A Complete Guide To Office Warming Gifts

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One of your best clients just moved into new office space. You want to send a gift that recognizes this special occasion and brings a smile to their face. Flowers are a time-honored, always treasured way to convey warm thoughts. You can buy beautiful flowers at most grocery stores, making them an easy and quick option. Other gift ideas might be less traditional, but they effectively send a congratulatory message and can be personalized for the recipient.

An Introduction To Office Warming Gifts

Traditional Gifts

A living plant brightens a new office space, although you will want to choose a plant that can survive in an interior environment. Hyacinths, calla lilies and African violets are hardy choices, according to Floridata. For a client with a sweet tooth, consider a box of chocolate truffles or a gift basket with homemade or dried fruit from a local farm. A gift basket can also be filled with useful office supplies such as silica gel packets to keep desk supplies dry or a bag of air fresheners to spray around the office. An office supply store can assist you with choosing a variety of useful items to preserve and freshen the office space.

Creative Gifts

Their business is expanding and they are giving the entire staff raises and promotions. A thoughtful gift can celebrate the company’s success and wish good luck to all employees. Cards can be matted and framed with a short note inside. Print the office’s logo or website on the matting and you can include a photo of the recipient when you have it. Other creative options include custom stationary, an engraved pen or a gift certificate for ladies lunch.

Convey the Message

Luck, love and happiness are all messages you can include when you give an appropriate gift. Flowers are always appropriate; the type of plant and the colors can be chosen with the recipient in mind. A creative gift can reflect your sense of humor, such as a stuffed toy or the pair of cowboy boots. An office supply gift basket can include a variety of practical products, decorations or a combination of gifts to brighten the office space and wish the business well.

The Practical Business Warming Gift

Whether you are celebrating a grand opening or an office move, some holiday gift-giving rules apply year-round: Keep it tasteful, keep it on target with your business relationship and keep it simple.

“It’s easy to say, ‘Oh. I’ll just get them a gift certificate,'” says Tina Turbin of Tina’s Handmade Home, in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. “But it’s generic. It doesn’t have anything to do with the business. It’s just another credit for them at a place they probably already shop.”

“What I like best is a gift that will benefit somebody other than me,” Turbin says. “It’s showing that I know what they’re doing and what they’re interested in. I feel good that I gave a gift that could make someone else’s day.”

A labor of love is something Turbin makes often. She makes a lot of wine bottle stoppers, which she sells at fine gift shows and through her website. She also makes birdhouses, candles, T-shirts and even sculpture.

“The nice thing about working with your hands is that it really isn’t that hard,” she says. “You don’t have to be an artist. If you can color inside of the lines there’s a good chance you can make something that somebody else will like.”

A handmade gift doesn’t have to be created in a relatively short period of time. That’s the beauty of gift basket-giving — you can buy items as you see them during the course of the year and then package them together in the month or so before your gift-giving deadline.

A popular gift set can be created in the home kitchen. Mix your favorite homemade cookie or candy recipe into gift baskets for the upcoming holidays.

Topped with a bow, your gift will present well at the door, and the recipient will love getting to enjoy your delicious treats.

Whether you are getting a business gift for a boss or a customer, there are some details you should know, especially if someone else from the business is getting it together.

The wrong detail can ruin the effect that you are trying to make, Turbin says. Don’t give business gifts to clients who are put in a bad light, for example.

“Don’t give a gift to a client who maybe had a subpar presentation saying, ‘Oh, you were terrible today,'” Turbin says. “

The Gag Gift

As a business gift, a gag gift can be funny or offensive — often both. It can take a little planning. For example, if you’re sending a gift to a client whose company has just gone public, a $1 bill will be funny and appropriate to the event. If the clients are about to go public, a Hershey’s kiss from the year they were born is a good gag gift.

You can also create a personalized office gift for clients by framing a logo or other relevant image that you have created for the business. Whether funny or tasteful, a well-selected gag gift can be remembered, and remembered favorably.

The Desk Beauty

People’s desks can become cluttered with “stuff” — files, mementos, reminders of what never should have been purchased in the first place.

A present that will clean up a cluttered desk is a good one. If your client frequently has paperwork to tote around the office, a desk caddy is a useful gift. Finding that old jar of paper clips? Not any more with a caddy!

It can also help to have a phone stand. Whether it is a phone that never leaves the desk or a cell phone, it is far sexier in an upright position.

The Gift Card

If you go the gift certificate route, do not buy a gift card to someplace the client will not use. If you pick an inappropriate restaurant, your client might never step foot in the place.

Instead, do some on the spot research online to find a restaurant location that will suit your client’s needs.

The Perishable Gift

A perishable gift is something that will be eaten or enjoyed in a short period of time. Is your client the type to throw a dinner party once a year or is he or she more transient? Again, online research can be most helpful. Does your client work nutritionally or emotionally?

The idea of giving something perishable to anyone can be off-putting. The truth is, however, that the key ingredients of a basic homemade cake, such as flour, sugar and shortening, can be stored in well-sealed containers in a freezer.

