23 Unique Gifts Perfect For The Traveler You Know

Let them take a small piece of you while they’re trekking through the jungles and deserts!

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Travelers need their fix of material possessions too. They might have very little space, but we’ve made sure each gift in this list gives enough value to warrant a space in their backpack.

Out of the hundreds of pages listing travel themed gifts, we’ve narrowed it down to just 1 page’s worth of gifts. Travelers that we’ve reached out to have praised these gifts as they’re actually useful to have. So if you’re looking for a gift for a traveller, this is your final destination!

My Gnome On The Roam” Adventure Childrens Book Kit

Gift recommended by Anne Armstrong from My Gnome on the Roam.

My Gnome on the Roam® kit is more than just a toy and a book gift and was designed to provide tools and inspiration for busy families to explore, create and connect. The kit includes a copy of the My Gnome on the Roam Award Winning Story Book, an adventure journal filled with blank pages, a colorless ready-to-be-painted gnome and a magical pen.

After reading the story book, families are encouraged to take their gnome out to explore the world beyond their own picket fence, to record their story and to share it with the broader community via My Gnome on the Roam’s app and social sites. My Gnome on the Roam’s mission is to help families build creative adventures and fun memories in as little as 30 minutes a week.

It’s a perfect way for families to celebrate their travels and preserve the memories forever.

Microfiber Towel Set

Gift recommended by Rebecca Bowden from The Backcountry Kitchen.

No one wants to take a damp towel out of their suitcase or backpack. I love my microfiber towel for all of my outdoor and travel adventures! It’s lightweight, has a carrying case for easy packing, and dries so quickly. It’s been one of my favorite things I’ve packed on multiple lake trips and backpacking trips.

Sailing Virgins Waterproof Dry Bag

Gift recommended by James Kell from Sailing Virgins.

A small drybag is an essential piece of kit for any travel involving watersports. The Sailing Virgins mini-drybag is durable, waterproof, fits a wallet/purse and mobile phone, is made of recycled materials and folds up to a small size when you need to pack it. It is available on Amazon Prime for $19.88.

Rand McNally Classic Edition World Wall Map

Gift recommended by Emily Conley from Emily Writes Well.

I love the Rand McNally Classic Edition Word Wall Map! It’s large (50×32) and printed in a sepia-tone that feels appropriately Old World. I have this map mounted on a large corkboard and we stick pins in every new place we travel. It’s a perfect piece of statement décor for the travel-obsessed.

Stitch It Yourself Travel Wallet

Gift recommended by Billy Read from BRB | Gone Somewhere Epic.

A luxurious leather travel organizer printed with the world map and is specially perforated, so each country you visit can be marked with a colorful cross. Features a ‘travel’ needle and threads to create a personalized label, you can stitch initials, a country flag or a bespoke design. With credit card and pen holders, zip pocket, document & passport compartments, it’s ideal for organizing your travel essentials. Available in brown with teal thread, navy with gold thread and an exclusive grey with orange thread.

Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks

Gift recommended by Elena Melendez from Dr. Segal’s.

While everyone loves to travel – no one loves long plane rides and that achy leg feeling that comes after being unable to move for several hours. For your next trip, make sure to add Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks to your checklist of travel essentials to make your journey easier!

Wearing compression socks when traveling long distances effectively reduces the leg pain, swelling, and blood clot risk that comes with being in cramped conditions where movement is limited. Dr. Segal’s everyday line comes in several trendy designs and colors to choose from so you can travel in comfort and style!

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

Gift recommended by David Adler from The Travel Secret.

A portable luggage scale may not be the most exciting gift out there, but is something that the travel addict in your life will use over and over again. This scale is very portable, light, and extremely useful.

With the outrageous baggage fees that you can run into with an overweight bag, having the ability to weigh your bag on your own could save you hundreds. Plus, this scale can weigh in pounds and kilos to save you from doing some mental math.

