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28 Best Lockdown Gifts To Send To Your Family

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Lockdown Gifts To Send To Your Family. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Regimen Set

This product was recommended by Benjamin Smith from Disco

Treat your family member to a self care set made by the clean, science-backed skincare line Disco. Disco is formulated for men to care for their skin and body. The “Regimen” set bundles a full cast of facial care products: face cleanser stick, face scrub, face mask, eye stick and face moisturizer. They can pamper themselves with a full five step system by Disco.

Radius Tee Fourlaps

This product was recommended by Daniel Shapiro from Fourlaps

Nothing says “I care about your well-being during this lockdown” like inspiration to hit the gym. Gift your someone with trendy and sleek workout gear that will make them feel like a million bucks while treating their body to exercise. The right workout attire will make your loved one feel so good, they will perform even better and be their best self.

Finger Guard for Cutting

This product was recommended by Lori Turk from SafeGrate

Many more kids at home have been learning cooking skills and of course they are doubly at risk of cutting themselves grating or slicing. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in the family was protected with just 1 kitchen tool? Safegrate is a safe, extremely useful and inexpensive kitchen gadget that everyone can use with any grater they already have at home.

Pictionary Air Drawing Game

This product was recommended by Dave Pedley from YourCub

The Lockdowns have been challenging as we try to keep the kids entertained AND motivated! We’ve had to be creative, reaching back into our own childhoods (and further) to drag back some games and activities including old board games and stuff like charades. Not easy in an age where kids all have smart tablets and phones! Then a relative found this – and sent it. I’d never heard of it, but it’s a bit like charades for the digital age. And went down famously with both my kids AND us parents. Excellent family fun plus stimulating intellectually for kids starved of school.

Avighna Women’s Clutch, Watch With Perfume

This product was recommended by Anupama Singh from Fabulously

Avighna Women’s clutch, watch with perfume: This gift is best to gift your mother, sister or other important women in your life.

oye happy – you’ve got mail

This product was recommended by Anupama Singh from Fabulously

Oye happy – you’ve got mail. You can write cute letters to your wife or fiancé or someone you love and send them. This will tell them how important they are in your life.

UNO Family Card Game

This product was recommended by Andy from Cloom Tech. LTD

In my opinion, one of the best gifts to send family in the lockdown is a UNO playing card. Remember, it is one of the finest and most popular games for the family where no ag bar limits. Anyone can play of any age. In the lockdown where most family members are forced to stay in their home and need to spare some quality time with their family, why can’t they make it memorable throughout their lives? And for that, playing UNO card with family is one of the best and recognized indoor games to play at lockdown time. Additionally, there is no limit to players; multiplayer can play this game together with fun and entertainment. As many players are involved in the game, chances to play for a long hour.

Chestnut Plush Throw

This product was recommended by Eris Sharon from KeikiCo

The perfect personal sized ultra-soft plush throw just for you and your family to enjoy at home! At 40×57, the Plush throw is generously cut and double sided with finished edges. Whether reading, taking a drive or snuggling up outside the plush throw is the ideal size for you or someone you love. The fabric content is 100% Polymicrofiber. Made in the USA of imported fabric. KeikiCo was founded by Renee Lipp, who as a new mother was on a quest for a functionally luxurious fabric that was delicate enough for her daughter’s sensitive skin. After many sleepless nights Renee, a teacher at the time, ventured to downtown Los Angeles to find fabrics both beautiful to the eye and delicious to the touch. KeikiCo now produces a variety of functional, luxurious, and cozy lifestyle goods including throws, pillows, lounge pants, kid and baby items, spa robes, eye masks, and scarves. Our products aim to bring the feeling of comfort of luxury to people whether they are at home or on the go.

Natural Jade Face Roller

This product was recommended by Abby from Wellpcb PTY LTD

There is no face-to-face interaction in lockdown, so most people do not feel the need to look their best. This face roller fights dark circles and puffy eyes. It will inspire a family member to start or upgrade their skincare regime.

Aromatherapy Diffuser and Essential Oils Set

This product was recommended by Abby from Wellpcb PTY LTD

Being stuck inside working, exercising, and cooking every day can lead to a buildup of odors, especially if there are kids around the house. Your family will appreciate this attractive aromatherapy diffuser set. With 10 different oil scents to choose from, this is perfect for sending as a gift.

Memory Bath Mat Sets

This product was recommended by Abby from Wellpcb PTY LTD

These mats are in a variety of colors and will make bath time something to look forward to. Lockdown can make even simple things like taking a shower feel like a chore. The mats will provide great comfort to your family and make bath time something to look forward to.

Adult Sweatpants with Feet.

This product was recommended by Abby from Wellpcb PTY LTD

This switch from traditional sweatpants has a cozy build in feet, so there is no need to find a pair of socks. These sweatpants make a great gift for a family member who wants to laze around during lockdown.

Abstract Mountain Wall Art

This product was recommended by Abby from Wellpcb PTY LTD

Weeks or months in a lockdown can lead to boredom and anxiety. This canvas wall art will be the perfect gift to brighten the home of a family member.

3-Pack of Guided Journals for Fitness, Gratitude, and Reflection

This product was recommended by Abby from Wellpcb PTY LTD

Lockdown provides a great opportunity for self-reflection and self-mastery. These three books focus on gratitude, fitness, and reflection, so they will make great gifts to send to family.

