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15 Best Lockdown Gifts In The Post – Great Gift Ideas For Anyone

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Lockdown Gifts In The Post. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Journey by Luke Miller

This product was recommended by Luke Miller from Graycastle Press

Maintaining creativity while in lockdown can be tough, but some have turned to tabletop roleplaying games to spark their imaginations. Solo roleplaying games allow you to get much of the fun of their group-minded cousins without having to get a whole group around the table. Journey is a solo roleplaying game that puts players in the role of an explorer in the worlds of their own creation. They will discover new details of these amazing places and gather new inspiration from what they find. This game is perfect for writers, designers, game masters, and the uncommonly curious. This book is a new tool of imagination, a vehicle of creativity that has the capabilities to guide players deeper into the ephemeral locations and spaces of their own creation and help give them greater depth and form in players’ minds and their work. It’s time to leave on a grand adventure. Are you ready?

Ergonomic Laptop Stand

This product was recommended by Ellie from Sincerely Students

If you’re a laptop-user who constantly finds themselves slouching over the screen, an ergonomic laptop stand is a must. This stand elevates your laptop to eye-level, fixing your posture immediately and reducing possible back pain and neck strain.

Lap Laptop Desk

This product was recommended by Ellie from Sincerely Students

Though working on your bed is not ideal, it doesn’t hurt to do it once in a while. This lap laptop desk will make it easier and more comfortable to use your laptop from your bed; it keeps your device stable and ventilating, helping you be productive– even from bed!

MEATER Plus by Apption Labs

World’s first truly wireless leave-in meat thermometer with internal and external temperature sensors to ensure perfectly prepared meat for any meal. * Stainless steel construction for maximum durability * Water-resistant design to prevent rusting of components and allow for seamless clean up * Bluetooth LE connection and repeater with reach of up to 165 feet to monitor meat in any area of the home * WIFI enabled cloud technology designed for monitoring cook at greater distance * Patented MEATER Sense™ two sensor probe measures internal temperature (up to 212°F) and external temperature of meat (up to 527°F) to estimate the resting temperature of the meat * Rechargeable AAA battery enclosed in packaging and powers 24 hours of continuous cooking between charges * Companion app available for iOS and Android provides recommendations for meat preparation, tracks finish and resting time and saves cook history Charger * Smooth wood grain construct encases MEATER Probe and matches any kitchen or outdoor decor * Charges MEATER probe using rechargeable AAA battery for up to 100 times of meat preparation * Built-in LED indicator offers visual cue for charging and pairing status * Magnetic backing to adhere to any metallic surface for high-visibility storage

Earth Brand Cleaning Pods

This product was recommended by Nik Barey from Earth Brand Cleaning Pods

Earth Brand Cleaning Pods are a convenient cleaning system that saves you money while you save the planet; Earth Brand pods are the future of sustainable cleaning! Each pod is about one ounce of concentrated cleaning solution in a fully-dissolvable, earth-friendly film. Once the pod completely dissolves in water, it produces up to one liter of safe but powerful and ready-to-spray household cleaner. By re-using a plastic spray bottle, and adding water at home, you can save anywhere from 25-75% on your cleaning costs when compared to conventional, brand-name products. While you save money, you save our environment: water is heavy and shipping it across the country in the form of cleaning products produces a lot of pollution – and you save a ‘single-use’ spray bottle from a land-fill by giving it a new life with pods!

Best Choice Products Compact Sewing Machine

This product was recommended by John Peterson from Safe Drive Gear

At the beginning of the pandemic I was worrying constantly about my Mom, 76 years old and usually active. My wife suggested we buy her a sewing machine as her eyes are still good and she is creative. It was the best decision we made, for the past year the things she has made have been amazing. From masks, cushion covers, she even made two dress-up costumes for our Grandchildren! It comes with all you need to get started and is easy to set up.