Behind The Flight Deck Door by Brett Manders

Gift recommended by Brett Manders from theflightdeckdoor.

This would be a great gift for any person travelling as it explains a great deal of what they will see and hear during a commercial airline flight. Flying is done with such regularity now, we often take it for granted. Since 9/11 the Flight Decks of airlines has been off limits to the travelling public.

This will demystify the art of airline travel and who doesn’t have a question, they would like to ask a pilot? This will give you the answers in a simple easy to read book with no technical jargon.

Keebos crossbody phone case

Gift recommended by Emily from Keebos LLC.

Keebos crossbody phone necklace is a great accessory to help travelers keep their hands free while in transit or out sightseeing. This is also the perfect phone case for people enjoying time with the family (especially with kids) outdoors.

It is a must have for bike rides, hiking, camping, kayaking, or any other summer activity where you want to keep your hands free, yet have your phone easily accessible to capture that perfect picture. Beyond Keebos’ utility for outdoor activities, our customers also appreciate Keebos cases for their fashion-forward, trendy look, especially when worn in a cross-body style.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

Gift recommended by Namit Pandey from Byond Travel.

A compact and easy to carry camera that allows you to print your photos instantly. You can capture any moment and instantly get a print to add to your collection of memories and souvenirs. It also comes with a mirror in the front for all those who love taking selfies.

Dogs ‘n’ Dracula – A Road Trip Through Romania

Gift recommended by Jacqueline Lambert from WorldWideWalkies.

Finalist in the Romania Insider Awards, the 5-star reviews say, “Armchair travel delight”, “Inspirational and Hilarious” and “Romania now firmly in my sights.” Whether you want trip inspiration, a real account of the ups and downs of touring Romania or simply to join Jackie, Mark and their four dogs (five when they adopted a Transylvanian stray) – this is a great gift.

LBell Portable Charger

Gift recommended by Linda Morgan from MotivationNook.

This portable charger is perfect for anyone who likes to be fully connected while on the go. It’s a high-speed charger with 2 USB ports, giving you 6 to 8 charges. It also has a built-in LED flashlight, which can come in handy in the event of an emergency and can last for 400 hours when fully charged. This portable charger is good for both iPhones and Androids, and it can match the current of the charge to the specific needs of your phone.

Beer opener keychain

Gift recommended by Christian Antonoff from Heartifb.

One of the best gifts I have ever received. I love drinking and my little keychain saved me a lot of trouble. It’s great for opening beers and other bottles. It’s a surprisingly good conversation starter as well.

Travel charger

Gift recommended by Christian Antonoff from Heartifb.

No matter where I go, I make sure to have my phone travel charger with me. I do browse a lot, and I have the bad habit of checking my work email compulsively. That’s why I always need one of these.

iOttie Car Mount Phone Holder

Gift recommended by Philip Weiss from PhilipWeiss.

The phone holder has a telescopic arm that extends up to 6.5 inches, pivoting to give you a 225-degree arc giving you plenty of positioning options. It’s suitable for most smartphones on the market, including both iPhone and Android. The best feature is the suction cup, which is really strong compared to other phone holders that I’ve used in the past.

Your phone will be secured and locked in position, even on the bumpiest of roads. For road trippers and especially travelers renting cars in Europe, the iOttie Car Mount Phone Holder is a perfect gift for their adventures. With one of these guys, you won’t worry about paying a hefty fine for talking on the phone while driving. Most importantly, when driving across countries, you can have Google Maps conveniently in front of you at all times. It’s a travel essential given the maze-like streets in European cities, where it’s not convenient and likely illegal to drive with a phone in your hands.

A phone holder also doesn’t come included in most places you might rent cars in Europe, and if they do, they are way overpriced. Just save yourself the hassle and get one of these for $20 before you travel. It’s cheap and will save you a lot of hassle, the kind of gift that everyone wants to buy themselves but never get around to it!