Do You Really Know Your Family? – Card Game

This product was recommended by Abby from Wellpcb PTY LTD

A perfect way to bring a family together is through laughter and a shared game. This card game has challenges and conversation starters that will make the lockdown more fun.

DIY Natural Botanical Dye Kit

This product was recommended by Leah Widdicombe from Charlie Darwin Textiles

This natural dye kit is the perfect zero-waste craft for the eco-conscious creative, or fashion enthusiasts ready to learn a new skill. The kit includes a snuggly-soft and lightweight cotton gauze scarf ready to dye, plus all the ingredients, tools, and instructions you’ll need to experiment with textile dyeing using pigments from plants! Experiment with black beans or black tea to acheive brilliant earth tones. You can feel confident in gifting the most supply-inclusive and environmentally-friendly natural dye kit on the market.

Cotton Napper

This product was recommended by Sharon Van Donkelaar from Expandi

Made out of 100% Organic cotton, this extremely soft and breathable hand-knitted blanket provides a more pleasant rest, and like all other weighted blankets, it has been medically proven to aid naturally deeper sleep cycles. The ‘Cotton Napper’ serves as the perfect gift for anyone during lockdown, whether it is for a birthday frustrated by the pandemic or simply a little surprise to cheer them up. People all over the world are facing difficult times, and if you have family members that have been particularly affected by the pandemic, you could brighten up their day with a special and thoughtful gift like this weighted-knitted blanket by Bearaby.

Squeaky by Mom Bomb Shower Bomb Aromatherapy

This product was recommended by Heather Roberts from Buy Bombs Help Moms

A great way to bring a little luxury home, especially for people missing the spa, we have Shower Steamers. Each one has a different invigorating scent and transforms any shower into an oasis, transporting the user to anywhere other than lock down.

Fit Buddy Fitness Tool

This product was recommended by Dawn Clements from Fit Buddy

Helps with muscle tension relief, recovery, flexibility, mobility and breaking down cellulite. Creates a relaxed body and mind. You will feel like you have experienced a massage and will feel a calm and peace come over your body. Can do a one on one private online or a group class with friends/family. Teens to mid 80’s-multigenerational product.

Brain Fart by PlayMonster

This product was recommended by Phil Watson from Barbecue Grill Review

Having a fun game with my family reduces the boredom that I feel during the lockdown, and it helps us make our bond compact during this difficult time. This product is the best gift for the family. We purchase this at Walmart for only $22.50. It is easy and fun to use. You can also add some twist in the game where the loser will order a food for the whole family.

ComfiLife Foot Rest for Under Desk

This product was recommended by Evelyn Light from Quick Beauty HQ

The ComfiLIfe Foot Rest for Under desk work is the ideal gift for anyone working from home. Sitting at my desk for prolonged periods of time has left me with a stiff lower back and hips. I found this product to be exceptionally comfortable, soft to the touch, and very cozy. At the end of the day, I did not have any lower back fatigue.

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

This product was recommended by Evelyn Light from Quick Beauty HQ

At the start of the lockdown, my dining table became my new home office. My dining chairs became my office chair and it was uncomfortable. The Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion was a comfortable alternative that helped me with lower back pain and what I enjoy the most out of this product is, after sitting the whole day the memory foam maintained its shape.

Fisher-Price My Home Office

This product was recommended by Evelyn Light from Quick Beauty HQ

I have a two-year-old daughter that is at the stage in her life where she imitates me. To keep my toddler busy, I got her the Fisher-Price pretend home office leaving me with enough time to get as much done as possible. She absolutely loves the headset and coffee cup.

Gerap Bamboo Bath Tray

This product was recommended by Evelyn Light from Quick Beauty HQ

At the end of a long day, there’s perhaps no better way to unwind and relax than soaking in warm water after a long day. The Gerapo Bamboo bath tray not only looks stylish in the bathroom, but it also fits my bathtub perfectly. I quite enjoy the extending sides and I love the book tray, which perfectly fits any tablet to read a digital edition of your book.

Teuscher Champagne Truffles

This product was recommended by Matt Weidle from Buyer’s Guide

People tagged this chocolate as supreme and divine. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you won’t be able to resist the richness, creaminess, and decadence of this chocolate. The whole family will fall in love with its filling, which is made from Dom Pérignon champagne. The blended flavors of the champagne, the chocolate cream ganache and the dark chocolate coating, are just flawless and will leave you to ask for more. Indulge your family and loved ones with Teuscher Champagne Truffles for only $58 (for 16 pcs). These heavenly delights will make them extra happy and ecstatic during this lockdown.

Write Now by Holly Winter Huppert

This product was recommended by Holly Winter Huppert from Winuply Press

Families love to gather around this book of writing prompts and make each other laugh. Written by a kindergarten teacher, this book is suitable for children ages 4 and up and includes fiction and nonfiction prompts with photographs.

Bgraamiens Puzzle-Magic Tree of Life

This product was recommended by Jacqueline Ramirez from Hudson Valley Explored

Good old-fashioned fun is the best way to spend some time with the family. This puzzle is challenging enough that families will do it together in order to help each other out.

Connecting Hearts World Map

This product was recommended by Kendall from Sadie & June

The Connecting Hearts World Map is the perfect gift for those who can’t be together due to Covid-19. Just like the red hearts, your story gets stitched into your special piece – made to be a reminder of the places, people, and adventures you hold dear. Framed and ready to gift.

Written by James Jackson


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