Bloomboxclub Gift Subscription Card

This product was recommended by Matthew Paxton from Hypernia

This lockdown has awoken the plant moms/dads in all of us, so what better gift can you give than a monthly plant box subscription? This Bloombox Club Monthly Plant Subscription includes a unique plant hand picked by growers, along with a perfectly fitting ceramic pot or basket, as well as a booklet on how your mental health and well-being can be supported through plant care.

Nick and the Golden Apple by Joseph Robert Parent

This product was recommended by Robert Parent from CoreBusiness

This is the first book in the action-adventure series which introduces readers to Nick, an orphan who’s unaware he’s been adopted by his father’s twin sister – raised by a loving mother and father – he heads off to a secret school. hidden from the world. steeped in mystery. there he’ll discover his true heritage and an unexpected legacy. Every series has a starting point, the entryway into this world begins with Nick and the Golden Apple. As Nick morphs into a teenager, readers join him every step of the way. From his arrival at 12, Huntington Street in London as a baby to his first trip to El Museo Canaria in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as an eleven-year-old where he learns about an ancient people. This is just the beginning of his adventures.

Eddie Bauer’s Plush Robe

This product was recommended by Sara Castillo from Ballistic Media Group

Update your loungewear with the most comfortable men’s robe by Eddie Bauer and indulge in a new level of warmth and softness. Long enough to cover most of your body, this plush robe will have you feeling comfy and cozy while getting out of bed, working at home, or just lounging around!

Mdrive Multi

This product was recommended by Brian Kehoe from Mdrive

Mdrive is a line of natural daily supplements for men. Our products use proven, clinically-tested ingredients. Our comprehensive product line delivers innovative, natural solutions to help fuel your drive. With several options to fit different goals and lifestyles, it’s easy to find the perfect Mdrive supplement for you.

Days of Wonder | Ticket to Ride Board Game

This product was recommended by Fay from Cloom

A Train adventure game based on finding rail routes provided with challenges to solve while finding a way.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

This product was recommended by Fay from Cloom

A stunning and noise-canceling Sony headphone having a range of prowess audio features is one of the best gifts to present in lockdown. The remarkable battery life and swift charging capability make it more popular among people.

Loog Pro VI Acoustic Guitar

This product was recommended by Fay from Cloom

This is a six-string acoustic guitar that can help beginners and children seamlessly learn playing rhythmic music and enhance the musical skill.

Smart WiFi Wireless Essential Oil Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier

This product was recommended by Liam Mills from ValueHunta

Since the pandemic started, we have mostly stayed at home. Given these tough times, the best gift is one that helps to make a person’s home as comfortable as possible. A diffuser and humidifier is one such gift. One of the top-rated devices of this kind is a Smart Ultrasonic Diffuser and Humidifier. As a humidifier, the device regulates the level of moisture in the air. This is important: a high moisture level is a perfect environment for bacteria and mold to breed. Further, a low moisture level (dry air) can irritate a person’s throat and sinuses. As a result, they are at a higher risk of catching a cold. A diffuser will disperse the oils’ aroma into the air. This is also known as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is widely known for its ability to relieve stress. As a nice bonus, this model has a smart feature: you can easily set it up using a smartphone, and there is no need to regulate the device constantly. A humidifier and diffuser in one device, then, is a perfect gift in the present climate, as it contributes to a healthy environment and reduces stress at the same time.

Dried Fruit Gift Basket

This product was recommended by Gaurav Patil from PayUOC

This can be a healthy gourmet snack box for your loved ones. It comes within a holiday food tray that includes a variety of snacks. This gift box can be great for Birthday, Sympathy, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Christmas, or Corporate Tray. No matter who would receive this special gift from you: they will love this gift. This Delicious dried fruit Gift Tray comes on a foldable Wooden Fruit Bowl. This includes a variety of exotic mango slices, Mediterranean apricots, luscious California yellow peaches, mouth-watering pears, Washington apple wedges, and yummy California dates, tangy kiwi, plums, and prunes. All the more: this wooden tray can be used as a trivet or as a fruit bowl.

Written by James Jackson


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