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18 Best Lockdown Gifts For Your Friends

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Lockdown Gifts For Your Friends. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Staff Picks Bar Gift Set

This product was recommended by Henry Ehlebracht from Exquisito Chocolates

Exquisito Fine Chocolates opened in 2014 in Miami with the promise to make everything by hand. Craftsmanship, dedication, and lots of energy fill our days as Miami’s first chocolate factory. We don’t believe in shortcuts and that is reflected in our products. It takes us four days to make a single batch of chocolate from fresh roasted cocoa beans that properly balances all the delicate flavor profiles we believe chocolate should deliver. We follow a transparent trade approach to sourcing our cacao to maintain a sustainable and ethical model that supports our partner farms in Latin American and The Caribbean. Our award-winning products include single origin chocolate bars, truffles with locally sourced ingredients, ground haute chocolates, and more.

Foldable Portable Charcoal Grill

This product was recommended by David Gafford from The Barbecue Lab

The foldable portable charcoal grill is the gift that we’ve been giving all of our friends during lockdown. It gives them the ability to cook great food while they’re at the park or the campsite without having to lug their huge grill to get the same result. We’re using it to get fresh air while maintaining social distance, and we can still go to our favorite outdoor hangouts and make great food for our family.

Owen’s Margarita Mix 8.2oz Cans

This product was recommended by Joshua Miller from Owen’s Craft Mixers

Miss going out with friends? Relive your nights out together with easy 2 step craft cocktails at home! Owen’s Craft Mixers makes it easy for anyone to make high quality cocktails; just add your favorite spirit or drink as a mocktail for a great night in. Our Mixers are made with quality ingredients, including pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup, real juice and a clean ingredient list. Summon Your Spirits Animal their Amazon Store and make the best of your nights in!

The Lash Bundle

This product was recommended by Eymel Daniel from ForChics

ForChic’s ForLash Bundle is the perfect gift for any beauty lover that wants to grow their lashes! Our lash and brow-stimulating peptide complex supports your eyelashes and eyebrows natural renewal cycle making your it thicker, bolder, and healthier. With over 4,000 reviews, customers are astounded at the drastic growth they’ve seen in just one month of using this bundle!

Face Cleanser Stick by Disco

This product was recommended by Benjamin Smith from Disco

Disco has spent thousands of hours perfecting products that help men simplify their routines while maximizing results and achieving smoother, brighter, and clearer complexions. All ingredients in our formulas serve a purpose. Whether they are powerful enough on their own or strengthened by the ingredients around them, they do what they’re supposed to do without having to rely on anything unnatural. You can easily buy your boyfriend, husband, or any of the men in your life one of our sets to help them get started or send them a gift card and allow them to choose.

Luxury Bath Bombs for Women

This product was recommended by Migz Abiera from Aqua Elegante

During lockdown, your friends can enjoy a soothing and relaxing bath using our products. They can choose from our Luxury Bathbombs or our Spa Basket gift sets with varying scents. This could be quite a surprise for your friends during the lockdown.

Motivational Swear Words Coloring Book

This product was recommended by Rebecca from Rebi Simple Living

This coloring book contains funny images and will surely make anybody laugh and feel better about themselves. It’s a perfect stress relief activity and will relax anybody that feels anxious or down.

‘You are loved’ tangibles affirmation sticker pack

This product was recommended by Diana Yates from tangibles

You are loved. You are radiant. You are strong. You are brave. You are enough. When you can’t physically hug your friends, send them these bright, simple, affirming stickers for a boost of encouragement when they need it most. These stickers are created for everyday spaces — mirrors, notebooks, planners, phones, you name it. Waterproof and dishwasher safe.

Swiftpoint ProPoint Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

This product was recommended by Tim Hung from Swiftpoint

If you looks at a research, people aren’t really designed to sit in front of computer all day. Working without properly designed ergonomic equipment presents risks of developing health problems over time, especially hand, wrist and arm problems. These are very common computer-related complaints caused by lack of wrist rest support, poorly designed mice and/or incorrectly adjusted workstations. People working from home may be at even more risk of developing repetitive strain injury (RSI), carpal tunnel or tendonitis. Can you think of any computer accessories that you use on a daily basis (or for eight hours a day) that haven’t taken a step forward in innovation for around 30 years? Yes, the old standard computer mouse, which has had the same basic design since the mid-1980s. ProPoint utilizes an innovative pen-grip design, which allows your hand and wrist to be aligned in a more neutral position to avoid undue pressure and discomfort in your forearm and wrist. With Swiftpoint’s built-in health software, ProPoint can also help you to develop healthier computer and mouse use habits. ProPoint also feature our ‘Surface Wheel Productivity Assistant’, ‘WFH Toolkit’, and full presentation clicker for virtual meetings and live presentations.

