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19 Best Luxury Secret Santa Gifts – Luxury Secret Santa Gift Ideas

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This article showcases our top picks for the ‘best luxury secret santa gifts’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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ÂMEFlore Aromatic Ultrasonic Ceramic Diffuser

This product was recommended by Victoria Elizbaeth Salomon from The DanaAgency

Dreaming of traveling to Fiji, Maldives or the Riviera Maya during the cold winter months? Evoke a tropical vacation experience this holiday season without ever leaving the comforts of your home with Timeblock’s new Aromatic Ultrasonic Diffuser. Available in gold, silver or white, the stylish diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to break down essential oils and activate powerful plant constituents, creating a stress-relieving oasis while reducing feelings of anxiety. Both a fashionable and functional piece of home décor, it purifies, humidifies and refreshes the air, creating a spa-like environment in any space.

Anker Wireless Charging Pad

This product was recommended by Jason Loomis from Concise Device Reviews

This is a product that definitely makes life easier for those who use their phone as an alarm clock. The 2 in 1 functionality, the product charges the phone and an included cable also acts as an alarm clock. The back of the charging pad has an easy to read digital clock display. Included with the package, there is a power adapter, and a micro USB charging cable. And the height of the wireless charger is 5.63, And the diameter is 3.39.

Three Kings Gifts

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

The first one would be Three Kings Gifts comes as a 12-piece set including baby Jesus in the manger, Mary, Joseph, angel, donkey, kneeling camel, sitting camel, standing shepherd, kneeling shepherd, and Three Kings.

C-Fly Faith 5G WiFi FPV 4K HD Camera GPS Brushless Hover 3-axis RC Drone

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

C-Fly Faith Brushless Hover Drone that features a state-of-the-art folding design for all outdoor adventures. If you don’t need to fly, it will be stored neatly, just to get ready for the next flight, once you get to your destination and have some fun.

Nixie Tube Clock

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Nixie Tube Clock is handcrafted using 4x IN-14 Nixie tubes. These Nixie tubes are at least 35 years old in history, and from the former Soviet Union. The soft and warm glow of the Nixie tubes makes it perfect to use it in your bedroom without disturbance to your sleep.

Watercolor Kit

This product was recommended by Aditya Bhargava from Just Add Watercolor

The kits are the size of an Altoids tin, and all the supplies fit inside, so they make a really cute and unique gift. They have been quite popular and a couple of local stores have started carrying them. Everything is made by me, so it is truly small business!

Hand Care Bundle

This product was recommended by Rebecca Adams from My Alchemy Skin Care

Everyone on your gift list will love and appreciate receiving this meaningful gift. Why? Because we’re all trying to stay sane and safe by keeping our hands clean. This gift of Clean Beauty Products fits in a pocket, purse, backpack, carry-on. Consumers will love the convenience. Consumers will be prepared and protected when a soap dispenser in a public restroom is empty, after visiting a bank ATM, before dining out, touching a door handle or car’s steering wheel, at the airport and the list goes on and on. Can’t think of anything better than giving a gift of peace-of-mind this holiday season.

Original Poop Knife

This product was recommended by Ian Davison from Original Poop Knife

Original Poop Knife is a product inspired by a viral Reddit confessions post where a man learned at age 22 that not every family has a Poop Knife. Original Poop Knife is a strong, hygienic silicone covered knife that comes in hilarious packaging. It’s fantastic as a stocking stuffer or white elephant for that Dad or Uncle who always clogs the toilet at family functions. It also works great for it’s intended purpose. With over 250+ hilarious 5 star reviews on Amazon, our customers think so too. Give the gift of laughter this Holiday Season. Original Poop Knife will slay the most savage sewer snakes and the chop the fattest heaved Havanas. Be a samurai of the porcelain poo poo platter and the hero of your next Holiday gift exchange with Original Poop Knife.

Fisher Space AG7 Original Astronaut Space Pen

This product was recommended by Gabriel Reyes from Reyes Entertainment

Fisher Space Pens are the iconic pens used by astronauts in space. Fisher Space Pens have flown on every NASA crewed space mission since Apollo 7 and recently flew aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon Mission to the International Space Station. They are the perfect companions for first responders who often work in harsh conditions. Their patented pressurized refill allows them to write upside down, under water, in extreme temperatures from -30 to +250 degrees F (-35 to +121 Celsius), over almost any surface and three times longer than the average pen.

