an apple.-Valentine’s Day can cast an oppressive pall over your single coworkers. Break the tension by tying a balloon to a single employee’s desk that says something goofy like, “Unloved Crone.”

What Is A Office Valentine Gifts?

To say it as plainly as possible, an office Valentine gift is a clever present meant for an office-mate or co-worker that knows the true, deep meaning of Valentine’s Day. Superior Valentine’s Day office gifts are creative, funny, romantic, touching, and of course, able to be given in the office. That rules out the obvious flowers and cards.

What Can A Office Valentine Gifts Be?

Anything you can think of. Sometimes the most simple, thoughtful gift can speak volumes. And, trying to come up with something funny can spark your creative juices. You could place an ad in the classifieds that says, “Anyone got a wedding ring they don’t need?” Actually, a really good Valentine’s Day present should make someone laugh.

Valentine’s Day Office Etiquette

Office etiquette is really about common courtesy. It’s the same anywhere you go. A birthday party, a wedding reception, or a Gala event at the White House—the same manners apply. Here’s some office etiquette you might not have considered.

Think Twice Before You Give

The most important factor in purchasing a gift for a coworker, room mate, or friend is knowing whether the other person is in an exclusive relationship, or even married. A married person will be extremely uncomfortable to find a romantic gift on their desk on Valentine’s Day, etc. You’ll look like you’re trying to steal their spouse or are harboring unrequited love. Or worse.

Ringing The Wrong Bells

If you pick up a ring that you think will make an outstanding or extremely funny gift, don’t give it to your boss. It is not a good idea to give a jewelry present to anyone higher up in the corporation. Be as specific as possible when giving a gift, to avoid giving the wrong idea.

A Valentine’s gift is bound to have some sort of meaning, but if you are clueless, be forewarned that a “gag” gift can spark laughter inappropriately in the office. For example, a rubber penis costume is funny—once. If you give it on Valentine’s Day, it can be embarrassing.

Roots Of Valentine’s Gifts In Offices

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that traces its history back to 496 A.D. when St. Valentine was imprisoned. The man was in prison because he was a Christian who denied to serve pagan gods. Though he was imprisoned, he spread the word of God and fell in love with a woman he was imprisoned with. So, he forged a letter from the prison warden and her husband (who was away at war) that allowed the two to marry. Before they could marry, Valentine was eventually beheaded. His feast day is February 14.

Valentine’s Day Gag Gifts That Will Get You In Trouble

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day office gag gifts for coworkers, watch out! If you live in the US, do not give a rubber finger to anyone. Many people in the U.S. have a very low opinion of fingers. This could be because of the massive surge in “Fingers” freak accidents that happen on the job. If you show up to the office with a rubber “Finger” costume on, get ready for some crazy office teasing that could lead to a pink slip.

A Little Planning Goes A Long Way

There are many out there who will try to charm another unsuspecting coworker with an amazing ‘Valentine’s Day office prank.’ But remember, the simplest of pranks are usually the best. To pull off a great prank, you’ll need to do a little legwork ahead of time. Check out the area you’ll be pranking. Make sure nothing will be harmed, and that you aren’t exposing your partner in the prank to an embarrassing situation.

Seriously, never reveal your partnering in a prank to the object of the prank. Otherwise, they are almost guaranteed to tear you a new one. Plus, if you’ve a screenwriter’s sense of humor, you might just make a crony into an enemy.

Make sure the victim can enjoy a joke or prank without risking a pink slip. If you give someone a Valentine gift, let them know up front it’s a present. Make sure it is a gift that really can be given at a Valentine’s Day workplace.

Impress Your Co-workers With Office Valentine’s Gifts

When you really think about, Valentine’s Day is all about making your loved ones happy. It is thoughtful to give loved ones an office Valentine’s gift to show them how much you care during a stressful time. And just because you work at your job doesn’t mean the holiday is less important. You are still a person with feelings. So, don’t let a holiday slip by without doing something nice for all of your co-workers and friends.

When you are searching for the perfect gift to give your office friends and co-workers on the holiday of hearts, keep these tips in mind and have fun! After all, if you don’t enjoy your Valentine’s Day office gift, it’s probably not worth giving.

What Do You Want?

Of all the questions you’ll ever ask yourself, the most useful is What do you want? When you are searching for the greatest Valentine’s Day Office Gift, just ask the person you want to gift. When you look at other gift alternatives, you might run into questions such as “what’s in style?”

Searching for an unforgettable office Valentine’s day gift? Be creative. Just remember that any gift that makes someone laugh is always a hit. The best Valentine’s Day Office gifts are funny, creative, and thoughtful. The most thoughtful gift is a gift that you make yourself or an item that holds a bit of a personal story.

When In Doubt, Give A Card

Everyone needs cheering up on Valentine’s Day, especially your office Valentine. Consider a simple card that is funny and lighthearted like the I Love My Coworkers Funny Card. Or, give a personalized Christian card like the You Are My Cup of Tea Christian Card.

Show your office Valentine how much you love them with a gift that is thoughtful and unique. An unexpected office Valentine’s gift can show your coworker how much you care.

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