Stress & Anxiety Magnesium Spray

This product was recommended by Sara Castillo from Ballistic Media Group

Highly recommended for anxiety relief and anti-stress! Thanks to the super-saturation of Magnesium, it can help migraine and provide restless leg syndrome relief. Plus, the aromatic essential oil for sleep.

DMoose Fitness Yoga Mat

This product was recommended by Sara Castillo from Ballistic Media Group

DMoose phenomenal multi-purpose yoga mat gives you a platform to perform different exercises such as meditating, elbow planks, Pilates, and stretching. The smooth foamy surface provides you stability, flexibility, and productive sessions of your daily workouts.

Inline Skates with adjustable roller blades

This product was recommended by Sara Castillo from Ballistic Media Group

We use double thick threading to reinforce the seams and industrial-grade plastic for the clasps. We added thick, soft padding to the roller skates that keep feet happy as a clam while skating around. The inner foam lining and rust-resistant aluminum frame provide support to the foot and ankle that simply can’t be matched. Others use glue to keep the skates together; we stitch ours. The result is a much higher quality, durable skate.

4-Player Kit with Ping Pong Net

This product was recommended by Sara Castillo from Ballistic Media Group

The Portable All-in-One Table Tennis Set is what you need! Play anytime, on any table! Complete with a retractable net, 4 high-performance table tennis paddles, 3 white balls and 3 orange balls. Includes a premium case for easy storage and travel. Super-fast one-click set up that won’t leave any marks, Retractable net up to 72 wide, Comes in a gift-ready box!.

Collagen Peptides + Biotin

This product was recommended by Sara Castillo from Ballistic Media Group

Revitalize thinning hair, saggy dry skin, and brittle nails. Our winning combination of Collagen Peptides, Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Zinc works by boosting cell regeneration and moisture levels. Collagen protein powder helps balance blood sugar levels, increases energy levels, boosts metabolism, supports the gut, improves digestion and is a natural liver detox.

Vitamin D3 with K2 Liquid Drops

This product was recommended by Sara Castillo from Ballistic Media Group

All Natural, Supports Bones, Immune System, and Energy levels. Our vitamin D3 is unique because it contains vitamin K2 as well – an ingredient that’s essential for proper D3 absorption and utilization. While vitamin D3 helps promote calcium absorption, K2 helps direct the calcium is where it’s needed – like in the bones and teeth, not the arteries and kidneys. Vitamin K2 also helps regulate the amount of calcium used by the body, helping to discourage calcium buildup.

Couple Connect Game for Couples

This product was recommended by Sara Castillo from Ballistic Media Group

Developed by a licensed Psychologist, Couple Connect makes the perfect gift for new couples looking to spark some interesting conversations on your next date night. Backed by psychological science, Couple Connect was designed to improve communication, romance, and trust between you and your loved one. And if a stronger connection isn’t enough, the company has pledged a donation of 1 meal to Feeding America for each game sold.

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask Original

This product was recommended by Sara Castillo from Ballistic Media Group

Dermatologist Tested, Social Media Sensation Foot Peel Mask. Formulated with a unique blend of botanical extracts and other wholesome ingredients, this foot peel acts as an effective peel for your feet, removing dead skin and repairing cracked heels. This easy-to-use foot peel features natural ingredients including apple, lemon, and aloe vera to rejuvenate your feet, leaving you with super smooth, soft, callus free feet.

Hemppy Dog Hemp Oil

This product was recommended by Sara Castillo from Ballistic Media Group

Designed to assist with Stress and Pain Relief Specifically For Dogs. Hemppy Natural Hemp Oil has been developed for canine use only, unlike other less specialized supplements. It is suitable for all dog breeds. Our hemp oil aids the dog’s body with fighting anti-inflammatory pain relief in cases such as arthritis in hips and other joint pain and may improves mobility.

Written by James Jackson


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