Electronic Balance Digital Postal Luggage Hanging Scale

Gift recommended by Dona Quinlan from Living The Q Life.

This is great scale to help you ensure you do not exceed luggage weight limits. It is small enough to take with you to weigh your luggage on your return trip as well.

Leg Stash Wallet

Gift recommended by Sharna Law Heyne from En Route Travelware.

The Leg Stash, with two pockets, keep your valuables and your phone safe and out of sight while keeping your hands free. The Leg Stash stretches on like a sock so it can’t ever fall off. One large 7×3.5 zippered pocket keeps your passport, cards and cash safe and hidden.

The other mesh pouch 7x 4.25 has a top opening to slide in your phone. Fits all sizes of phones. See who is calling with see through mesh. This is an item for all travelers or anyone who carries larger amounts of cash and a phone and wants to keep it safe and hidden. Stretchy nylon with an adjustable top. Very comfortable. Machine Washable. Size: Approx: 6×8 Weight: 6 oz. Unisex One Size.

Land Mass Scratch Off Map of the World

Gift recommended by Sumitra Senapaty from WOW Club.

Want to show off all of the places you’ve been when your friends come over? This map is perfect, as you can easily scratch off the top coating to reveal the local underneath it in a bright, vibrant color. At a glance, you can easily look at your map and plan your next adventure. Sound like fun already?

S3 Travel Pillow

Gift recommended by Noman Asghar from FanJackets.

It is obvious in a long flight most of the people preferred to sleep but it can be made more comfortable by wearing a sleep pillow. It keeps the head upright so you can not get into neck pain.

Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier

Gift recommended by D. Gilson from FreeAdvice.

I travel a lot, and one of my least favorite side effects of traveling is dry skin. That’s why I think this easily portable and usable mini humidifier is the perfect gift for the traveler in your life. Since a friend gave it to me, it’s always packed in my carry-on, whether I’m traveling for work or for fun.

Nalgene Outdoor OG Woodsman

Gift recommended by Forrest Gallagher from Epic Water Filters.

Our Nalgene Outdoor OG Woodsman comes equipped with our Outdoor filter that removes over 70 contaminants plus bacteria, viruses, and cysts, so it’s great for use abroad in countries that have untreated water and it’s great for camping or hiking when you’re filling up from a stream. It’s lightweight and easy to pack for adventure, and it comes in a bottle widely respected and trusted, Nalgene.

KeeKee’s Big Adventures Picture Book Series

Gift recommended by Paul Williams from KeeKee’s Big Adventures.

Join the globe-trotting kitty KeeKee, star of the award-winning KeeKee’s Big Adventures picture book series, as she sparks curiosity and inspires an appreciation for travel around our great big wonderful world! She’s been to Paris, Rome, Athens, Amsterdam, and new, London!

PacSafe’s Venturesafe X40 anti-theft backpack

Gift recommended by Saurabh Jindal from Talk Travel.

It is spacious – I can easily put in my laptop, laptop charger, 5-6 shirts, 3 jeans, couple of pair of socks, my headphones, a mobile power bank, some documents and a few other things and it still does not feel crowded.

Is RFID safe and has zip clips where in the zips clip on to a latch and thus cannot be opened very easily. Has a mesh and hence doesn’t;t sweat a lot on my back also. And is made of water-resistant material, so light showers can be easily tolerated. All these make it an ideal bag for business travel.

It retails for $259.95 on Amazon currently and is a bit on the expensive side, but then it gives me a lot of peace, and so to others as it carries very positive reviews. And thus makes a very ideal business gift also.

Eudae Minimalist Performance Raglan

Gift recommended by Saurabh Jindal from Talk Travel.

It is a very versatile, comfortable, and durable shirt. It is super soft as a base layer while layering and needs minimal washing. On cold mornings I also use it as a running shirt. It never seems to stink, and can be even washed by hand in a sink. It is an all-rounder, and can be used for formal, informal and even casual occasions like partying or surfing.

Written by James Jackson


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