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9 Thoughtful Gifts Your Grandma Will Appreciate

We know because we’ve tried it on our own grandmas!

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Grandmas can have a very particular taste that can be hard to suss out or tap into. The truth is, though, grandmas still like receiving gifts. The best ones can be found in this list because they’ve been grandma-approved.

Whether it’s a book to get lost in, a personalized necklace or a gadget that helps them get comfortable, you can wrap them up knowing that they’ll bring a smile to their face. And that’s all that matters!

Rainy Day Playbook By Susan Wildes

Gift recommended by Susan Wildes from N/A.

Rainy Day Playbook is an interactive travel, gratitude and creativity journal filled with games, puzzles and prompts to help grandmas – and everyone else – write, create, learn and PLAY each and every day.

Charming Coop

Gift recommended by Kathy Vegh Hughes from Cutest Coops.

The Charming Coop is the perfect gift for Grandma so she can enjoy the hobby of Chicken Keeping without all the stress! This adorable coop was designed with all generations in mind. The chores that go with chicken ownership are minimized by this thoughtful design with features like a pulley system by the entrance to open the run door and the addition of a clean out the coop door on the back; minimizing the time and effort it takes to maintain a clean coop! A fun hobby for just Grandma or to enjoy with the grandkids!! Not too mention, chicken keeping is now a growing trend in assisted living facilities because chickens are known to reduce anxiety in the elderly!! Get grandma a Cutest Coop and give her a healthy hobby that brings her daily happiness!

Non toxic pain relief latex mattress topper

Gift recommended by Rumana Bai from Turmerry.

This topper is great for older people as many poeple suffer from back and body pain. If you don’t have the budget to replace your mattress, this natural non toxic Dunlop latex topper is a great idea to wake up pain free.

Electric Heating Pad by Techlove

Gift recommended by Leia Kalani from Tropical Topics.

This contouring heated pad sits on your neck and shoulders to provide therapeutic heat in the area of your body that’s often filled with the most tension. The pad heats to your desired temperature in 30 seconds with 4 heat settings and a 9 feet cord, making it ideal for a range of locations. Your grandma will love this gift that doubles as a spa treatment!

Multipurpose Utility Cart

Gift recommended by Madeleine Seah from Bumble Scoop.

Spare your grandma’s knees and make trips to the supermarket effortless with this multi-functional utility cart. This nifty cart contains a small seat that folds out, perfect for when she needs to take a break. It is also water-repellent and features a tri-wheel design that is specially created to make climbing stairs and curbs easier. With this cart in toll, running errands will now be a breeze!

Legend Age Lipstick Set

Gift recommended by Charlotte Ang from Legend Age Lipstick.

Regardless of age, every woman loves dolling up. For that reason, this lipstick set will make the perfect gift for grandma. The lipstick is enriched with natural ingredients like beeswax and free from harmful pigments. In addition, it contains anthocyanin and iron; these ingredients are extracted from cherry and gives a unique, natural lip colour that varies with the skin’s pH level. With this lipstick, you can rejuvenate the look of your grandma and help her look fresh.

SOUL INSOLE micro-size MAX COMFORT Premium Orthotic Insole

Gift recommended by Laina Gossman from Soul Insole.

Soul Insole is a foot care company that is conscious and environmentally friendly. We design supports to improve people’s foot health and quality of life. We created a revolutionary washable, re-usable, micro-sized orthotic that adds support and comfort for shoes and sandals. This year were were a finalist on Amazon’s Women Owned Small Business of The Year 🙂 Grandma will love these insoles and be thankful to be able to walk with more ease and comfort!

Wooden Birthday Calendar

Gift recommended by Melanie Musson from QuoteInspector.

This shabby chic piece of decor keeps track of everyone in the family’s birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. It’s easy to set up and you don’t have to change it every year. You can just add new birthdays or other dates as they’re added to your family.

My Three Treasures Necklace

Gift recommended by Daniel Cho from AJ’s Collection.

This necklace by AJ’s Collection is a perfect personalized gift idea for Grandma to hold those dear to her close to her heart! The hammered mixed metals necklace has sterling silver, rose gold plated and gold plated discs that are carefully hand stamped with your choice of names. The discs are hammered and domed then hung on a sterling silver chain along with a darling sterling silver heart charm. This 3 disc pendant necklace is custom-made in the USA using only the finest quality material. AJ’s Collection focuses on style, quality and uncompromising attention to detail. They also feature quick turnaround and delivery inside an environmentally responsible recycled gift box, with an organza bag and hand-tied bow.

Written by James Jackson


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