5 Best Elephant Themed Gifts Approved By Elephant Lovers

This list is worth trumpeting about!

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Elephants are magnificent creatures loved by many. Elephants’ gentleness, their size and majesty are features that stand out to us and many elephant lovers that we’ve asked before making this list.

The result is elephant themed gifts that can symbolize the spirit of the elephant that is so attractive to many. Not something you want to miss out on!

Trees for Tuskers

Gift recommended by Chris Kaiser from Click A Tree.

Trees for Tuskers are the perfect gift for any elephant lover. Planting trees for tuskers creates habitat for these majestic pachyderms, something that is dearly needed by elephant populations all across the globe. Give these gentle giants a new, safe home by planting trees for them today!

GANESH WISDOM by Shira Plotzker

Gift recommended by Shira Plotzker from Shira’s Place.

Ganesh is the Hindu Deity known to remove obstacles. This is a 30-day Meditation Book. It’s an easy read. It is filled with inspirational bits of wisdom that only Ganesh can give. I thought your audience might enjoy reading this book. This will be a nice read for anyone who does the Law of Attraction as well!

Steiff Elephant 12″ Stuffed Animal

Gift recommended by Liza Grando from Steiff North America.

All Steiff animals are handmade, and this plush friend from Steiff’s Soft Cuddly Friends line is also machine-washable. From the company that invented the Teddy Bear, for Steiff only the best is good enough for children.

Elephant Parade Sherpa Reversible Throw by Lush Décor

Gift recommended by Leia Kalani from Tropical Topics.

This 60” x 50” fluffy blanket is the perfect gift for the elephant-lover in your life. Made from 100% microfibers this soft blanket is perfect for the living room, bedroom, or nursery, to keep you warm and cozy no matter the weather. It comes in a variety of colors including aqua, hot pink, grey and tangerine, making it the perfect personalized elephant themed gift!

Elephant under tree gift vase

Gift recommended by Samara from Gift Goonie.

A beautiful and stylish gift for someone who loves Elephants is this glass Vase. A gorgeous present that is practical too. This makes a great house warming gift or would lovely Mother’s day gift. As an extra touch, you can add the recipients favourite flowers in there too.

Written by James Jackson


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