Limited Holiday Edition, Four-Pack Full Spectrum Oil Tinctures

This product was recommended by Samantha Mozdzierz from Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms has launched a limited holiday edition four-pack of full spectrum hemp and CBD oil tinctures – much needed after this year! The exclusive bundle includes four tasty, seasonal flavors: Cranberry Orange, Clementine Spice, Sugar Plum and Cinnamon Roll. The bundle is available for $49.99, and it makes the perfect gift for anyone in your Secret Santa circle.

Dream, Plan, Do by Maggie Perotin

This product was recommended by Maggie Perotin from Stairway to Leadership

Plan out your weekly and long-term goals. Become more proactive, focused and less stressed. > Simple format with the free video masterclass on DREAM-PLAN-DO Goal Achievement System> Increase your productivity, self-awareness & decrease your stress.

Wacom DTC133W0A One Digital Drawing Tablet

This product was recommended by Shireen Faridniya from Wacom

Whether you’re starting out in digital creation and illustration or looking for an excellent tool for online learning and collaboration, the Wacom One delivers a great pen-on-screen experience. It can be used with Mac, PC and even select Android devices such as Samsung phones.

Wacom – Intuos Pro Small Graphics Tablet

This product was recommended by Shireen Faridniya from Wacom

The Wacom Intuos Pro features Wacom’s most advanced pen technology, time-saving productivity features and wireless connectivity to fit the way that you work. Intuos Pro is an excellent choice for artists who are looking to improve their capabilities with a highly flexible and very portable pen tablet.

Anothersole Stella – Teal

This product was recommended by Erica Gordon from Anothersole

Give the gift of comfort this holiday season with Anothersole’s Stella! Made with a breathable sports footbed and genuine leather, these lace ups provide maximum support and durability for long wearing comfort and style.

Victoria Emerson’s Winter Party Box

This product was recommended by Erica Gordon from Victoria Emerson

Give the gift of options with this limited edition party box. This special gift includes 5 never seen before bracelets including1 boho cuff, 1 mini boho cuff, and 3 unique new wraps.

Bubblegum Shoes’ Becky Wedge

This product was recommended by Erica Gordon from Bubblegum Shoes

These 2 jelly wedges will be a fan favorite for all of the women in your life. These luxurious jelly shoes are perfect for both casual or dressy occasions.

Love Classic’s Heart Knee High Socks

This product was recommended by Erica Gordon from Love Classic

Stay cozy this winter with Love Classic’s knee high socks! This luxurious style is offered in a variety of fun colors and patterns for everyone on your holiday list!

Panic Aide

This product was recommended by Cheryl Poldrugach from Panic Aide

Panic and anxiety are hitting record highs with the pandemic pushing us over the edge. The American Psychiatric Association recently found a big increase as 38% of teenage girls suffer with an anxiety disorder, and on college campuses anxiety is now more common than depression. Made by a mom who suffers from horrible anxiety and panic and her son inherited it as well which made it a priority. Doctor recommended, quotes, interviews and data available. The facts: Panic Attacks hit 1 in 4 people, women are TWICE as likely to get them, 1 in 3 adults Americans are either anxious or afraid to fly What is it? It is a 2oz shot that will help relieve panic attacks in its tracks. It doesn’t PREDICT Panic Attacks or PREVENT them, but when you are having one it will help you get back to a place of peace within 15 minutes. It is travel safe and fits easily in your purse or jacket pocket for when you need it.

Camel Wool Pillows

This product was recommended by Laimute Lipinskaite from Organic Comfort Market

Give the gift of better sleep with an eco-friendly, soft and snuggly camel wool pillow encased in organic cotton. Unlike polyester or memory foam pillows, this pillow is completely natural and free from pesticides and other toxins. The camel wool comes from Mongolian Bactrian camels and is cruelty free. It is machine washable. Scientific studies showed that sleeping on or under wool lowers a heart rate and provides a calming effect. This means that the sleepers will wake more relaxed and energized!

Written by James Jackson


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