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6 Meaningful Gifts For Dad From Daughter

These value adding gifts will definitely land you in his best daughter books

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Gifts are a great way to symbolize your love and appreciation for your amazing dad. But what if it seems like your dad already has everything?

It is hard to shop for dads, but the thought behind choosing the right gift makes it all worth it. And we’ve made it a bit easier by including the practical, fun gifts beloved by dads everywhere. He may or may not show it – what’s for sure is that he will appreciate his kid is thinking of him.

Gripper HVAC Filter Removal Tool

Gift recommended by Mark S. Gordon from Filtr-Grip, LLC.

This is a perfect gift for the dad who does chores around the house and loves tools. It’s a unique gripping tool and clamp that makes removing stuck HVAC filters a snap. Its strong spring and large jaws also make it ideal for a variety of other tasks involving clamping or holding. Dad will love it and wonder how he survived without it!

Tenikle 2 RED (Travel) – Suction Cup Bendable Tripod Car Mount

Gift recommended by Hans Dose from Tenikle, LLC.

All of your tech essentials combined. Our mini gadget includes every mount and selfie accessory you need in one. Suction or clip your devices to our revolutionary octopus inspired mount. Designed in California, this innovative suction cup tripod is great for professional and novice photographers or social media content creators. But it’s not only for capturing — Tenikle ® makes a great phone mount, and has plenty of other uses too. The Tenikle ® Bendy Suction Mount supports up to 15 lbs and is made with food-grade, environmentally safe silicone. Its utility design is extremely durable and kid-safe (ages 4+). This gadget can accommodate any phone, camera, or tablet.

101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes

Gift recommended by Melanie Musson from NoFaultInsuranceQuotes.

If there’s one thing dads are good at, it’s dad jokes. This book will give your dad lots of new ones to tuck away and pull out when the time is just right (or so he thinks). The whole family will get a kick out of the jokes in this book.

Fodeez Frames 4″ x 6″ Adhesive Picture Frames/Dry Erase Boards

Gift recommended by Valarie Moody from Fodeo.

Of course, Dad loves photos of his little girl(s) no matter what their ages! These peel and stick reusable adhesive frames are the perfect gift to keep Dad’s prized photos front and center on any smooth surface … stainless steel fridge or file cabinet, glass, solid wood, etc. Purchase the frames, then add personal photos to create a customized and meaningful gift.

Dad’s Ice Cream Bowl and Shovel

Gift recommended by Leia Kalani from Tropical Topics.

This is the perfect gift for the ice-cream loving dad! Treat your dad to this bowl that comes with an engraved spoon labeled “Dad’s Ice Cream Shovel”, so he can enjoy his ice cream while remembering your special father-daughter bond. The bowl and spoon combo are boxed as a gift making your present that much more special.

Dads For Daughters by Michelle Travis

Gift recommended by Michelle Travis from MichelleTravis.

The book Dads For Daughters is a perfect way for daughters to show their appreciation for all that their fathers do to create a better and more equal world. The book shares inspiring stories of dads who have been motivated by their daughters to support gender equality in a wide variety of ways in their homes, workplaces, and communities. It also offers advice, resources, and encouragement for fathers who want to get involved in leveling the playing field for our next generation of girls.

Written by James Jackson


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