Contigo Snapseal Byron Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This product was recommended by Muhammad Mateen Khan from PureVPN

All office employees are going to be drinking PLENTY of coffee in the coming months as their job is up and office running. So to celebrate their achievement of starting a business and opening an office with a gorgeous travel tumbler, personalized especially for them With a range of colors and full customization, this is a great office warming gift that they’re sure to use every single day. Have it say Best Boss Ever, go with their specialty (Best CPA Ever, Best Orthodontist Ever, etc) or personalize it with your own special message.

Eco Friendly A5 Spiral Lined Notebook

This product was recommended by Macgyver Ng from Emerging Green

It’s an office product that is essential and easily overlooked in terms of its environmental impact. It’s made of 100% recycled paper and a good indicator of the company CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

Cielito Lindo – Single origin Mexican Coffee

This product was recommended by Angie Gazabon from Caffe Cielo Specialty Coffee

Sure to warm up the pickiest of coffee lovers and get them ready for the daily hustle at the office ( whether WFH or in your new norm), Cielito Lindo Single-origin Mexican coffee brings a traditional Latin flavor with a zest of fiesta! Sale proceeds for this coffee provide for education in rural farms in Mexico.


This product was recommended by Morgan Falevai from Brilliant Gifts

This is the perfect office gift crate for the worm-from-home women. With a personalized coffee tumbler, a personalized desk name plate, gold pins & clips sets, a clipboard, a diamond pen and a tasty treat, you can’t find the easier or better office gift for her than our SheEO gift box.

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It’s Home to Work We Go – Working from Home Care Package

This product was recommended by Morgan Falevai from Brilliant Gifts

With so many people working from home right now due to the COVID-19 outbreak. this gift will get those who originally weren’t planning to use their home office a little bit more structure and gives them the essentials they need.

My Inner Tranquili-TEA

This product was recommended by Morgan Falevai from Brilliant Gifts

This tea-lovers gift is the perfect way to sit back and relax in your new home office. With everything a tea-enthusiast needs to get through the day, this gift is useful and filled to the brim with all the essentials you need to make the perfect cup of tea.

MOON UltraLight

This product was recommended by Alex Everakes from Entertainment Fusion Group

The Moon UltraLight is a portable lighting gadget controlled by touch offering users the ability to say goodbye to “bad lighting” as this device is designed to brighten and enhance photos/videos. Now capturing images/videos from events like that special summer BBQ at Mom’s where you introduced your boyfriend to the family or the Zoom happy hour you started are now that much easier with this simple, user-friendly attachable gadget.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

This product was recommended by Oliver Bravo from Best Lawsuit Funding

During these tough times, a lot of people suffer from anxiety and depression. This book teaches you how to put your worries aside and live a worry-free life. I believe this is the best gift you can give someone in these times.

Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer Fountain Pen

This product was recommended by Samantha Moss from Romantific

Having a good quality pen helps because it makes you feel more professional.. This pen will surely give you this feeling because of its 18K gold trim and nib which makes it look more sophisticated. It has weight and balance that makes writing more comfortable. Also has a fine stainless tip that helps you to have flawless writing.

Desktop Round Clock Pen Pencil Holder

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

Great gift item for corporate people that ease the life by providing you a pen on time. It also increases the beauty of the desk.

HUABEI Plant Terrarium Wooden Stand

This product was recommended by Steve Thompson from BootMoodFoot

I love the idea of office warming gifts. I always recommend a bit of greenery. Having plants in your office can brighten the mood and bring a touch of nature inside which is always appreciated.

Metakoo Tool Kit

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from AutoInsurance

When you first move into a new office, you’ll need tools for assembling your desk, chair, shelves, and anything else you need to set up. A small tool kit that has all the basic tools you need is a handy gift to give. Of course, after a while, there’s bound to be repairs that need to be made and that tool kit will be put to use again. You can’t go wrong with a good tool kit.

Melitta Signature Series 1-2 Cup Pour Over Coffee Brewer

This product was recommended by Hollyn Page from FrenchWestVaughan

Melitta makes it quick and easy for at home handcrafted brewing. This 1-2 cup shatterproof Tritan pour-over coffee maker is the perfect way to make a great small pot of gourmet coffee. The heavy duty filter cone is top-rack dishwasher safe. The smart and convenient design allows you to monitor your pour and avoid overfilling. Pour-over brewing makes the best coffee and you just place a paper filter in the pour-over, scoop in your favorite coffee, pour hot water over the grounds and enjoy!

Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer Fountain Pen

This product was recommended by Lisa Arlington from Giftsnerd LLC

Welcoming someone to your office, especially those coming on the management level, with a high-end luxury pen is the sign of true professionalism. As they need to go to places to represent your business and have to sign the contracts, the pen will give them the confidence to sign all the contracts with a perfect flow of ink. You can get the pen personalized from many brands like Armando Simoni Club, Montblanc, and Cross, but my favourite brand is Parker Sonnet. It has an excellent range of high-end luxury pens, and I love the one with Black Lacquer and Gold colour topped with an 18K gold nib. It has a decorative cap with signature arrowhead design. It comes in a presentable gift box that can also be personalized with the name engraved on it.

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